Most of the time you often search for the world’s most beautiful places to visit or the beautiful structures in the world? But have you ever think about searching for the worst buildings? Maybe not!

So far you have only seen beautiful things today we bring out the list of some of the ugliest buildings ever seen. It is really frightening how some buildings can be so ugly AF this will make you say what the heck are the architectures of these buildings were thinking of?

Today we focus on the list of some unattractive and ugly buildings you will wonder how these are made. However, these are the ugliest buildings in the world that you have to look after to believe.

Selfridges Building, England

It is also built in England, it is a shopping centre. This building was completed in 2003 and you won’t believe it cost £60 million.  It is also one of the best ugliest building ever i have seen.

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The Elephant Tower, Bangkok


This building construction was completed in 1997. It is situated in Bangkok and is one of the most iconic places in the city. You won’t believe that it ranks among the world’s ugliest structures list. It is supposed to look like an elephant but… Can you see it here?

Harold Washington Library, Illinois

It is the Harold Washington Library that is a combination of weird Neoclassical features and the glass-steel mannerism. It is located at the 400s state street in Chicago.

Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea


This is an unfinished 150-story building in a pyramid shape. It was the ambition of the North Korean Government’s to build the world’s tallest building in their country. You can see above how it looks someone find it unique more than ugliest.

Zizkov Television Tower


Prague is full of amazing and unique architectural jewels however this Tower is definitely not among them. You may think what is on the sculptures, yes they are babies crawling through the tower. It really looks ugly.

Kaden Tower


In Spite of fine details and efforts of the architectures to make this building, it has not stopped to not list in the list of ugliest buildings in the world. Still, hats off the efforts put in the construction of the building.

Landmark Theatre, England


No don’t get wrong these are not nuclear reactors, it is the landmark Theatre situated in Devon. It looks really horrific that we have to think twice before entering in the theatre.

Agbar Tower, Spain


The concept behind this architectural building is to recall the shape of a geyser soaring into the air. However, some people say the shape of this building reminds us of complete different thing.

First World Hotel, Malaysia

We know that colorful buildings are usually recognized as optimistic and cheerful however this huge Malaysian hotel which covers 6,100 rooms is the best example of how a paintwork can ruin everything. It really not looks cheerful.

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Federation Square, Australia

This building is situated in the inner of the Melbourne city. The design of this made actually worse by the series of a web of wires lying above the structures.