We don’t get much disturbed around here at TD. Come on, it’s what we live for however there are some exceptions to the rule. The places we list today are VERY real and should not be taken lightly by any means. So without discussing more let us have a look at these unsettling places on earth.

Akodessewa Fetish Market

LOCATION – Lome, Togo
Many of you are familiar, or have at least heard of, VOODOO. Although Haiti is seen as the biggest stronghold for this dark magic, voodoo originated from Africa, and it still practiced to this day.

Manpupuner Rock

LOCATION –  Komi Republic, Russia
Also known as the Seven Strong men Rock Formations, this set of 7 gigantic stone pillars is a sight to behold. Especially in winter time.

Paris Catacombs

LOCATION – Paris, France
When the first sign that greets you is “STOP, HERE LIES THE EMPIRE OF DEATH”, you know things are about to get very creepy.

Mutter Museum

LOCATION – Pennsylvania, USA
Slides of Einstein’s brain, Grover Cleveland’s tumor, a piece of John Wilkes Booth, the liver of the famous “Siamese Twins”, this is the kind of cool stuff you can find at the Mutter Medical Museum. And that’s only a fraction of the 1300 specimens on display. They have about 20,000 specimens hidden from the public eye.

Oradour – sur – glane

Oradour – sur – glane is a well preserved French village that suffered almost complete destruction by the Nazi Waffen – SS. In total, 642 villagers were brutally murdered, including 247 women, and 205 children.

Door to Hell

LOCATION – Derweze, Turkmenistan
What do you get when you mix natural gas, shady Soviet science, and a lust for natural resources? An eternal pit of fire that can best be described as the “door to hell”

Death Valley

LOCATION – California, USA
Death valley is one of the most extreme locations on earth, it is the point of lowest point below sea level in North America, and it is also the hottest area in the world.

Mount Roraima

LOCATION – Pakaraima Mountain Chain, Venezuela
This spectacular geological formation can not be described easily. If the world was flat, and you got the edge of it, this is what it would look like. The mountain is often surrounded by clouds that hide the steep cliff sides, and they create the illusion of an “island in the sky”.

Kabayan mummy caves

LOCATION – Kabayan, philippines
During the industrial revolution in the Philippines, loggers near Manila stumbled upon a very strange, and scary site. Hundreds of ancient burial caves, containing mummies were littered across the mountains.



LOCATION – Honshu Island, japan
Since they started counting in the late 60’s, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have decided to end their lives here. Local official have even put up signs, urging people to seek help for their suicidal thoughts, and in an attempt to curb the popularity of the forest


LOCATION – Hordaland, Norway
Okay, lets see how many of these names I get right, Trolltunga, or Troll’s Tongue sits above the Ringedalsvatnet lake, in Hordaland county, Norway

Wells of Sacrifice

LOCATION – Chichen Itza, Mexico
The sacred cenote, is a Mayan sacrificial site for the Mayan rain god Chaac. The place is littered with the bones of young men, women, and children.

Silfra Rift

LOCATION – Bingvellir, Iceland
Speaking of diving….
This is no ordinary lake… It is part of the rift between the North American and EuroAsian tectonic plates.

Mano Del Desierto

via;Mano Del Desierto

LOCATION – Atacama Desert, Chile.
A lot of people think that desert are boring, but as Death Valley and the Atacama Desert prove, they can be the most interesting and disturbing places on earth.

Sedlec Ossuary

LOCATION – Sedlec, Czech Republic.
Apart from the awkward spelling, the Czech Republic is home to some truly disturbing sites, and the Sedlec Ossuary is a prime example.