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23 reasons why London is the best city in the World


London is all about the colorful culture it has. London is nothing short of a pure magic. It is one of the most known and visited cities in the world, London has all spread out: from history and culture to find food and to a great time. 2000 years of history have made ‘Big Smoke’ deeply global and mysterious. With such a variety, The dynamic culture of London makes it the most unique international cities in the world.

There is a connoisseur of innovation of art and culture. There is an amalgamation in the theatrical innovation, contemporary art, pioneering music, writing, poetry, architecture, and design.

Reasons why London is the world’s greatest city.

1. History to tell

It has the history going way back. With the evidence in regards that there were settlements in London as far back as 4500 BC. However, the actual life started in London after the Romans invaded England in 43 AD, which they called Londinium at the time.

2. Sky Scraper

There are so many iconic buildings and landmarks in London than any other city in the world with over 2,000 years of history.

3. Popularity

London is amongst the second most popular tourist city in the world according to the number of visitors it attracts annually.

4. Safety

When we talk of the safest cities to live in the World, London finds its place in the top 20’s.

5. Dynamic


The dynamics in the city varies from museums to art galleries, flourishing royal parks to art house exhibitions.

6. Queen’s Home

London is home to Queen’s residence which is popularly known as the Buckingham Palace. The Queen, Elizabeth also represents over 1000 years of British tradition, values, and democracy.

7. Airport


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London is having the Heathrow airport which is the third largest airport in the world by the number of passengers, which means people in London can fly directly to most destinations across the globe.

8. Football Clubs

A football lover will surely be in love with the city as it has the most football clubs of any city in Europe, with 10 teams in the top two English leagues.

9. Greenery


The city is home to over 8.4 million trees, 300,000 gardens and multiple copies of hectares of green space.

10. Multicultural City


London is one of the most multicultural cities on the Globe. Incredibly the city has more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages. You will find restaurants serving a variety of national dishes from almost every country in the World.

11. Dead People


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You can see dead people as in most of the cities you are not able to notice them, but London let you see that. The writing pattern of these authors take you to the world of dead and fictional ghosts including the biggies like Shakespeare, Falstaff, Sherlock Holmes, Dickens, Oliver Twist, Dr. Johnson, Samuel Pepys and about 12 more are around.

12. Greatest literary hub 


London is the world’s greatest literary hub where you will find the books by Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, and Oscar Wilde.

13. Magical parks, magical thinking


In the London attractions, Hyde Park has everything that will make you fall in love with the place, including the Diana Memorial Fountain, Serpentine Gallery, a funfair in winter and a statue to Peter Pan near the Serpentine, which was paid for by J. M. Barrie who ordered and expected it to be stood on end in a secret overnight so that the next day children would think it, like Tinkerbell, had appeared by magic.


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Diana Memorial Fountain

14. Love to Walk


London is the most walkable city on the planet i.e you will love to walk instead you use a public transport. Believe it or not but there’s nothing better than a walk along the Thames.

15. Art City

The city is the capital of performing and achieving arts in the world.

16. Pubs and Bars


You will find a pub in London every 7 meters. People of London are so much in love with alcohol. So much in fact, that there are over 7,000 pubs and 3,600 bars in the capital itself. It’s one of the best things to do in London, for alcoholics especially. 

17. Music World

London is very much about the music world and a legendary history behind the names like David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, The Clash, Adele, Queen, George Michael.

18. Challenge accepted

Incredible flexibility is what makes people of London so special. They are a bunch of accepting the challenges and whatever happens, business will continue as normal.

19. Fashion World


With London Fashion Week happening twice a year in February and in September, it is one of the four main fashion hubs of the world. In 1983, LFW (Lakme Fashion Week).

Adding more to it is that London holds the origination of place of biggest models in the world which includes big names like Kate Moss who is from Croydon, Naomi Campbell from Streatham and Jordan Dunn, who was spotted in Hammersmith Primark.

20. Companies Giant


World’s biggest companies are located in London. It’s a great place to find a job.

21. Metro System


The underground metro system is the oldest in the world which was built in 1890. Also, it is the 3rd largest by the length of a track, after Beijing and Shanghai, China. The 11 collective lines in the city contribute serving 4.8 million passengers a day.

22. Even crowded moments can be intensely private

When there are massive crowds and dense population despite that it’s easy to find your privacy without getting disturbed at all. The sardine-tin peak-hour tube ride is the best place to find that personal space.

Even if briefcase, knee, elbow or arse (buttocks) presses into you then also no Londoner will dare to bother or even give a look to you and thus give you full freedom to focus on your things like reading a morning newspaper.

23. Valuable concrete walls


In the London top sights, you’ll find an exclusive Street art in the entire city has an exhibition space.

The best spots where you will find this special art is Old Street or in the Waterloo arches. Here you will find people sell these arts for thousands along the banks of the Regents canal.

There are over 40% pleasure gardens in London which means that you are never far away from bathing with sun or kicking the ball in the summers.

Best Time To Visit London: March through May is the best time to visit London. Also, late Spring as it’s the prime tourist season and December in London is one of the most popular travel destinations for both English and international tourists.

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