There’s nothing scarier than the abandoned theme parks, and these 6 creepiest places are set to give you nightmares. From a deserted theme park on the edge of a notorious suicide forest to a cursed amusement park built on top of an ancient burial ground, have a look at these scariest theme parks.

1. Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio


Once a glorious family theme park opened back in the 1840s was owned by the Continental business enterprises before closing in 1978 after operating for a hundred years.

Now fenced off with a “No trespassing” sign on the gate, it’s considered a hidden treasure in medina county.

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2. Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Florida


Built-in 1993 in Panama City Beach, this popular theme park was right across the street from the beach. The main attraction when the park is opened was the Starliner Roller Coaster.

As its popularity grew, more and more rides and attractions were added through the late 60s until the 80s. Despite its popularity, it was closed at the end of the 2003 season. Also, many rides were sold or simply disappeared, but others remained, slowing decaying.

3. The American Adventure, Derbyshire


It was originally called “Britannia Park” when it first opened in 1985. However, within 10 weeks of its opening, it was shut down.

The park was originally reopened in June 1987 with a new theme. Hoping the wild west theme would bring in more visitors the park tried to go on.

In 1996 a new owner once again took over the park and by 2006 only a single ride was in operation and the park was virtually deserted.

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4. Dogpatch, USA


When it opened in 1968, the hopes for this park were quite high. It became so popular that the owners decided to invest in a second park, hoping it would reach the same level of success.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as planned and the park was forced to close in 1993 due to financial issues.

5. Wonderland Amusement Park


When this park was built, there were aspirations that it would someday rival ‘Disney World’. However, located in the outskirts of Beijing wonderland was never completed. A contract dispute in the mid-90s left it abandoned and half-finish.

Instead of looking for new contractors, the owner of the park decided to leave it standing. Now the castle becomes the home for the homeless.

6. Camelot, the UK


Camelot Group was being awarded the National Lottery franchise in May 1994. This park, based on the thrilling tales of King Arthur and his knights of the round table was originally opened in 1983.

Soaring dragon rides, performances, and true to tale props weren’t enough to keep this park open for more than a few decades. 

Due to financial issues and low visitor rates, the park closed down 30 years later. Any salvageable, saved or the repaired rides were taken to other parks throughout the UK to make up for the loss.

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So, after seeing this, remember to keep yourself away from these abandoned theme parks in your list of destinations!