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I am talking about the normal holes it is something bizarre. These holes are naturally occurring that formed naturally and named as black hole or sinkhole depending on the place where it formed. Out of all let me show you the most amazing, earth opening, frightening and earth-shaking sinkholes and black holes.

The Darvaze Gas Crater.

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 In Turkmenistan is the burning, stinking, sulfurous crater known as the Gate to Hell.  In 1971 Soviet engineers were drilling the area known to hold one of the largest deposits of natural gas.

The Well Of Chand Baori. 

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Legend has it that this 13 story water well was carved out of the rock by spirits in a single night, and dedicated to the Hindu goddess of happiness.  There are 3500 perfectly symmetrical steps leading to the bottom, which is about 10 degrees cooler than at the surface.

The KTB Superdeep Borehole.

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Starting in 1982, the German Ministry of Research began a scientific exploration drilling program, deep into the earth’s crust, that would last more than 12 years and cost more than a third of a billion dollars, their most expensive geo-science project ever.

The Guatemala City Sinkhole.

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In 2010, a massive hole suddenly opened up in the middle of the city and swallowed a three-story factory house, along with fifteen people inside. The cause was attributed to Tropical Storm Agatha, which impacted Guatemala just three days after the eruption of Volcano Pacaya.

Siberian Craters:

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 Yet another new geological phenomenon was discovered in 2014 when a reindeer herder discovered a two hundred foot crater in a remote area known as The End Of The World.  

 Indiana Dunes National Park:

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An amazing new geological phenomenon was only discovered in the last few years when shifting sands have suddenly opened up massive sinkholes beneath travelers‘ feet.  Number.