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Udaipur is popularly known as the city of palaces and lakes has numerous significant location to write about.

But, you may know about places in Udaipur that are quite famous and also favorite destinations of tourists. There are some important locations too of which you do not know?

So, today I highlight you about those locations and their facts:


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It is a small village where Bheel Community of Mewar inhibited. From the Udaipur district quarter, it is just 30km away and located in its south-west part.

The most interesting fact about this place is that the rainfall which falls on its western part flows directly to the Arabian sea,  and the rain falling to its eastern part finds its way on the bay of Bengal.

Jaisamand Lake:

Jaisamand lake
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It is well-known for being the world’s second largest freshwater lake.  The way from Jaipur to this is only 48 km. The lake is also known as Dhebar.

The lake is made by Maharana Jai Singh in 1685.  The lake covers 36 sq Km. Its depth is around 1202 feet.

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The dam is really popular as of its huge size.  The lake comprises of around 7 islands and also it is known that one island is still covered with the tribe of Bhil Minas. The largest island on this lake is known as ‘Baba Ka Bhangra and the second largest as ‘Piari’.

Copper and zinc mines:

Copper and zinc mines
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You won’t believe that the extrusion of metals like copper and zinc has been done from medieval periods in Udaipur region.

Lake Palace:

Lake Palace
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 Lake Palace is well-known as Jagniwas and is located on Island Lake Pichola.  It’s is a palace that is known for its beauty but sure you may among those who didn’t visit it yet. This palace was built by the King Maharana Jagat Singh in the year 1754.

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Now, it is converted into a luxury hotel by Maharana Bhagwat Singh. Now, whenever you visit Udaipur must visit the hotel. There are so many things that will amaze of medieval time. You will love the modern changes too like the new courtyard, fountain, restaurant,  as well as a swimming pool.

Beneshwar fair:

Beneshwar fair
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This fair holds huge significance for the Udaipur culture.  The word derives from Linga which means Lord Shiva.  This fair is celebrated every January-February on the full moon night. At this fair, so many tribal devotees collect to worship this phenomenon.

In this, they submerge the ashes of their families and relatives, in their memory. After this process, they visit in the lake and take the bunch of blessings of Lord Shiva in Rajasthan.


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Kumbhalgarh is situated near north of Aravali hills, Udaipur.  This fort was built in the 15 century by king Maharana Kumbha and the reason to build this fort is to do the safety of Rajput warriors from danger.

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You may not know that after the Great Wall of China, Kumbhalgarh wall is considered as the second largest wall in the world. The wall is covered by thirteen huge mountains peaks, the fort is 1,1914 m above from sea level.

Great Wall of China
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Not only fort there are so many places to visit there like fort gardens, temples, palaces that make it more magnificent.

Udaipur Solar Observatory:

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This Observatory is located on the Island of Udaipur and is popularly known as the best solar observing location in Asia. There are very few observatories that are situated on an island.

This observatory was made in 1975 by Arvind Bhatnagar. It is surrounded by water thus provides a favorable atmosphere for solar observations. With the help of the boat, one can reach the observatory.