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8 Best Free Things To Do In Dubai For Affordable Traveling

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Undeniably, Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations that you would be super excited to visit. A few years back the place that was merely a desert, has now turned into the most futuristic attractions in the world. Wherever you take your eyes around, you will be stunned.

Dubai is home to the world’s second-largest shopping mall, the tallest building, and the amazingly luxurious things to do. While activities here are loaded with fun and entertainment, they come with extravagant price tags.

Yes, we know you won’t want to miss any chances to save some of your treasures for the next explorations. Therefore, we’ve brought to you a list of free things to do in Dubai. Considering these will offer you a more affordable visit to your dream destination.

Most Interesting Free Things To Do In Dubai

1. Towards Jabel Hafeet

free things to do in Dubai
Via: timeoutdubai

Jabel Hafeet offers spectacular views of the area. You can easily move up on foot or by your vehicle, spending nothing. There are frequent visitors arriving here to catch up with the stunning Dubai views from the highrises in the area. While you will not want to miss visiting Burj Khalifa, the tallest building the world, it may cost you considerably a lot and you will have to stand long queues.

It has the highest observation deck 2,717 feet above the city. However, Jabel Hafeet offers you even more extensive views. The Hafeet Mountain Road takes you over 3,900 feet above sea level. Although it’s a dangerous road, arriving here at night could offer you even more terrific views of the place.

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2. The Dancing Fountains

free things to do in Dubai
Via: loveexploringsd

Situated next to the magnificent Dubai Mall, you will find the world’s largest performing fountain. This is one of the free things to do in Dubai, that resembles Las Vegas Bellagio with 50 color projectors and 6,000 lights.

There are shows at the interval of every five minutes from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and also during midday hours sometimes. The Waterfront Promenade outside the mall is worth a visit.

3. Go Window Shopping At Dubai Mall

free things to do in Dubai
Via: timeoutdubai

The fact that it’s the second-largest shopping mall in the world, makes it a worthwhile tourist attraction. While it sounds too expensive, you will be charged nothing to survey the expansive shopping areas. It is still better to plan your exploration inside the mall.

There are 1200 stores in the magnificent shopping center sitting over 5.9 million square feet. It sees millions of visitors every year. You should consider some attractions inside the mall like the aquarium, the “sweet shop”, and an indoor amusement park. They may require some money. However, observations will be free.

4. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

free things to do in Dubai
Via: heroesofadventure

Situated near the Dubai Creek, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous amazing bird species. During cooler months you can find many scores of flamingoes here. There’s no fee to enter here.

Among the various Dubai attractions that may seem rather artificial, this one is one of the few natural attractions here. For interested birdwatchers, this would be an exploration of an entire day. Else you can give a quick look around. Do not forget to take some good snaps.

5.Historical Explorations At Al Fahidi (Bastakiya) 

free things to do in Dubai
Via: Al Fahidi (Bastakiya)

Popular as Bastakiya, the historical district of Al Fahidi is situated in the heart of Dubai. It gives you the highlights of what the entire place looked like before the world-class construction transformed it. The neighborhood used to be twice its present size. However, the rest was used for development.

The remaining buildings have been restored and preserved to show what life was like in the 1600s. There are narrow roads and alleys with small museums that can be explored for free. Moreover, the Etihad Museum may charge you a modest admission fee, showing interactive exhibitions and the stories of the development of the UAE.

6. The Astounding Gold Souk

free things to do in Dubai
Via: getawaystravelandtourism

The Gold Souk or the Gold Market offers an extensive variety of products. If you’re looking into making a purchase, make sure you research before arriving here. There is room for bargaining, however, it is important to know the actual market price.

If not interested in spending anything, you can simply stroll around and observe. There’s incredible gold and diamond jewelry from the Middle East and Asia.

7. Visit The Jumeirah Beach

free things to do in Dubai
Via: dubaivacationhomes

Home to some of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in Dubai. The extravagant services and soft sands invite visitors from various places. However, you can visit the public portion of the beach that does not require any admission fee or a luxurious, five-star hotel stay.

You can enjoy a picnic, barbeque or just lay back and relax. If you’re going here during summertime, ensure that you carry all essentials to beat the heat.

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8. Take Up A Walking Tour

free things to do in Dubai
Via: freetoursbyfoot

Free walking tours can be a great way of entering into the typical world in Dubai. It will let you get a basic understanding of Old Dubai. You can pay at the end based on your ability.

The tours are conducted at different times in six different languages. Some popular attractions of Old Dubai including Bastakiya and Gold Souk. There are various other low-cost tours that you can prefer.

The above-listed free things to do in Dubai will surely let you come up with some great additions to your itinerary and make your visit worthwhile.

Keep Traveling!

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