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Best Road Trip Destinations In Indonesia

Indonesia is the part of world’s largest archipelago “Malay” and is home to plenty of stunning islands, and breathtaking landscapes that are worth exploring via a road trip.

There is no end to road trip destinations in Indonesia with the inclusion of highways, countryside, and trails. 

A trip via your own vehicle or via a rented vehicle will not only allow you to witness the country’s scenic countryside but also let you discover some of the hidden gems of Indonesia.

If you are planning your trip in the upcoming season, then consider including one of the road trip destinations in Indonesia in your travel itinerary. 

Top Road Trip Destinations In Indonesia 

Surabaya to Mount Bromo

Surabaya to Mount Bromo

Start your trip from the wonderful city of Surabaya which is one of the less crowded and is one of the ideal road trip destinations in Indonesia.

However, there is nothing much to explore in Surabaya. Hence, head towards the region from where Mount Bromo and Moun Ijen start. 

Mount Bromo is home to a dusty black volcano where you will see a blue flame, that can only be visible before dawn.

Talking about Mount Ijen, it is situated 200 km east and offers a perfect trail for hiking. Don’t forget to include this breathtaking location to enjoy the best road trip experience. 

Cost Required: 6.400.000 IDR

Distance: 79.3 km 

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours

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Labuan Bajo to Maumere

Labuan Bajo To Maumere

Plan a seven-day trip from Labuan Bajo to Maumere in order to witness the enormous beauty of Flores Island encompassed by stunning beaches, rocky pathways, and blue waters.

The home to the Komodo dragon and the only place in the world where the majestic dragon can be seen. The surroundings of this island are enough for a perfect road trip. 

Before reaching Flores island, you will get to witness other wonders along your road from Labuan Bajo to Maumere.

While passing from Ruteng you will get to see a beautiful rice field having cobweb-shaped.

As you move further, you will come across Liang Bua Cave which houses numerous fossil remains of those who lived here.

Distance: 589 km

Duration: 7 days

Toraja: Mountain Offroading

Toraja Mountain

If you are seeking offroad adventure then start your road trip from Sulawesi Island and plan a trip to Toraja which is 220 km and will take around 4 days via car or jeep.

Toraja is surrounded by majestic mountains and offers challenging pathways for offroading. While crossing from the road Lolai, you can a stunning sunrise view. 

For a more challenging drive, follow the route that leads to Ollon Valley in the southwest region of Toraja. The road is muddy and it passes through the river of Sadan making it more challenging but exciting for offroad lovers.

Make sure, you come here by 4X4 vehicles and avoid coming here with a bike as you won’t be able to the destination. 

Distance: 220 km

Duration: 3 days

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Seaside Drive At Ambon

Seaside Drive At Ambon

Ambon Island may not be big enough but is yet another ideal destination for a perfect road trip. It is known for its historical charm, peaceful atmosphere, and popularity among travelers for spicy seafood.

The location has been listed among the UNESCO City of Music so why not indulge in music with locals while riding around this island. 

Drive from the main city and take the beautiful seaside road that leads towards the southern region of Ambon. I

n the southern region, there are plenty of exotic beaches and the most remarkable one is the Pintu Kota beach. Also, do explore the historical fort of Amsterdam built by the Dutch East Indies Company in the year 1637.

Distance: 230 km

Duration: 3 days

Kuta Mount Agung 

Kuta to Mount Agung

A drive from Kuta city to Mount Agung will surely give you an experience that everyone wishes for while on a long drive. Follow the route of the Bypass road that starts from the north of Ubud.

Stop at Nyuh Kuning village and get to experience the true Balinese that you may be looking for. For a picturesque view of the rice terrace, take a short drive to Tegallalang which is not to be missed. 

Proceed towards the east, then take a route that leads to the south where you will find Lake Batur. As move further, the route starts getting twisted but offers a spectacular view of Pura Besakih temple. 

Distance: 214 km

Duration: 3 days

Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau

Yogyakarta is widely popular for being the site to start a pilgrimage tour. With plenty of attractions, why not explore this beautiful city with a long drive.

While riding around Yogyakarta, you can either visit a few of its notable landmarks or indulge in a traditional dance at Sriwedari theatre. 

If you are driving alone, take the road to a scenic mountain encompassed by two volcanoes. If you extend your trip, consider going for a hike or climb at Merapi volcano. While driving, you will finally reach the Buddhist temple of Borobudur. 

Distance: 324 km

Duration: 5 days

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Bandar Lampung to Sabang 

Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung is a city situated in the southernmost of Sumatra which is home to Kambas National Park.

For a road trip, follow the route of Sumatra Highway leading towards the Palembang River, and visit the various Hindu and Buddhist temples it has. 

After crossing the highway, drive west and take a road that will take you to the Batangari river. If you wish, stop here and enjoy the delicious Padang food or take some with yourself.

After passing from Medan city, you will reach Sabang encompassed by various beaches, spots for diving, and much more. This would be the longest road trip in Indonesia. 

Distance: 2700 km

Duration: 12 days

Jakarta to Cirebon 

Jakarta to Cirebon

If you are traveling to the Indonesian capital and want to get away from the busy city life, then why don’t take a long drive from Jakarta to Cirebon.

The cities are connected with a highway offering views of majestic mountains on the way. Also, add some local attractions to your bucket list while heading to the lovely city of Cirebon. 

Distance: 218 km

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours Hours 

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Padang, Sumatra 


Recently a new highway has been started in Sumatra city that easily connects it to the other cities of Indonesia. Now, almost every city is accessible from Sumatra which once was difficult to imagine.

Exploring the Padang region of Sumatra is something that you should not miss. It is one of the road trip-worthy locations and is surrounded by numerous natural wonders. 

Distance: 211.4 km

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