Home Adventure Trip After seeing these hidden gems of nature, you will forget about Villas...

After seeing these hidden gems of nature, you will forget about Villas and cruise for vacation!

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Human beings are not very attached to nature and thus their dreams are just limited to cruise, ships, and villas. But once you read this article, I bet you will choose these places over these man-made infrastructures.

Portland Headlight, Maine:

Portland Headlight, Maine
Via: portlandheadlight.com

The views are extremely beautiful as this is not only a white house but an important part of history. Its construction had been witnessed by the George Washington. Their whale oil was used to burn lamps.

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska:

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska
Via: onlyinyourstate.com

So you like wild animals? If yes then there you will get raptors, caribou, wolverines etc. and yes baby porcupines.  The place is perfect for wildlife safari and animal lovers.

Salt Lake temple, Utah:

Salt Lake temple, Utah:
Via: Thousand Wonders

Looking for a holy destination? Salt Lake temple give you that spiritual feeling as in this saint temples, you will get a number of saints plus to have a very large church to explore.

Garden of the Gods in Colorado:

Garden of the Gods in Colorado
Via: beartracksblog

Beautiful cryptic etchings were built by the Te tribes situated on the red rock walls. Along with this, beautiful fire rings belongs from the ancient time make it a garden meant for gods.

Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico:

Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico
Via: blogspot.com

It used to be home for American Indian family but now it’s a beautiful place for a honeymoon. This paradise makes sure that you have some good time with your bae.

Palouse Falls in Washington:

Palouse Falls in Washington
Via: Via: interesting.com

The place has been the favorite spot for many celebrities as the beautiful views and romantic atmosphere make the entire surrounding romantic. If you live in America then this is the most economical honeymoon destination to get married.

Windsor Ruins in Mississippi:

Windsor Ruins in Mississippi
Via: Via: reneereedy.com

It is used to be a plantation area of a wealthy person however after he died, it turns into a beautiful place. A number of celebrities have visited her to spend their vacation with their families.

Painted Hills in Oregon:

Painted Hills in Oregon
Via: Via :nwtravelmag.com

There you will see colored bands via which hills slow growth is represented. The place looks like a painting however it is real and fascinating.

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