Trip ideasAmazing Hack to pack a suitcase- on Vacations

Amazing Hack to pack a suitcase- on Vacations


Does not matter if you are going on a trip fortnight or for a few nights, you don’t have to carry heavy luggage with you.

With simple planning, you can reduce down your luggage with simple storage technique. Sometimes, it’s not your much items that made your luggage heavy, it is your way of packing them.

Over-pressing for an outing is a newbie mistake and an expensive one at that; pack excessively and your free portable will all of a sudden turn into a $25 checked sack.

Keep in mind, laundromats exist in different towns, you can simply run a heap on the off chance that you wind up after all other options have been exhausted.

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Or, on the other hand, simply purchase some shorts or shirt at your goal to make up for any under-pressing accidents. Also, if your sack is blasting when you arrive, how are you going to bring each one of those sweet trinkets back home?

Predict the Weather

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Take a moment to know the weather condition for your place before you begin shoving of all your stuff in your luggage bag.

There is a big difference between 40 degrees raining and 40 degrees on a sunny day. So, this gives you an idea about which clothes and stuff are really required.

Folding and rolling

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Once you choose out what you are planning to wear, after this the main challenge begins, put it all in your suitcase. You may want to keep it in a manner so it does not get wrinkled.

So, try folding your clothes, it will lesser down the chances of getting wrinkled. The best part is that it will not take much space.

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Wrinkle resistant, soft materials like wool, knits, as well as cotton cannot be rolled without much problem.  But make sure you roll them tightly as soft or lose rolling might end up having wrinkles on your dress.

Get Packing

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Lay your luggage bag flat on its base, fully opened. Try to pack as many undergarments, socks inside your shoes as much you can.

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Keep your shoes in the middle of a bag. This will become the first layer of your bag.

On top of your showcase, put all the heavier rolled stuff like sweaters, jeans, etc. this will save lots of spaces and also prevent your rolled dress from coming undone while transiting.

If you have some fragile item than it is better to keep it in a center in any heavy roll layer this helps in protecting that item from any damage.

Now, it comes to the next layer, put their all lightweight items like undergarments, t-shirt, belts, etc. That was the simpler way to carry a lightweight suitcase.


Got it? If still, you find some issue then must go through the videos on Youtube. There you will easily learn how to pack suitcase while going on a trip. It will make you more understanding, regarding the packing process.

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