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Bali Bird Park: Soak In The Lovely Vibes Of Bali

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Bali Bird Park in Bali is a wonderful and one of the important tourist attractions that draw a lot of visitors. The Bali Bird Park was opened in the year 1994 and since then the park houses a large number of bird species.

Today about 250 different species of birds are found which are close to 5000 in number. You will find here a large number of exotic species of birds.

Presently, it is mostly a conservation park for birds which has turned into a major tourist attraction.

It’s a very well-managed family and an animal park that comes with a tag of must-visit places. It has been a park of Bali ecotourism for the past 20 years.

About Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park
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The park is located in Gianyar Regency in the Batubulan district near Ubud. The entire bird park has been divided into more than 60 regions and the natural habitat of every species has been rebuilt here so that the birds can easily breed in their natural habitat.

The life of the native plant for every habitat is another thing when you travel to the bird park. Here one person will feel that they have entered into a magical journey across the Indonesian Archipelago, Latin America, Africa, and Australia all at once.

Bali Bird Park
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A large number of species are conserved here. You’ll be amazed to know that nearly extinct Pesquet’s Parrot was conserved here and now their numbers have increased.

The main purpose of the center is to be “Centre of Excellence” among other species for the breeding of almost extinct birds like Birds of’ paradise and Bali Starlings.

There are more than 40 species of birds of Indonesia alone, which are taken care of at the Sanctuary.

As mentioned earlier, a diverse botanical collection will also be found. Anyone can find more than 52 species, rare jungle fruits, cycads, bamboos, and cactus. There are 4 lakes, which are home to different species of water birds, many of which have been announced endangered.

Bali Bird Park Activities

Bali Bird Park
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A large number of programs are organized for tourists that visit here. These amusing shows are for both adults and kids.

There are arrangements for 4D air-conditioned cinema where you will have the experience like never before and learn a lot about different birds which are found here along with the one that are not found.

There are several programs that are organized regularly for school students and companies who come here. Something or the other very interesting always happens at this bird park.

One of the most loved shows is the Bali Rainforest Show. This is a free flight show which is not to be missed. In this show, you get to see the beautiful colorful birds like Macaws, Storks, Cockatoos, and other exotic birds.

Bali Bird Park
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It’s an amazing opportunity where you can see so many birds together in the blue bright sky. You can experience them very closely and see their beautiful and colorful wingspan as they fly in the sky.

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This show can be seen every day from 10.30 to 16.30. Some other shows that are held here are Papua Rainforest Feeding, Pelican Feeding, Basic Instinct (this is a show on birds of prey), Lory Feeding, Guyu Corner and like others.

Bali Bird Park: Facilities

Bali Bird Park
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This park suits the best for family and children. The place is made in such a way that it forces you towards itself and let kids grab its attention.

It is very colorful and there is a lot to learn about birds. If you are planning a day but do not want to travel to the beach, you should come here for a wonderful experience. Traveling through Bird Park will take your whole day’s time.

There are some of the good restaurants in the park, such as the Main Restaurant or the Rainforest Café.

Some other amenities that can be found here are the Children Play Area, Bali Starling Restaurant, 6 Toilets, Car Parking, etc.

Also, do not forget to get yourself some souvenir from Bali Bird Park souvenir shop. The money that is earned here helps park management to keep that place healthy and clean.

Staff at Bali Bird Park are very friendly. They will help every person to get close to the birds by carrying these lovely birds on their shoulders and bringing them all tourists.

They regularly engage the kids in conversation with the birds so that they can get to know the birds better and also they would get to know that these species are really important.

Tickets For Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park
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*No bookings you have to make or wait for any season to meet these exotic birds. During the whole year, the park is open every day.

Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Entry charge: Starts from INR 1,752 per person.

How To Reach: 

From Kuta, the Bali Bird Park is at a distance of 40 minutes and the Bali Bird Park bus stop is on Line 5. The easiest, quickest, and the cheapest way to reach this place is by hiring a Kura-Kura shuttle bus. other than this, the place also offers transport service which charges IDR 350.000 (INR 1664) per vehicle.

So, are you planning to hit Bali with your kids? Then head towards this special Bali Bird Park Tour.

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