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Trekking In Georgia: 7 Adventurous Roots That Are Like Jewels To Explore Here

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Georgia finds its place, not in the list of very famous trekking destinations of the world. Popularly known as “Gem of the Caucasus”, Georgia, without any disturbance is nestled between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

The country has proven itself to be a paradise for trekkers and the destinations are beautiful.

7 Best Trek Routes In Georgia

Best Trek Routes In Georgia
Via: Much Better Adventures

Are you planning to trek on Georgia? Well, you will love picturesque walkways and breathtaking views that await you!

Listed below are some of the best trekking in Georgia, you should not miss the opportunity to go on your next trip to the city.

1. From Omalo To Shatili

From Omalo To Shatili
Via: Wikiloc

While trekking to Georgia, the villages of Omalo and Shatili are connected. These villages are the historic centers of mountainous regions, Tusheti and Khevsureti.

The charming scenery, the green canopies, and clear blue skies that welcome you during the trek are just mind-blowing.

Not only this, but the trekkers also experience countless ancient villages and castles, which are strongly ruled by stone towers.

After that, in the trek, there is wilderness and emptiness with a few selected people here and there. The crossing of the high Atsunta Pass at an altitude of 3413 meters is the highlight of the trek.

Total Distance Covered: 70 Kilometres
Days For Trekking: 5 Days

2. From Svaneti To Racha

From Svaneti To Racha
Via: trip101.com

The trek which is huge demand is the trek from Svaneti to Racha. Undoubtedly, you will have the pleasure of witnessing some amazing natural beauty on the way to some of the most remote areas of Caucasus.

The path of the trek is the very old road, which connects Zeskho Village in Svaneti with Ghebi in Racha and is much in deteriorated condition.

At present, the road is destroyed by landslides and the lush vegetation has captured space. The trek route is extremely challenging as one has to cross two vertical mountain passes.

Simultaneously, the wild valley of Tskhenistskali river also has to be crossed. You may have to go through fields with tall hogweeds and do have to encounter painful nettles (thorny, stinging plants).

Total Distance Covered: 40 Kilometres
Days For Trekking: 3-4 Days

3. From Mestia To Ushguli

From Mestia To Ushguli
Via: travelhubgeorgia.com

From  Mestia To Ushguli, you will experience one of the best trekking trips in Georgia. In this trek, Mestia is connected to the remote hill village of Ushguli.

Most importantly, this trek is not difficult and trekkers of all levels would love exploring this beautiful trail. Historical and natural places are the main attractions of Trek.

The biggest advantage of this trek is that you can give rest to your sore feet in many villages that you’ll find in the middle of these paths.

Enjoy a great meal, pitch a tent, or just stay with the villagers before proceeding on your trek.

Total Distance Covered: 58 Kilometres
Days For Trekking: 4 Days

4. Trekking To Black Rock Lake

Trekking To Black Rock Lake
Via: travelsouthdakota.com

Trekking in Georgia is not complete without trekking Black Rock Lake.

Literally, endless animal species can be found in the Great Caucasus. But most of the time, the valley looks empty because the locals hunt in the most carefree manner.

Shepherding in this place is a long history. Lagodekhi Park is the oldest nature reserve in Georgia and one can see the abundant wildlife.

There are several hiking trails in the park and one is the trek to Black Rock Lake. The lake is at an altitude of 2800 meters.

Total Distance Covered: 45 Kilometres
Days For Trekking: 3 Days

5. St. Andrew’s Trail In The Borjomi-Kharagauli Park

St. Andrew’s Trail In The Borjomi-kharagauli Park
Via: borjomi-kharagauli-np.ge

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St. Andrew Trail spreads its beauty in the mountains of Lesser Caucasus is the Borjomi-Kharagauli Park.

It is one of the largest national parks in Georgia and is very popular for wildlife, tranquil forests and developed infrastructure as an add-on. If you want to enjoy Georgia trekking, you can try 9 marked trails in the Park.

St. Andrew’s trail is definitely the best one. Tents are not required for the trek because tourist shelters are available at reasonable costs.

Total Distance Covered: 54 Kilometres
Days For Trekking: 4 Days

6. Trekking On The Keli Plateau

Trekking On The Keli Plateau
Via: caucasus-trekking.com

This trekking is really recommended for adventurers who are constantly looking for something new.

Starting from the picturesque Truso Valley, the trek helps in discovering the Keli volcanic plateau. This plateau is a rocky and barren piece of land situated in the west of the Georgian Military Highway. It’s not the place where a lot of people like to trek.

If you visit this place, don’t forget to visit the glacial Kelishadi Lake. There are some excellent valleys of Suatisi and Mna, where some unusual stuff can be seen as waterfalls, special rock formations, and the Kazbegi mastiff.

7. Hiking Through The Chaukhi Pass

Hiking Through The Chaukhi Pass
Via: caucasus-trekking.com

One of the most popular Georgia trekking tours is hiking through the Chaukhi Pass. This is a very popular route, which interconnects the Juta Village in Kazbegi with the Khevsureti.

Grand Chokhi Mastiff with seven sharp peaks is a treat to watch. However, for that, you have to climb up to the 3338-meters high Chaukhi pass for the same.

On the other side of the Pass, Abudelauri Lakes can be seen. These alpine lakes spread their alluring charm in different colors – green, blue and white.

The trekking plan in Georgia, in this Pass, can be stretched out by a few days to explore the many villages and mini trails on this beautiful trek.

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