NainitalThese 11 Camping Sites In Nainital Gives An Unique...

These 11 Camping Sites In Nainital Gives An Unique Definition Of Adventure


Best Camping Sites In Nainital: In need of a pause from the bustling crowd? Then tell your soul to get ready for camping in Nainital which is the perfect medicine for rejuvenation and lets you get up and meet the nature closely.

There’s no better place than Nainital in Uttarakhand to explore the beautiful fusion of history, culture, scenic views, paradise nature, thrilling adventure, and pleasant weather during a quick getaway to the hills.

In addition to nature, Nainital is a polestar for adrenaline junkies with activities like paragliding, rock climbing, caving, hiking, jungle tours, mountain biking, rappelling, trekking, yoga, kayaking, bird watching, and more.

best camping tours in Nainital

With so much of adventure in the bucket to delight oneself, Nainital never disappoints to keep your adventure at brim!

Here the nights are filled with bonfires, music, and sparkling stars in the dark, your mornings will be adorned by magical views of lush mountains, beautiful sunlight shifting its rays through thick canopies of trees overhead, and the sweet chirping of birds. Fascinated?

Scroll down to see the best things to do in Nainital to have these astonishing experiences!

Best Time For Camping In Nainital

camping in nainital

As this picturesque hill station is absolutely panoramic and quiet throughout the year, travelers like to travel this place in Summers, from March to June, when the weather is pleasant and most enjoyable and one can splash themselves into a maximum number of adventures.

It also offers the best time for the camp because most campsites are only open during the summer (and sometimes winter) months.

Between October and February, you can also visit Nainital for its alluring landscapes and calm and easygoing atmosphere. During the monsoon (July to September), anyone should avoid traveling here because this place experiences constant rain, which hinders traveling and increases the chance of landslides.

Best Nainital Camps

There are some excellent options for camping in Nainital where you can experience a series of adventure, nature, relaxation, Amenities, and views. See what they have to offer and choose their favorite!

1. Ayar Jungle Camp

Ayar Jungle Camp

A perfect escape for adventure lovers, Ayar Jungle Camp provides the ultimate experience of wildlife in Nainital district.

Anyone can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of these surroundings and chill amidst the tranquil ambiance of these luxurious camps.

Apart from the immense range of amenities, these beautiful Nainital camps offer adventure activities like rock climbing, caving, night treks, and bird watching, experiences that will definitely make your Nainital trip worthwhile and unforgettable.

Where: Barapathar-Sherwood College Road, Ayarpatta Hill, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Starting Price: 1,827 per person*
Amenities: Bonfire, Barbeque, Conference Room, Dedicated Parking, 24/7 Doctor on call, 24/7 Power Backup, Hot Water, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Free WiFi, and Assistance with Cab/Train bookings.

2. Camp Mehi

Camp Mehi

Located in Pangot village of Nainital, Camp Mehi gives a mixture of pleasant atmosphere along with thrill and adventure to its guests. Set amidst natural hills, your tents will give you the opportunity to your eyes early in the morning to witness stunning scenes every day during your stay.

Pangot village is also a crazy paradise as there are many colorful residents and migratory birds arrive here, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Nainital. Located 15 km from Mall Road, the favorable Where of Camp Mehi makes it one of the best options for camping in Nainital.

Where: Pangot 263002, India
Starting Price: 3,654 per person*
Amenities: Adventure Activities with Safety and Sports Gear, First Aid Attendance and Doctor On Call, 22 Deluxe Tents, Attached Bathroom, Obstacle Course, Garden Dining, Generator Back-up, Private Car Parking, Multi Cuisine Kitchen, Camp Vehicle for Emergency Needs, and Well-Furnished Wooden Cottages,

3. Camp Dhanuli

Camp Dhanuli

Camp Dhanuli offers an ideal escape from the city’s chaos and pollution. Furnished with all amenities, this Nainital Adventure Camp is the perfect travel destination for your ideal adventure trip to spend your vacations.

The camp offers expert-guided adventure activities like night hiking, trekking, rock climbing, Jumaring, rappelling, and valley crossing.

Camp Dhanuli will never dishearten you with its lush retreat in the laps of nature and surreal views.

Where: Village Mangoli, Kala Dunghi Highway, Nainital 263001
Starting Price: 1,700 per person*
Amenities: Adventure activities like Paragliding, Rock Climbing/Rappelling, also Mineral Water Bottles on daily basis, Running Hot Water, Toiletries Kit, Electric Heating Bags.

Day Voyage to Jim Corbett National Park (Jungle Safari), In-House Rope activities like Burma Bridge, Jumaring, Trust Walk, Board Games like Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Carom, and Darts.

4. Camp Kyari

Camp Kyari

Camp Kyari finds itself in the middle of the wilderness, and unspoiled natural beauty. Located in Kumaon village, Syat, Camp Kari is a spacious camping ground situated at an altitude of 2,800 feet.

It is the right place to place camps in Nainital where you can find the fierce wildlife of Uttarakhand in their natural habitat. When you stay here in an extravagant tent, taste fresh, native food, and enjoy well-guided activities such as Body Surfing, Swimming, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, and more.

Where: Village Syat, Kotabagh, Nainital 263159
Starting Price: INR 4,820/- per person*
Amenities: Body Surfing, camping in the forest, Harvesting At An Organic Farm, River Treks, Rappelling, mountain biking, Swimming In River Pool, Trekking, and Wildlife & birding trails.

Tip: In the month of October to April, Camp Kyari is open while it remains closed in other months.

5. Getaway Jungle Camp

Getaway Jungle Camp

Located at a short walking distance from the Naini Lake through the forest, Getaway Jungle Camp in Nainital will surely transport you into a mystical world of nature and breathtaking beauty.

The fresh mountain air and the green atmosphere are combined with the sounds of birds and animals instead of blowing horns, pollution, and industrial noise of urban areas, which brings your senses in the state of rejuvenation and you feel more vibrant and alive.

Other than being located in a quiet place, the beautiful setting that once was a lake, you will be given the opportunity to join adventurous activities like hiking, bird watching, volleyball, board games, and many others.

Where: Chapora, Sattal 263155
Starting Price: 5,731/- per person*
Amenities: Angling, Birdwatching, Burma Bridge, Day Hiking, Expeditions, Nature Walk, Well-furnished Kitchen, Rappelling, Obstacle Course, River Crossing, Trekking, Wildlife Safari, Kayaking, Paragliding.

6. Sattal Birding Camp

Sattal Birding Camp

Situated in a small village of Bhaktura overlooking a wooded valley, Sattal is an enchanting Nainital adventure camp for bird watchers, photographers, and adventure Thrillers.

Places at an elevation of 4,400 ft above sea level, this camp offers adventure enthusiasts plenty of natural surroundings to have lots of fun activities to indulge in.

Where: Sattal Birding Camp Village, Bhaktura Meragaon, Sattal Road, Uttarakhand
Starting Price: 3,280/- per person*
Amenities: Bonfires, Witnessing Bird Chirping, Barbeques, Fishing in the lake, Treks, Boating, Picnic, Rock-climbing.

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7. Camp Milieu

Camp Milieu

Located easily away from the mess of the city, Camp Milieu is situated at an equal distance of both Nainital and Jim Corbett.

Enjoy steep serenity, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and immerse in the treasure pile of the forest while you camp in Nainital. It’s one of the best places to loosen yourself in these luxury camps in Nainital.

In addition to nature and adventure, Camp Milieu provides you the best place to experience Kumaoni culture. Here, you can listen to folk music, participate in folk dances, can be the part of cooking workshops, and witness countless colorful birds and animals.

Where: Village Ghatgarh, Nainital 263001
Starting Price: 2,866/- per person*
Amenities: Enjoy staying in tents, mud huts, and village homes. Have the pleasure of warm hospitality, hygienically cooked food, bird watching, entertainment, bonfire, and adventure activities.

Tip: This Camp remains closed during the peak of rainy season, that is, from July till September.

8. YMCA Camp


Deliciously caught in a small village of Sattal, the YMCA camp offers an enjoyable camping experience for guests amid nature, spectacular surroundings, dense forests and diverse wildlife.

These well-equipped Nainital camps span over more than 15 acres of land and provide absolute comfort to the travelers. The camp provides comfortable tented lodging and diverse adventure sports along with workshops and cultural communication programmes for the youngsters.

Where: Sattal, Nainital
Starting Price: 1,974/- per person*
Amenities: Bird Watching, Fun-filled activities like Angling, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Double Rope Bridge, Expeditions, Flying Fox, Ground for Cricket, Badminton, and Volleyball, Hiking, Paragliding, Kayaking, Rappelling, River Crossing, Nature Walk, Wildlife Safari, Outdoor Conferences,

9. Jungle Adventure Camp

Jungle Adventure Camp

According to its name, this camp will provide you the surreal experience of living in the forest and having full-fledged adventures.

Living in a luxury tent in a jungle setting will definitely come in the form of a pleasant break from the monotonous daily life and shake up your senses.

Camping near Nainital in Jungle Adventure Camp, situated at an altitude of 1,220 meters above sea level near Naukuchiatal in Bhimtal, will give you the ideal retreat in the lush forest for the much-needed break you were wishing for.

Where: Near Templeton Academy, Naukuchiatal
Starting Price: 6,383/- per person*
Amenities: Bird Watching, Bonfire, Music, Fantastic Sightseeing, Camp Vehicle for Emergency, Car Parking, Garden Dining, Generator Backup, Speedy Room Service, Running Hot Water, Well-Equipped Restaurant, Experienced Activity Instructors & Trekking Guides, First Aid Attendance & Doctor On Call, Night Safari, Cable Cars, Horse Riding, Paragliding, and Proper & Comfortable Bedding.

10. Camp Lagoon

Camp Lagoon

Nestled at an altitude of 1,218 meters from the sea level in the middle of Nainital – Naukuchiatal, Camp Lagoon is surrounded by dense forest, which has a magnificent waterfall nearby.

Offering guests the opportunity to try various adventure games, Camp Lagoon is a wonderful spot for camping in Nainital enclosed by the unmatched beauty of nature and eco-friendly environment that shifts you all together to another world.

Where: Earthvision Properties, Rewati Cottage, Near Hanuman Temple, Naukuchiatal 263136
Starting Price: 2,500/- per person
Amenities: There are more than a dozen of comforting things like Evening Snacks, Veg & Non-Veg Buffet Meals, Bonfire, Music, Games like Cricket, Carom, Chess, Badminton, and Volleyball.
Activities like Fishing, Swimming, Paragliding, Hiking, Trekking, and, Railway Transfers, Free Stay for Children Below 10 Years of Age, Log Huts with Attached Western Toilets, Running Hot Water, First Aid, Internet.

11. Back To Nature Camp

Back To Nature Camp

And as the name suggests, these Nainital camps actually take you back to the home of nature! It’s an interesting campsite located on the slopes of the hills of Nainital and is an eco-friendly place in Bhimtal, which is one of the best places to visit near Nainital.

It is perfectly suited for tourists who wish to engage in various worthwhile activities in the swing of nature and are away from the far-flung chaos of the city at an affordable price.

Back to Nature is a type of nature camp with well-equipped luxury tents and lodges, providing the ultimate relaxing vacation to travelers.

Where: Village Alchona, Near Bhimtal, Nainital-Mukteshwar Road, Uttarakhand 263136
Starting Price: 4,885/- per person*
Amenities: Activities of Kids along with Adventure, Meals, Quick Room Service, Internet, Free Parking.

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