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7 Exotic destination wedding locations in India For A Memorable Wedding

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India is a country of diverse culture, heritage, and traditions which make it the best country for an exotic destination wedding. Here you will find exotic locations; from hotels to beautiful places, it is perfect to make your wedding memorable, not only for you but for everyone present at your wedding.

So, here are some lavish destination wedding locations

1. Udaipur

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A special and romantic wedding is only possible in Udaipur as it is a romantic city in the entire world. With stunning palaces, the city has a lot to offer you when you are looking for the best destination wedding. It is the best place for a big fat Indian wedding where you can combine tradition and luxury.

2. Jaipur

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Want to get married like a royal person then Jaipur Palaces are the right place for you. The city offer great beauty, heritage and best option for wedding celebrations. Here you can combine venue and festive ideas inspired from Samode Palace, Raj Palace, and Golden Palace. It will give you the feeling of a royal wedding.

3. Kerala

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There is no better place than “God Own Country” for a beautiful destination wedding. The perfect beach point provides the perfect & romantic location for the wedding. With a number of beautiful gardens and wedding ceremony areas, you will get a perfect view for hooking knot.

4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Islands are quite famous for destination weddings as they give a romantic and gratifying beginning to your new life. With pleasing and soothing climate, it makes it a romantic gateway for a fairytale destination wedding. Also, the Palm trees and seashores complete the beauty of the location.

5. Shimla

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Cold weather is more romantic and also perfect for a wedding. Shimla is blessed with natural beauty as the pleasant climate, peaceful environment, natural beauty, and breathtaking scenery, the whole environment is complementing for the wedding.

6. Jodhpur

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Jodhpur is known as the land meant for a couple and with a comfortable environment, the new couple can enjoy weeding in a relaxed environment. If you are looking for regal wedding, then eye-catching havelis are best for it. Also, the beauty of the desert adds more stars to your wedding.

7. Neemrana Fort

Neemrah Fort
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Ever thought about getting married in a fort in royal style? If not but want to get married then Neemrana Fort does the work for you. The architect of the fort is alluring with beautiful designs and perfect gateways, the dream wedding destination wins your hearts.

8. Goa

Goa wedding destination
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Sand, beaches, and fun define Goa and when it is about a destination wedding, then the place is a paradise as you can have your wedding near the beach and party hard at the same time. It’s one of the exotic destination wedding locations in India.

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