Imagine navigating this on your commute. It is one of the dangerous roads in the world. And it was also stated that the Cable car in Tienanmen is the longest cable system across the world.

Spanning around 7 kilometers, to travel the mountain from Zhangjiajie it takes 30 minutes. The trip is stunning and also thrilling than you can ever expect.

Knows as one of the dangerous roads on earth

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This is the road to china’s Tienmen national park

It features 99 hairpin turns and winds up 1,100 meters or forego the drive and take the mountain cableway extending over 25,000 feet, it features 98 passengers cars. but your climb doesn’t stop here


To explore this park you’ll also need to ascend 999 steps. And g through a giant natural archway.

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To a large Buddhist temple where visitors pray and leave wishes and lockets.

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A footpath hugs the cliff side at 4,600 feet in the air

Parts of it are even made of glass so try not to look down!