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13 Most beautiful villages in the world

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You may have seen the beautiful hotels in the world, beautiful houses in the world. But today I will show you the worlds mot beautiful villages that are no less than a developed nations.

1. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic 

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Known as the “Castle City” of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is a medieval village with winding roads that twist around the Cesky Krumlov castle. The castle and town was constructed in 1240 and old Czech legend translates the name to mean “crooked meadow.” German miners began settling in the village in the late 15th century when gold was found near the town. It fell into disrepair during the Communist era of Czechoslovakia, but the beauty has since been restored since the Velvet Revolution of 1989. If you could visit just one of these beautiful villages, which would you choose? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more cool videos like this one. Thanks for watching!

2. Kastelorizo Island, Greece


Kastelorizo Island is located on the Mediterranean Sea and has become a popular tourist spot in recent years. This spike in tourism is partly due to the 1991 Oscar-winning film, Mediterraneo being filmed there. The most eastern of the Greek islands, Katelorizo is primarily limestone and because it has little plant life, the result is many beautiful sea caves. The houses of the island are skinny and are recognized by their wooden balconies overlooking the water. The culture and traditions on the island are influenced largely by Muslim customs.

3. Eze, France


The village of Eze, located in France, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the neighboring mountains. It was founded around 600 BC by shepherds who created a settlement. Part of the French Riviera, this small medieval village is famous for its beauty and charm and is world renowned for the panoramic view of the sea afforded from its hill top. It is so popular with tourists and honeymooners that some have dubbed it the “museum village.” Walt Disney made many trips to Eze and was often inspired by its beauty.

4. Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt is a small alpine village, located in Salzkammergut, a region in upper Austria. It is named due to its proximity to the nearby Hallstatt Lake. The town’s claim to fame is that it contains the “world’s oldest pipeline”, which was constructed in the early 1600’s from 13,000 hollowed out trees. Up until the late 19th century, the only way to access Hallstatt was by boat, as the town consumed every available inch of free land between the mountains. Despite its remote location, the area has been home to one of the first human settlements, due to its proximity to rich sources of natural salt. The town has grown up around these deposits, which have been mined by the townspeople for thousands of years.

5. Shirakawa-go, Japan


The village of Shirakawa-go in Japan is a UNESCO world heritage site, located in the Shogawa river valley. The village if best known for the architecture of its houses, which were built in the gassho-zukuri style. Gassho-Zukuri, or “prayer-hands construction” houses are characterized by their steeply slanting thatched roofs, which resemble two hands joined together in prayer. This design is exceptionally strong, which is necessary to withstand the cold and heavy snowfalls the village receives during the winter months. These large houses, three to four stories tall, are built to house large extended families. The houses are also surrounded by densely forested mountains that occupy over 90% of the available landmass and present unsurpassed views

6. Niagra-on-the-Lake, Canada

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Niagra-on-the-Lake is located in Southern Ontario Canada. It can be found right where Niagra River meets Lake Ontario and is just across Niagra River from Youngstown New York. Originally called Butlersburg when it was settled in 1781, this town is known for many of its restored military sites, such as Fort George, Butler’s Barracks and Navy Hall. Niagra-on-the-Lake is also attributed to starting many of the province’s institutions, for example the first newspaper, historical museum and parliament. One of the highlights for tourists is the Shaw Festival, which is a showcase of theatrical performances of George Bernard Shaw’s work. It uses three theaters in town and hosts some of the most talented actors and directors.

 7. Caleta, Chile

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Caleta Tortel is a scenic coastal village located in Chile. It is situated between the mouth of the Baker River, Chile’s largest, and the Baker Channel embayment. The magnificent coastline is surrounded by rugged geography including a number of channels, fjords, and islands. The town itself consists of a number of stilt houses built along the coast. However its most unique feature is that the town contains no roadways. Instead, wooden walkways connect the village, giving it its distinctive look and feel.

8. Popeye Village, Malta

In an interesting twist, one of the most beautiful villages around the world is a vamped up ’80s movie set. Abandoned not long after the filming of the 1980 musical Popeye which featured the late comedian Robin Williams, Popeye Village is now home to quaint, colorful clusters of wooden buildings, a company of actors and an array of fun activities to do. Watch shows, go on boat rides, explore the village, visit museums or go wine tasting while the kids romp at the playhouses.

9. Simiane La Rotonde, France

Located in the awesome South of France and surrounded by olive groves and lavender fields, this hilltop village is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore the charming village, pass through the narrow Cobblestone streets and stone houses, give the word of appreciation to the centuries-old architecture, participate in the conversation on aromatherapy, visit the medieval castle, and enjoy the fragrances, and colors of different flowers in the nearby Abbey of Valsaintes garden.

10. Ortahisar, Turkey

Regardless of its central location, Ortahisar has been able to stay largely traditional and mainly snow-paced. Even the nearby cities are becoming more and more popular and tourist-friendly, Ortahisar imprints its mark as rustic and attractive.

Take a drink and a meal in the underground cave bar, stop your eyes at Ortahisar’s rising 78-meter-high castle of stone-carved and learn more about underground cave storage where citrus fruits are stockpiled until they ripen.

11. Gasadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Gasadalur is a surprisingly picturesque small village, located in the Mykines Island of the Faroe Islands. Situated on the edge of a long rock and surrounded by the top peaks of Mykines islands, it is definitely one of the most beautiful villages on Earth. Due to its unique and deserted locating, this village has only 18 people, who live here. The establishment of this village is unusual because it has breathtaking views overlooking the sea.

12. Cua Van, Vietnam

Attractive and charming, Ha Long Bay is famous for its natural beauty. Cua Van is one of the most beautiful and fishing villages alongside Ha Long Bay. It’s considered as the most popular spot here. Positioned on an emerald green shore, surrounded by mountains- the tranquil Cua Van is home to beautiful and exotic marine life, caves that are perfect for exploring, and lively village culture.

13. Júzcar, Spain

Seated amid cliffs of Andalusia is Júzcar, a calm town in Spain, formerly known as a ‘pueblo blanco’ for its whitewashed walls. In 2011, the walls were painted in Smurf Blue to celebrate the premiere of the Smurfs movie. Since then, Júzcar’s walls are glowing and have remained blue.

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