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10 Best Shopping Places In Coorg For Shopaholics

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Best Shopping Places In Coorg:  Coorg is not only a destination but heaven on Earth which embraces amazing beauty in its treasure. Along with its breathtaking views, it’s also one of the best-known places for shopping.

However the place comes in a small-scale category as compared to the other big luxury names, still, the place is one of the most top choices of volume for relaxing and finding some peaceful time with the special ones.

The visitors who have already visited Coorg must be aware of the great variety of stuff this place offers! Though, the scenario is quite different for the first time visitors.

Thus, to make your travel easier, we have arranged the best 10 shopping locations in Coorg.

10 Top Shopping Places in Coorg to Visit

1. Shop n Stop Store

Shop n Stop Store
Via: treebo.com

To start with, this store might offer you all the needs of the daily routines at an affordable price.
If you have planned a trip to Coorg, then this place should be the perfect option to shop all your necessary items.

This store is like a supermarket in urban cities and caters to the basic household and grocery needs. As an added benefit the support staff is helpful and the prices are economical too.

Famous for: Household and grocery stuff

2. Friday Market at Coorg

Friday Market at Coorg
Via: yatra.com

If a person is looking to buy some good variety of spices in Coorg, then Friday Market should be your ultimate halt. This place is well-known for delivering the best quality of spices at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the location of the market is very close to the railway station of Coorg and thus giving you the advantage to reach this place easily. You will get amazed at the wide in range collection of spices available in the market.

Famous for: All varieties of quality spices

3. Kushal Nagar Market

Kushal Nagar Market
Via: kesherwanitravels.com

Kushal Nagar Market is one of the best shopping places in Coorg where you will find a variety of almost everything. The wide range of products starts from high price to low price and in total all price ranges.
The great shopping place as an awesome variety of diverse items which are available at affordable prices.

There is something for each of your visitors at this place and in this way, most local residents and tourists come directly to this place when they need to shop in Coorg.

Famous for: Spices, Souvenirs, etc.

4. The Flea Market

The Flea Market
Via: blogspot.com

If you want to experience street shopping in Coorg, then the Coog’s flea market is the place you’ll fall in love with. Coorg’s flea market is also a major attraction for tourists. You can find a large variety of items and accessories, and that too within your budget.

However, the only thing that should be taken care when you’re shopping in Coorg is to ensure the quality and authentication of the material purchased.

Local residents of Coorg come to this flea market to buy large quantities of goods, so be prepared for the huge crowd.

Famous for: Antique items, variety in spices, precious gems (stones), mangoes, artificial jewelry, etc.

5. Various Coffee Stores

Various Coffee Stores
Via: treebo.com

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Famous for its variety and quality of coffee choices, coffee markets or grocery stores in Coorg are unmatched and unique. You can find many different varieties of coffee in these shops and thus you can experiment with it.

This shopping place is not less than any shopping paradise for all coffee lovers in Coorg. You can be sure of the quality of the coffee purchased here, as well as being charged with the cheapest price.
Famous for: Different varieties of coffee

6. Coorg Jeweler Shop

Coorg Jeweler Shop
Via: pinimg.com

If you love to have jewelry but then worried about the authenticity then Coorg Jeweler Shop should the place to visit. Just focus on the jewelry you want to buy, and don’t worry about the authentication of the items purchased.

All jewelry items available in the market are present at an affordable price range and can thus be purchased without any difficulty. One of the main attractions of these jewelry shops is the snake-shaped pendant called Kokkethathi.

Famous for: Jewelry of all types!

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7. Food Banq

Food Banq
Via: jdmagicbox.com

This is the right place to shop while seeking for different types of foodstuff to prepare delicious meal cooked by you. Most tourists and visitors who wish to make their own food go to this place to buy all the necessary ingredients.

If you’re are the first time visitor to Coorg and are looking for a place that can serve you with the best quality foods, then head towards Food Banq. If you go to the place during the weekends, be prepared for some good crowd.

Famous for: Immense varieties of food items.

8. Avenue Shopping Store

Via: jdmagicbox.com

Imagine how hard it would be if you went to a new place and forgot a lot of essential things at home. You certainly will not enjoy your journey. Right? Okay, if such a thing happens while traveling to Coorg, then go straight to Avenue shopping market.

This place has storage of everything that you may need. Thus, even if you have missed out a few things, you can find them in this Coorg market. To get the necessary stuff, go to this place while planning your trip with the family.

Famous for: High-quality travel stuff.

9. Ph Market

Ph Market
Via: treebo.com

For all types of grocery shopping and needs, the pH market in Coorg is the only destination. There are varieties which can not be found anywhere in Coorg.

Most people prefer going to this place to find and buy the right quality of grocery items at affordable prices.

However, you should plan your journey carefully at this place, because this place closes early in the evening. Most local residents visit this place to buy their grocery needs. Therefore, quality can be fully trusted.

Famous for: Grocery shopping

10. Harsh Complex

Harsh Complex
Via: jdmagicbox.com

Are chocolates your favorite? Do you feel like heaven when you eat them? Then find your favorite chocolates in Coorg at the Harsh Complex! This place offers you a wide range of chocolates along with a good range of spices.

You can choose from a wonderful collection of chocolate variety and make sure to get it at an affordable price. The place in Coorg is quite popular and thus you will not have any problem reaching there.

Famous for: Variety of chocolates and spices

After knowing the best place for shopping in Coorg, shopping will no more be a hectic thing for you. All these places are popular and are known to the regular visitors of Coorg and might help those who are traveling for the first time.

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