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Top 13 popular honeymoon destinations in China

“Honeymoon is not simply one more get-away. It is an investment in recollections for whatever remains of your life”. Furthermore, China is completely a decent goal to spend your sweet days. Here, beneath is a rundown of the “7 special first night” puts in China for your reference.

Best honeymoon destinations in China

1. Lijiang


Lijiang is the ideal place for darlings and honeymooners. Lijiang is acclaimed for its wooden houses, its waterways, its cobblestone boulevards, and Naxi culture”.

A rundown of things to do here would incorporate the antiquated town visit, climbing in the Tiger Leaping Gorge and, to wrap things up, awesome golf courses encompassed by transcending tops. A prominent action among couples is to light a candlelit buoy and let it tenderly head downriver.

2. Liangshan


Liangshan is the biggest minimal group of Yi in China, arranged in southwest Sichuan. The best time to visit Liangshan is in mid-August or visit the place in the month of July when the amazing Torch Festival of the Yi ethnic minority takes place annually.

The celebration is additionally called the “Oriental Valentine’s Day” as youngsters approach and court their favored ones amid people in general moving and singing.

In Butuo district, young fellows and ladies meet through a more outrageous frame – the wrestling diversion. Different occasions incorporate excellence challenges, gourmet celebrations, horse hustling, cockfighting and people singing.

3. West Lake


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West Lake in Hangzhou, a renowned place of enthusiasm for China. There is a renowned scaffold on West Lake. It is called “Broken Bridge”.

In spite of the fact that it is called Broken Bridge, it is not really broken. Broken Bridge is well known due to its delightful winter scene, however, considerably more so in light of a romantic tale. It is where the excellent Chinese romantic tale of Xuxian and Bainiangzi began. It is not a genuine story, but rather practically everyone inChina knows this story.

4. Tibet


Tibet is an extremely uncommon place for your special first night trip. The secret inside its way of life and its one of a kind religious conviction made Tibet an existence time understanding.

It is said that after a visit to Tibet, you will feel there is no hindrance in your life that can’t be traversed. That is valid. Simply take a gander at the blue sky, the lakes as smooth as a mirror, and the ardent Buddhists who prostrate themselves unassumingly on the roadside.

Everything there is so exceptional and touching that it, in reality, is a place where there are immaculateness and heavenliness.

5. Yangshuo


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It is a good thought to go to residential community Yangshuo for your Honeymoon employment. You can meander in the renowned West Street or have a bamboo boating along Yulong River or voyage Li River to appreciate the wonderful nature and two-man world. It’s one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

It is totally a sentimental time for the couples to investigate the calm field riding on a paired bicycle.

6. Fenghuang 

As per the legends, Fenghuang has a phoenix flew over it and was so hypnotizing that it floats over the town, and is unable to break. Also, Fenghuang is a literary town: Shen Congwen’s birthplace, who has written the novel, Border Town while he sat on the banks of Tuojiang River. The place is crowded by people of Miao Minority. In fact, the place is nearly a hidden gem outside China.

7. Jiuzhaigou 

Situated in the Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou features ancient forests containing 108 unblurred, clear lakes and abundance of vibrant pools and fascinating falls, therefore, the place is sometimes referred to “Fairyland”, according to the locals here. It’s surely one of the top honeymoon places!  

8. Zhangjiajie

To glance Zhangjiajie, the magical place, is like a dream come true. The place is loaded with sandstone and quartz geomorphologic formation rarely found on Earth. Zhangjiajie holds the unspoiled, unmatched, and bizarre natural backdrop with amazingly towering mountains and undisturbed serene lakes, all contributes to make this honeymoon destination a paradise for couples.

9. Kanas Lake

As per the environmental official of the United Nations, “Kanas Lake is the last landscape resource on earth that has not been developed and utilized…”. In a single day only, the marries couple will have the glimpse of four season surroundings, right from fantastic glaciers to snow-wrapped mountains to lush vegetation, to beautiful wetlands, to cold, calm, and moderate zone of flora and fauna.

10. Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert also called the Sea of Death, is the amongst the most mysterious and alluring deserts on the planet. The photogenic views of the desert with amazing oasis, magical Tarim Desert Highway and a series of thousand years old well-known Euphrates trees sets gorgeous display for the great desert adventure loved by the honeymooners.

11. Sichuan Province

Sichuan is acclaimed to be a humble and simple province, lying in West China. It is brimmed with jaw-dropping natural backdrops and magnificent minority traditions and cultures. The are plenty of romantic spots extensively popular in the ethnic groups.

The honeymooners shouldn’t miss the heavenly Valley of Jiuzhaigou, the awestruck Shangli Old Town, and laid-back Chengdu city to see cute pandas.

12. Dali

Stretch your boundaries of love to this beautiful place called, Dali. You’ll fall in love with the tranquil atmosphere here. Romantic couples are advised to go for a bike ride alongside the zigzag paths driving you towards this miniature village. Wander hand-in-hand through the Shuanglang Town. Feel the ultimate best while boating on Lake Er’hai. 

If some more pinch of peace and view of the lake is needed, then hope onto Lake Lugu, present on the Yunnan and Sichuan border.

13. Hangzhou

With an addition to the unmatched beauty of the amazing West Lake, the classic museums and temples, honeymooners also give their presence at the Wuzhen Water Town. A cherry on the top is to view the Hangzhou Grand Canal to feel the amusing local life.

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