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Think you can’t afford to travel the world? Well, I have 10  ways for you to see the world without spending a penny.


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Couchsuring is an awesome way to connect with locals and get a bed/sofa for free! We can all appreciate a free bed for a night! Check out 10 Reasons Why You Should Try CouchSurfing!


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WOOFING is a great way to get to know a country and it’s culture by working a few hours a day in return for bed and board. Mainly set out on rural properties this is a very popular option for backpackers looking to save money!

Homestay/Work Away:

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Similar to WOOFING, you do a few hours work in return for accommodation. Whether you are just helping around the house or assisting with your hosts business, you get your accommodation for free!

House Sitting:


Lots of people hate to leave their home unoccupied whilst they go away on holiday or for business. So, they like to have someone trustworthy to look after their place and maybe even ask for you to feed their pets! Completely free and you can find some pretty incredible places to look after!

Volunteer abroad:

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There are a lot of volunteer options, however, most like to charge you to do it! Do plenty of research or contact an organization directly to see if you can help them out in return for bed and board!

Dumpster Diving:

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Hate how shopping centers throw away tonnes of perfectly edible food at the end of each day? Why not grab it for yourself! Just be aware that this is illegal in some countries so check before you dive on in!


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Seen by a lot of people to be dangerous, hitchhiking is a popular option for many travelers who want to travel long distances without spending a lot of money.

Work for Accommodation:


Lots of hostels especially in Australia offer a work exchange! Normally the hours are long and you will either be working the reception or cleaning toilets, however, as accommodation is your largest expense, it will save you a small fortune!

Free Food Bins:

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Most hostels have big boxes situated in the kitchen area where backpackers can drop any unwanted food items before they check out.