If you want to live a fear-free life then sure stay far from countries with strict laws. you can surf for the lawless places on the earth you will definitely get the list of some awesome places where no law exist.

These places are safe places especially for criminals like gangs, insurgencies drug cartels, and terrorist organizations that are criminal abundant making life hell for civilians alike.


As one of the few places on Earth that lacks anything resembling a government, Antarctica is, of course, going to make it onto this list.

It has no permanent population, just a few scientists who stay for a few months for research. Therefore Antarctica is just a big empty ice cube, with essentially no laws.

Technically speaking you could move there, build yourself a mansion, and nobody would really bother to do anything. However, if you started murdering people, you could be taken back to your country of origin & punished.

Although kind of lawless, it does have some restrictions.

Many countries in the past have tried to claim Antarctica since the continent does have natural resources. However anything useful is buried so deep below the thick ice, it’s not economically viable to own.

The Antarctic Treaty System outlaws any country trying to claim it and essentially agree that Antarctica is devoted to peace and science.

Also, no military presences of any country is allowed.

Central African Republic


Although technically speaking it has laws & if you break them you should be punished. Many laws, however, are just not enforced. You see the government has lost control of its people.

Gangs, warlords, & thugs roam the streets & do whatever they feel like with no consequences from the government.

Police officers also act as an independent gang & do whatever they like too. The situation has got so bad, the government itself advises foreigners to stay away for their own safety.

So while technically speaking its not flawless, but if laws are not enforced, it loses its power as a law.

An example to better understand this is if you had a $20 bill, but no shop or person in the world would accept it as currency, although it’s technically money, it loses it’s value & becomes worthless.

International Waters


No country itself has claimed or can enforce a law in international waters however most countries will punish you if they catch you doing something illegal.

For example, you can’t just get caught killing random people in international waters & expect nothing to happen.

If Maritime law governs ships catch you they can take you back to their originating country & punish you under their law. However, with that being said, smaller crimes that are not so serious most likely won’t be pursued.

Also, open waters make up about three-quarters of the planet, this means a lot of illegal activity happens out there that goes unnoticed & is therefore never punished.

Outer Space


Obviously, the idea of one person going to space is ridiculous, it’s still technically an area which is lawless.

Now you’d never be allowed to actually build a space shuttle & launch yourself into space, they would lock you up before you even put your space helmet on, but just hypothetically if you somehow managed to do it, you’d have complete & utter freedom.

However, if you ever decided to return to earth, you most likely would be arrested. What your punishment would be is very difficult to say as its obviously never happened before.

In fact, you’d probably get a job at NASA for managing to build your own space shuttle. Since no one nation can claim any part of space, if any individual went there, you can do what you want.

There wouldn’t be much you could do and certainly, no country would ever bother trying to catch you.

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The Deep Web

It’s not a place you can physically go, instead, the deep web is an un-indexed part of the world wide web where anything goes.

It’s lawless in the sense you can buy drugs, guns, order a hit on someone & do all sorts of crazy stuff, but of course, if you get caught, you’re still going to be punished by the laws in your country. However, if the deep web was an actual place you could physically visit, then it would be lawless.

A place where whatever you want to do you can do and nobody in that area would stop you.  So while it’s debatable if it should even be on this list as one would argue its not an area, however, the world as we know it is becoming more and more digital.