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Culturally, one of the country’s richest states is West Bengal. This place is known for many reasons. Here many Philosophers, saints have been born, such as Tagore, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, and Subhash Chandra Bose etc. Apart from this, you can see Durga temple, Victoria Memorial, and Sunderbans.

There are also places where people do not know much about such as Duvar, Chandkhedugarh etc. Know about some of the offbeat destinations of Bengal where tourists are less crowded, and you can also enjoy your holidays. 

List of offbeat places to visit in West Bengal

1. Duarsini

Durasini Located in the Purulia district of Bengal, Durasini has a natural beauty scattered everywhere. In this small village, there are greenery, shawl wood, shimul, pyal, and Palash forests. Very few people know about them.

In these forests, the people of Munda, Shahedarh, Santhal and Kheria tribe live their own unique culture. In these forests, a large number of wildlife species such as bears, elephants etc. can be seen.

2. Junput

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Junction Very few people know about this city of West Bengal. If you want to get away from the crowd somewhere, you can come here. Located in Midnapore district, this place can see palm trees and white sands. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy fishing here.

3. Samsing

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This place has many beautiful mountains, tea gardens, green jungle, and small waterfalls. Located in Jalpaiguri district, Samsing is a small hillock, where tourists will find many beautiful views. Can be rested in the beautiful instruments of Saming.

4. Taki

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Taki Located in Hansabad, the Taki city is located 80 km away from Kolkata. This city is situated on the banks of the Ichamatiya river and its natural beauty, culture and the smell of Bengal will enchant your mind.

The simplicity of the villagers of the taki will be very happy for you. You will feel better by coming away from the modern lifestyle of the city. The taki also has an ancient Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and a 250-year-old government school.

Here you can also visit the Kali Temple and Jora Shiva Temple. These temples are three centuries old.

5. Jayrambati

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Jayrambati is the perfect place for religious and historical holidays. The birthplace of Sharda Devi, wife ofJayrambati Ramkrishna Paramhans, a small village situated in Banankur district of West Bengal, Bengal. Sharda Devi can also visit the temple here. In this temple, the statue of a mother of Maratha is established.

Naranarayana Temple is also in this village where children of five years of age are worshiped. Here the devotees offer goods of clothes, toys, books and other stationery. If you want to visit a spiritual place, this place is best for you. It’s one of the best offbeat places in West Bengal to visit!

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