Adventure TripTop 5 Summer Destinations To Up Lift Your Holiday Mood

Top 5 Summer Destinations To Up Lift Your Holiday Mood


Summer vacation means a trip to a less warm country where you can enjoy Sun, Sand & Sea with a glass of champagne and an exhilarating water adventure. Add summer festivals to your list too as many countries are known for their unique way to celebrate this warm weather. From traditional sports to live music events, these countries have almost everything to make your vacations perfect. So, scroll up to our list of top 5 summer destinations around the globe.

Get Ready For Endless Fun At 5 Top Summer Destinations

Enjoy The Sexiest Dance Of Buenos Aires

Best Summer Destinations

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest city and also the autonomous capital, is best known for its Tango Dance World Championship. The dance form originated here in the 18th century but was banned by the churches calling it the “immoral factions of society.

The dance regained its position with the occurrence of the coup of 1930; however, the dancers were not allowed to use any song or lyrics that encourage populist ideas. Now, it has become a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and gained worldwide popularity for its sexy moves.

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Tango festival is now one of the biggest summer festivals in Buenos Aires. It is a way to celebrate life in Buenos. So, what can be better than this to experience the city’s culture and tradition. But, if you wish to stay longer there are many best things to do in Buenos.

1. Head to the Fair of the Mataderos for a cultural trip

2. A peaceful walk at the Rose Garden

3. Explore the history at Recoleta Cemetery

4. Enjoy the cuisine of Buenos Aires at the top restaurants like Encuentro Nativo, Hierro Parrilla

5. Visit cultural and kid’s museums

Edinburg Festival Fringe

Best Summer Travel Destinations

If your next trip is to Edinburgh of Scotland, you must participate in the art festival “The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.” This is the biggest summer festival of arts and culture in the world. Artists from all over the globe come here to entertain the audience.

In addition to this, physical theatres, dance, cabaret, musical shows, art exhibitions, circus, and different types of events are also held every year in this festival.

Summer Parades Of New York

Best Summer Vacations

June is a pride month for the LGBTQ+ community in NY. People from this community conduct rallies and events on the streets of New York. Artists decked up in colorful outfits entertain and boost the morale of the LGBT community popular artists of the city also perform with them.

Besides parade week, NYC lets your dive into the music with outdoor summer concerts that are held every year.

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Best summer music festivals

1. CityParks Summer Stage
2. Hot 97 Summer Jam
3. BRIC celebrate Brooklyn
4. Lincoln Center Programs
5. Afropunk festival

Hong Kong’s Spring Festival

Hong Kong is one of the top summer destinations to explore during March and April. This is the springtime when the city is painted with beautiful bauhinia flowers. And from the cultural point of view, it’s time for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens event, Dragon boat festival, and Taste of Hong Kong Festival.

Best Holiday Destinations

The 3-day event of Duanwu Jie aka Dragon Boat Festival is a sight to behold where athletes compete in their dragon boats on the Victoria Harbor.

Apart from these summer festivals, Hong Kong is known for horse racing, flower, New Year celebrations, and the best tourist attractions.

1. Wong Tai Sin Temple

2. Hong Kong Disneyland

3. Garden of Stars(must-visit for the fans of Bruce Lee)

4. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

5. Lamma Island for nature’s trip

Spain’s Unique Summer Festivals

Haro Wine Festival

Summer Holidays

Do you love wine? This is your place to dive into the wine culture of Spain but there’s a twist. The Haro Wine Festival that occurs every year on 29th June is not a wine-tasting event. Thousands of locals, as well as visitors, participate in the Battle of Wine.

Worry not! Nobody bleeds only blood of wine is seen everywhere. Also, there are bullfights, wine-drinking, and other contests as well.

El Colacho

Places to Visit in Summer

Another must-see event in Spain is the El Colacho which is a baby-jumping festival. The event is celebrated since 1620 in Spain’s most populated province, Burgos. Men dress in devil costumes, usually right and yellow, and jump over the newborns.

El Colacho is a week-long celebration to cleanse the sin of the babies. While the men jump over the babies, the public shower blessing and rose petals on them.

La Tomatina

Summer Holidays

Those who are looking for more fun should participate in the messiest summer festival in Spain. This food fight occurs every year in August where thousands of people play with around 40 metric tons of ripe tomatoes. Although it might seem like food wastage; this made Bunol and Spain one of the top summer destinations.

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