Despite the changes we have made in terms of equal right, there are still various countries that are lacking when it comes to the treatment of women.

Whether it be in the form of income, education, or physical abuse. These countries are a few of the worst if you were born a woman.

Compiled list of top worst countries for women

1. Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, the average women will only live to see the age of 45. It is the only country here female suicide rates are higher than males.

More than half women are forced into marriage before they turn 16- years old. And one woman dies while delivering a child every half hour.

Being at home is one of the most unsafe places for girls in Afghanistan.

2. Saudi Arabia

For women born in Saudi Arabia, they never get to experience life as an independent woman. From the time they are born, they are considered lifelong dependants of their male relatives.

Women were barely given the right to vote in 2015, but they are still prohibited from driving a car.

Saudi Arabia is also one of the only Muslim-Majority countries that have a legal dress code.

3. Sudan

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Women in Sudan are routinely killed as punishment for adultery ANd women who engaged in premarital sex receive a punishment of 100 lashes.

Women are also imprisoned for simple infractions, such a dancing with a man, coming home late or owning a hair salon before the age of 35.

In most countries, law enforcement and military protect its citizens, but in Sudan, the Sudanese army raped hundreds of women during an organized attack in the town of Darfur.

4. Guatemala


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In the impoverished of Guatemala, women have been the victims of horrific murders that remain unsolved. It finds its place in the list of worst countries in the world. 

Countless young women have gone missing, only for their bodies to be found days later, stuffed into garbage bags.

5. Yemen

If you’re a woman born in Yemen, you access to good education is very limited.

Because women are not given the same educational rights as men, many feel forced to get married before they turned to 18.

This lack of education also means 35% of women in Yemen is suffers from illiteracy. Hence it comes in the list of worst countries in the world. 

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