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Trekking Preparation Tips: A Perfect Set Off To Your Dream Adventure Trails

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The world is full of adventures and amazing hiking trails in different parts of the world. However to embrace the greatest pleasure of hiking and to reach spectacular heights, one needs practice and experience. We decided to list down a few hiking and trekking preparation tips to help out beginners.

Before you set off for the most popular hiking trails in the world like the Inca trail in Machu Pichu or Mount Kilimanjaro it is important that you know and practice some skills. There’s a lot you need to do in order to get to your dream trails.

Rather than being overwhelmed, it is therefore time for preparation. We have a few suggestions in our Hiking and trekking guide that will pave your way towards the most wonderful experiences.

How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip? 

1. Be Clear About Your Trip Style

trekking preparation tips
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There are several decisions you need to make regarding the adventure you are going to pursue. Where you will go, whether you will stay at a luxurious lodge or in a tent, will go off to a faraway place or move from one town to another? All these questions should be answered in the first place.

This way you can move ahead considering the hiking that interests you. While some travelers prefer luxuries go enjoy their trip, the others want to be at far off remote places. Choices can differ for everyone. Make sure you pick the one that helps you the best. Knowing how to explore the place will avail you plenty of options to accomplish a worthwhile trip.

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2. Finalize Your Trip

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While you know what type of trip entices you, it is time to actually decide a trail and a travel package. There are hundreds of companies that will offer a hiking or trekking trip to the places you want to explore. However, the actual task is to choose a perfect one from them. Look for services that offer departure at the time you desire to travel. Some agencies offer seasonal trips, some annual and others on a continual basis.

Once you list down the best once, reach out to the companies to gather more information. Ask them every detail that is important so that you can see ahead of time. Also, ask for the required fitness level for the hiking trails you choose. There are trails that may be more demanding. Most importantly see that the services are available within your budget or at least around it.

3. Evaluate Your Fitness

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This is an important consideration among all the hiking and trekking preparation tips we will discuss here. An honest and accurate assessment of your fitness is necessary before you start with an excursion. You have to travel on foot in some remote corner of the world. Even though someone else will share the load of your gear, this can be much more difficult than you think.

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses will help you get ready for the challenges that may come your way. Walking along the pavement for a mile or two is different from a hike that requires you to walk five miles or more a day. And this continues for several more days to come. Discuss with your operator about what are the fitness requirements of the trail and itinerary before you go.

4. Train Yourself

trekking preparation tips
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If you don’t exercise regularly, start your training at least a month or two before your trip begins. Spend some time at the gym working with the treadmill, and weights to make your body ready. Go for long walks or hikes on weekends to supplement the gym training. Choose rough trails instead of the pavements. Jogging will also be great to improve your agility, stamina, and cardio efficiency.

For extreme heights like the Inca Trail or Mt. Everest Base Camp start training a little early. You should be ready for the high altitudes and rough terrains. These hiking trails have specific recommendations for training plans. However, you should know the fact that despite being perfectly fit, the change in altitude can cause you health problems.

5. Get The Right Boots

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Having appropriate boots according to the terrain is a key factor for enjoying a hiking trip. Hiking shoes may help if you will be exploring easy trails that are paved and have less change in altitude. However, if a lot of climbing and steep trails are involved, you must get the sturdier backpacking boots.

Make sure that your boots not only fit well but are also comfortable. You cannot afford to have blisters and hotspots during the trail. Also, carry a good pair of hiking socks these are designed specially to wick away sweat. Rather than keeping your boots with the luggage wear them so that you don’t lose them.

6. Carry Your Gear

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Hiking can turn out to be a great challenge if you are not used to carrying your backpack filled with gear. Things cannot work with just physical fitness. A loaded backpack is generally heavy and can affect your agility and balance. Before starting off for the trip, figure out whether you can carry your own load or whether you will need porters to do the needful.

Anyways you will have to start preparing for the trek by hitting local hiking trails with a backpack having the same load that you would carry to the trip. This way your body will get accustomed to carrying a backpack for hours. Wear your boots and carry the backpacks while training so that you are aware and ready for the challenges.

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7. Carry A First Aid Kit And Emergency Gear

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Although there may be many important things to carry and you may be conserving space do not miss items that will keep you healthy and safe. These may include energy snacks, flashlight, sunblock, first aid kits and bandages, and an emergency kit with matches, compass, whistle, and a space blanket according to your destination. To reduce the hassle, get an all-in-one adventure medical kit.

8. Know What Clothes To Pack

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Tour operators generally provide you with a list of specific clothing you should carry on the trip. These lists are based on early experiences and the understanding of what the travelers may need while on the trail.

Waterproof, breathable clothing that can comfort you in different conditions and changing weather is the most important part of the list. Getting clothes that can protect you from the sun is a great deal. Also, if they can be used for multiple purposes, you will be helped a lot.

9. Choose The Right Backpack

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While you’re getting ready for an adventure-filled excursion, getting the right backpack is crucial. No matter what type of trip it is you will always desire a backpack that fits your body and is comfortable.

It should be of the right capacity for all the things you have to carry and keep your items dry and protected from the different elements around. a perfect backpack is as important as perfect clothes and a pair of boots. Give enough time to find the one that meets all your requirements.

While you are getting ready for one of the best hiking trips of your life, the above mentioned, trekking preparation tips will guarantee you one. Plan it well.

Keep Traveling!

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