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Unique Places in the World that Will Disappear by 2050

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You’re aware of the numerous unique places in the world, brimming with amazing elements right? Surprisingly, you may not be able to explore many of them. 

Yes. Natural beauties all over the world are near to end as a result of climate change. Dear Travelers, make sure you explore most of them before these places cannot be visited anymore. The list of such places is quite long. 

Vacation Destinations to Reach Before 2050 

You always have endless options when it comes to travel. However, it’s equally important to ensure that you make the correct choices and let the year flow smoothly towards what you’ve wanted. 

1. Glacier National Park, Montana 

unique places in the world
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The enchanting glaciers here are believed to disappear in about 15 years from now. Over the last few years, they’ve drastically dropped down from 150 to 25 which cannot be ignored. This would be a big loss of natural beauty. Make sure you capture all the pleasure before it disappears. 

2. Snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

unique places in the world
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The ice-sheet covering Kilimanjaro is known to have reduced by 85 percent from its original existence which is huge. Based on this observation for the past 90 years, there are predictions for its disappearance within the next 20 years.  

3. The Maldives 

unique places in the world

Breathing beauty amidst the mighty Indian Ocean is predicted to get submerged into it little by little over the next 20 years and disappear completely. Hurry up! Global warming is likely to eat up this place soon. 

Undeniably, its a piece of paradise on earth and the dream destination for millions of travelers. It is settled 1.4 meters above sea level and the only country in the world with 2.3 meters average ground level. And see, it’s going to be the first country to be submerged. 

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4. Madagascar, Africa 

unique places in the world

This massive land in Africa may not exist for too long. As a result of massive deforestation and continuous forest fires, these forests may disappear over the next 30 years. It would be really sad to see one of the most unique places in the world and our favorite cartoon backdrop disappearing. 

5. Venice, Italy 

unique places in the world

The city with the most romantic backdrops is sinking. Its dramatic canals are submerging. And hopefully, you know that nothing here is worth missing. Before you can never witness the romantic evenings, dramatic canals and the most popular gondola rides, rush! Plan your holidays soon. 

6. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia 

unique places in the world
via: wiki-travel

The world’s largest coral reefs have decreased about 50 percent from their original expanse. These vibrantly colored, beautiful corals are turning white. It would be a matter of great grief to see them being destroyed like this. Plan your visit before they’re completely gone. 

7. The Great Wall of China 

unique places in the world

China one of the most popular travel destinations held pride for housing one among the seven wonders of the world. Over 2000 years old, the Great Wall of China has started to turn into ruins due to air pollution and over-farming. The remaining life of this excellent structure is expected to be only 20 years more. Visit before there’s nothing but ruins. 

8. The European Alps 

unique places in the world

Along with the fact that the Alps are placed at an altitude lower than the Rocky Mountains; global warming is an important factor resulting in its disappearance soon. Before you miss all the panoramic views and skiing opportunities, plan your visit here.  

9. North Africa 

unique places in the world

The Sahara Desert is growing rapidly. This expansion is fast enough that it can consume entire North Africa within 35 years. Losing this place to the wrath of nature would be shameful. 

10. The Northern Tundra, Alaska 

unique places in the world
via: pixfeeds

You have to know that this stunning Alaskan beauty would be there for a short time now. Certainly, global warming is going to harm the Arctic more than any other place in the world. Once you visit this place, you may realize how big will be the loss of such a place. 

11. South Australia 

unique places in the world
via: thegreenhubonline

This place which once used to be a beautiful stretch has been hit with desertification. Parched landscapes and dried up water sources are threatening. Adding to this, the recent fires in Australia are enough to address problems here. 

Rapid wildfires and depletion of ecosystems will altogether eat up the gorgeous destination within the next 35 years. Awful, to watch one of the most desired travel destinations being destroyed. 

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12. The Dead Sea 

unique places in the world
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Popular for its floating properties, the incredible Dead Sea has already disappeared more than one third during the last 40 years. According to the reports, it will be no more there in the next 35 years. Live your fantasies before this amazing place is no more. 

13. Majuli Island, India 

unique places in the world
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The Majuli island once used to be the largest river island stretching up to 1200 sq km. It has now reduced to only 400 sq km. Due to massive erosions and disastrous flooding, the island is continuously submerging. 

This place will be erased by 2030. With this place, the Assamese culture and stunning beauty will be no more. Catch up with the pleasure before they disappear. 

It’s sad how human actions have led to the destruction of the beauty of nature. Explore the most of these unique places in the world before they’re alive only in pictures. Keep Traveling! 

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