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10 concealed borders you may not be aware of

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In this modern era, a border is considered as a defining line which separates one country from another. We have seen so many borders dispute among different countries for the sake of territory. But in a few cases, there are still few countries borders from where you can secretly enter into another country. Hardly a few of the people know about these borders present between these countries.

So, today we are going to reveal these secret borders with you.

1. Gibraltar


It is situated at the height of Spain close to the United Kingdom. Gibraltar is a small place and it is one of the towns in the U.K. This town is extremely popular for fast-track marriages process. In Gibraltar, anyone can get married in one day notice. Yoko and Joh, the famous artists also married here.

2. Nahwa


Nahwa is a small village, it’s the part of United Arab Emirates. It is also the counter-enclave within the area of Oman. It’s a beautiful village but the population is very less.

3. San Marino


San Marino, 3rd in Europe and 5th smallest country in the world. The country is surrounded by Italy. It is considered as one of the best and oldest republics. Its architecture, rich history,  as well it’s wonderful landscapes made it a damn destination to visit.

4. Lesotho


Lesotho has the least population of 2 million which makes it the small country. It is situated in South Africa. The place is among those countries that are governed by a king other than Switzerland and Morocco.

5. Kaliningrad Oblast


It is a very tiny part of the land lies between Lithuania and Poland cut into portions and also now part of Russia. It is situated at the right of Baltic sea. It is the part of Europe which, however, got separated when the Soviet Union collapsed. It was first ruled by Germans.

6. Ceuta and Melilla


Both of these are cities which belongs mainly to Spain. However, due to their geographical location, it made these cities to follow and share language, culture, as well as religions with Morocco. They are located on the north side of Africa; they play a vital role in military and trade operations connection Europe and Africa.

7. Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau

A place which shares a little border of both Belgium and the Netherlands. Approximately 26 bits of the town is divided between Belgium and the Netherlands. What’s the most difficult part is that it’s hard to find which one belongs to which country! The system of taxes in both countries are different. So, a person can choose as per his/her convenience, even can go shopping on the same street. Many of the buildings here are cut in half.

8. Point Roberts, Washington

The story of Point Roberts is also interesting and fun. After signing the US-Canada border treaty with each other in 1846, Point Roberts Peninsula was divided into half and there is no other way to reach or stay there, but taking a route through Canada.

9. Dahala Khagrabari

A very odd Territorial dispute occurred between India and Bangladesh which was resolved after signing a treaty in 2015. Shocking, but there was a territory across the borders of India and Bangladesh that were causing the problem. There were 106 pieces enclaves of Bangladesh within India while 92 were in India. Peace was retained along the border with the exchanges of enclaves.

As we know, we live in a strange world; so many bizarre things happen around us, and these borders are one of them.

10. Campione d’Italia

As an Italian living in Campione, anyone can enjoy Swiss life without a visa or a Swiss passport. Travel across the city with Swiss currency and if anyone is in trouble, call the Italian or Swiss Police. Even any gambling can enjoy because the rules of gambling here are quite flexible.

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