For many days Anushka-Virat’s marriage was being discussed on social media. There were reports in the media that Anushka-Virat was going to Italy to marry, and then it was news that both of them were not married, it is just a rumor.

These discussions were paused when both of them married in Italy on Monday. It is being said that on December 21, both parties in Mumbai will be giving a Reception Party. It is difficult to say who will be involved in this Reception Party.

But at the moment there is another special news coming in between these reports. That special news is about Virat-Anushka’s New Year Celebration.

Virat Anushka is planning holidays in South Africa to celebrate the New Year. Let us tell you about some of the special places in South Africa.

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Cape Town

The ratio of European and African populations in Cape Town is almost the same, but the world’s most beautiful city, Cape Town, is unique.

To enjoy the high mountain scenic beaches, here you are welcome. It is also the oldest city in South Africa. Here you will find flattened table mounts, grapes in the garden.



The City of Gold, popularly known as “The City of Gold”, is also the largest city in South Africa. If you want to understand South Africa deeply, then you will get acquainted with visiting in Johannesburg.

Port St. Johns

Located in the north of Port St. John’s, ‘Silaka Natural Reserve’ is a small and sea beach. Here otters and white sea pigs are found in large numbers, so if you are interested in wildlife, then you can roam here. Port St. Johns can be reached by Bus by Dutbus, Umatata or Lusiksiki.

Durban Museum


History of Africa is hidden in this museum. There is an international airport in Durban and bus and rail services are also available for various major cities of South Africa.

‘Garden Route’ is also a good place to hang around. There is a large olive tree, wild vegetation available in large quantities.

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Sun City

The main attractions of Sun City include the gorgeous hotels, beautiful water gardens, golf courses, gambling shells, beautiful casinos, and best entertainment events. Here the rock star performs the whole year.