Adventure Trip5 Best Backpacking Places For Tight-Budget Travelers

5 Best Backpacking Places For Tight-Budget Travelers


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Exploring every nook and corner of an unknown place without breaking the bank is the dream of many advent travelers. A backpacking trip, lets you do that, No need to book a room at a luxurious hotel or dine at a world-class restaurant on your trip. Backpack everything you need, save your money on hotels and trips, eat with locals, stay in cheap lodges, and travel freely to these best backpacking places.

Where to travel? That’s a question as not all destinations are good for a backpacking trip. Here’s a list of the best backpacking destinations around the world.

World’s Best Backpacking Places For Solo Travelers 


Undoubtedly, a trip to Nepal is all that adventure travelers need. The tough terrain of the Himalayas and the unique tradition and culture of this country amuse visitors. The green mountains, beautiful landscapes, and wonderful temples keep them hooked during the trip. One will never want to come back from here.

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solo travel destinations

The low-cost stay-ins, street-side food stalls, and warm-hearted locals make it a perfect destination for backpackers. The country host ample adventurous activities for everyone, here’s what to do on your trip to Nepal:

  1. Visit the ancient city of Bhaktapur
  2. Explore the wide-open lakes of Pokhra and don’t forget to add trekking to your list
  3. Try rafting or paragliding
  4. Boating in the evening
  5. Go for the Annapurna Base Camp trek if you are going to stay a little longer here


Though the city life of Ireland is famous among tourists, Ireland has a lot more for backpackers. Take a tour to the Cork to escape the city’s hustle and bustle or explore the coastal villages of Ireland. Dingle and Doolin should be the first on the list as the two are famous for the music concerts, pubs, and magnificent cliffs.

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The green mountains surrounding the beautiful castles, natural lakes, and popular landmarks will make you stay here a little longer. Make sure you don’t miss these best backpacking destinations in Ireland:

  1. Wicklow Mountains National Park, Dublin
  2. Twelve Bens mountain range
  3. Guinness brewery
  4. The Galway Museum
  5. Cliffs of Moher


This South Asian Country is a cheap destination for backpackers. You’ll find many more travelers like you who come to escape the noisy cities and relax in the beautiful surroundings of this country. And the cheap rental biking services here give more wings to tourists allowing them to have a close look at the cities without taking expensive rides.

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Life is very simple here but the surroundings are magnificent. Here are some best backpacking places to get lost in the serenity of Vietnam:

1. Kayaking in Saigon river
2. Trip to Ancient Hoi Town
3. Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum
4. Cu Chi Tunnels
5. Kitesurfing in Mui Ne


The tapestry culture and Cambodian cuisine is the reason why tourists love Cambodia. Even the tight-budget tourists can head to this country without any worry because right from the stays to food, everything is cheap. The foodie backpackers should not miss the Khmer noodles, fish amok, and delicious Twa ko. The country has endless food destinations for you.

And for the fierce travelers, these activities are perfect:

best solo travel destinations
  1. Trekking in Mondolkiri
  2. Biking tour at Siem Reap Angkor
  3. Uphill trekking at Kulen 1000 lingas shiva

Once you are done with the list, relax at the stunning beaches of Sihanoukville. Plan a trip to the Koh Rong island on the weekends. Feel the spiritual vibes at the famous Angkor Wat temple, Ta Prohm and Bayon Temple.


Turkey is a place for explorers. Just a week backpack trip to this country will be enough to see all the must-see destinations. The largest mosques, beaches of Antalya, Turkish baths, and plenty of food places will fill you with lots of memories. Budget travelers can freely roam without looking for hotels as guesthouses and hostels are cheap accommodations here.

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This Istanbul country also offers enough activities whether adventurous or romantic. These destinations are perfect for backpackers:

  1. Take hot sauna at Pamukkale thermal pools
  2. Fun at Nargile bars
  3. Hiking at Mount Nemrut
  4. A historical tour to Ankara castle
  5. Don’t miss the blue mosque
  6. You can play with pigeons at Pigeon Valley
  7. Learn more about the history of Turkey at Hagia Sophia

These backpacking destinations are best for low-budget travelers. So, where are you planning next?

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