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Challenge Your Perception At World Famous Museum Of Illusions

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Museums are always known to showcase the vast history of any country, educating us about the existence of life, and tell us the glorious stories of world leaders. But, the world famous museum also have an immersive collection to deceive your mind and eyes. The fascinating world of the museum of illusions will take your brain on a journey where it has never been. It will keep the brain stuck in the endless questions with mind-blogging tricks and optical delusions.

So, are you ready to explore the famous museum of optical illusions? Check out these wonderful locations across the world that will trick your senses.

7 World Famous Museum To Rewire Your Brain

Explore Malaysia’s World Of Illusion

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Malaysia is undoubtedly the best tourist destination and is widely known for the city’s famous beaches, twin towers, national parks, mountains, and Hindu Temples. But there is much more to explore especially when you are traveling with kids.

The museum of optical illusion in Kuala Lumpur is an interactive place for an intriguing trip. There are a handful of delusion games, group activities for people of ages, picture-perfect rooms. The vortex tunnel and framed images are great eye cheaters.

World Famous Museum of Scotland

The room doesn’t shrink, right? It does in the Camera Obscura of Scotland that lies in Edinburgh city. This five-floor museum has a shrinking room that looks like a cubic-shaped room. One corner of the room is at a different inclination than the other, thus a great difference is seen in the height of people standing at the two different corners.

And as one moves from one corner to the other corner, it seems their height is shrinking. The mirror maze and vortex tunnel at this museum of illusions are also worth exploring.

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Trick Your Eyes In Dubai’s Museum Of Illusions

Dubai is not just known for the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, this world famous museum is another reason why tourists love this Arabic country. This is a wonderful place for people of all ages especially for kids who can enjoy the dilemma games and can even take the toys home.

museum of art

There is a dedicated playroom called Smart Playroom with brain-teasers games, puzzles, mathematical games, and many more to reboots your grey cells. You can even host group events at this amazing place to entertain your guests.

Mirror Maze of California

The Mystery Spot of California is already a mystery for the tourists and to further challenge their senses there is one more marvelous tourist attraction. Come to San Francisco and take a tour of the Magowan’s infinite mirror maze.

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Visual effects within the museum will surprise you. It’s pretty hard to exit from this maze because walls go unnoticed due to the reflection of the mirror. So, if you want to challenge your brain then this is a worth-visiting place.

Trick Eye World Famous Museum Of Korea

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You must have seen 3D painting but this museum of the illusion of South Korea will make you not believe your eyes. The paintings pop out from the walls and it is hard to say whether they are paintings or real. Seoul’s Trickeye Museum is a perfect place to capture wonderful and unbelievable photos.

Edutainment Place Of Delhi

Delhi has recently got the first museum of illusions in 2021. Situated at the most famous tourist place, Connaught Place, this is a perfect edutainment spot to explore the world of fascinating things. The museum holds imaginary things, the famous Ames room, miniature exhibits, reverse room, an infinity room.

World Of Illusions, Los Angeles

museum of illusions

This is one of the best museums in the world to explore imagination and fantasy in Los Angeles. There’s a giant house that will show the world from a different angle. Everything here is bigger than it usually they are so don’t forget to take photos.

The next stop is the upside-down house which is a new edition to the museum. It will turn your world upside down where you can walk on the walls and sit on the hanging couch. So, just change the angle of your life in this world of illusion.

If you are looking for an educational trip without compromising with the fun and Instagram-ready selfies, come to the world famous museum of illusions.

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