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Enjoy 5 Best Fishing Trips in Goa

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Best Fishing Trips in Goa: Goa gives the roof of the shelter to the world’s most beautiful beaches. Not one but considered by many as a tropical heaven a difference, this small and beautiful state in India offers tourists, a great chance to fly and fly high with joy, happiness, relaxation, and a well-deserved vacation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The nightlife of Goa is fantastic along with a great host of beaches as well as some delectable local cuisine makes it a favored tourist destination.

The beaches here are quite different from those found in other states of India owing to their universal proposal.

For adrenaline addicts, water sports holds an integral part of the entire Goa experience – everything right from jet skiing, snorkeling and also deep-water diving.

Apart from this, for those who like to catch fish, this place also offers some great fishing trips, providing a calm option for those who prefer a soothing vacation.

Listed below are some of the best places for Fishing in Goa:

1. Sport Fishing in Panjim, Goa

Sport Fishing in Panjim, Goa
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Sport Fishing is one of the most attractive and best things to do in Goa. It usually brings about fishing for sporting purposes or for competitions as opposed to commercial fishing, aiming at making a profit.

This lovely experience allows tourists to try out professional techniques of angling which include casting, popping, trolling, bottom fishing and fly fishing.

Every technique adopted to catch fish is convincing and will help you catch one almost immediately if you are fortunate enough.

Some of the major tools used for sport fishing include a rod, reel, line, and a few hooks. Goa is the perfect place for sport fishing because it detach particular areas which are only meant for fishing.
City’s rich aquatic life is also a major contributing factor which has boosted the popularity of this activity.

However, you can learn more about these different techniques if you prefer various fishing trips in Goa.
With sport fishing, you will get a chance to catch the Mangrove Jack as well as Barramundi.

These trips are custom-built to suit your convenience too so you have the freedom of choosing the places you want to visit for fishing.

Sport fishing in Panjim is best enjoyed when you are solo! It offers you the time to mirror your life as the surroundings are calm, peaceful, and quiet without any party!

2. Fishing in Candolim, Goa

Fishing in Candolim, Goa
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Candolim Beach is located at a mere distance of 15 kilometers from Panjim and is one of the best tourist destinations in Goa.

The beach is chaos-free and maintains a more peaceful atmosphere. Fishing and angling are the main attractions for tourists. A variety of fish is found at the Goa coastal line which stretches up to 110 km.

Some more variety of fishes at Candolim Beach includes king mackerels, groupers, barracudas and red snappers, among others. During your adventure travel, you’ll be provided with best of equipment which must be checked before you actually start fishing to avoid any interruption in between.

Boats here will take you in the middle and will give you enough time to fish. If you’re interested, you can also explore the coastal side of the city during these fishing explorations and dive into the beautiful sights that the place offers you!

Away from the mess of the main city, Backwaters provide you the necessary peace, tranquility, and comfort to relax.

Operators who guide you on these trips have a good knowledge of fishing and this will help in the whole of your journey. If you manage to have a good catch, the chefs will near the sea be bounded to prepare a delicious fish curry for you. Because of all this, many visitors feel that fishing in Goa is a complete miss without visiting this beach!

3. Spear Fishing

Spear Fishing
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The stunning azure waters in Goa is the perfect anchor of tropical life. If you chose spearfishing here, you’ll be taken to the Grand Island in the queue of Sail Rock as well as Bat Island and other reefs in addition to splendid stoppages which are perfect for diving spearfishing.

Spearfishing relates to ancient art, which has been changed with the use of elastic operated spear guns and sling along with compressed gas pneumatic powered spear guns, which are effective tools to catch the hunted fish.

Goa is adorned with some of the best diving spots that grab an abundance of fish. This makes your fishing more fun. The waters here offer good visibility; between 6-20 meters as well as a depth of 8-15 meters, which is best for spearfishing.

During a spearfishing trip, you can expect to catch an assortment which involves fish reef fish, like groupers, red snappers, jacks, barracudas, mackerels, cobia, leather skin, sweet lips, spadefish, surgeonfish or even occasional big trevally.

Fishing in Goa lets you witness the rich marine life it has in its adventure bucket list.

The best time to enjoy spearfishing is between October and January. The water here is pretty warm and pleasant during most of the year. And because of this reason, you’ll not need a wet suit unless the water becomes cold during current changes i.e high tide or low tide.

By this time, the water changes into the cold state, making it quite necessary to wear a wet suit (a 3 mm wet suit is best for such conditions) in addition to a weigh belt.

At this fishing trip guide will provide you with all the necessary fishing gear, which includes fins, masks as well as a snorkel. There are many people who opt for some spearfishing on a Goa fishing trip.

4. Off Shore Fishing

Off Shore Fishing
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Offshore fishing goes perfect for those lovers who enjoy exploring the deep azure waters of Goa and is somewhat a necessary factor of fishing trips in Goa. You can choose a tour package which includes fishing and snorkeling all day.

You’ll also be provided with the latest fishing tools. An experienced crew will make sure of all your fishing needs.

In addition to extra cost, special arrangements can be made and around 2-4 anglers would join you in the boat. Also, offshore fishing trips can be tailor-made to suit particular tourist preferences.

To conserve underwater biodiversity, it’s requested to all the visitors to adopt the idea of ‘catch and release’ if you choose to. Moreover, you can enjoy the celebration of Goa Carnival with your loved ones.

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5. Inshore Fishing

Inshore Fishing
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In Goa, you can go for inshore fishing and can have the pleasure of fishing in locations like Sinquerim Bay, Cabo Bay, Mormugoa Bay, Amee Shoal, Sunchi Reef, St George Islands, River Zuari, River Mandovi headland reefs.

Some specific areas will also offer you with stunning views of the natural landscape and also bless you with much-needed peace and quiet.

For inshore fishing, you can opt live baits which may include prawns, sardines, mullets or even some freshly cut baits so as to attract fish. Therefore, inshore fishing is an important part of a Goa fishing trip.

Due to its sporty nature and the experience it provides, fishing in Goa has become an important attraction for tourists.

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