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Spooky spots in Goa- Real stories that will give you goosebumps

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Everyone knows that Goa is popular for its nightlife, water activities, beach activities, its food and obvious for its casinos. But very few know that the city has its darker side also.

On the one hand,  it’s nightlife attracts many than on its other hand its darker side stops numerous travelers to visit the city of nightlife. You may know that goa has churches all across and there are many tales of spirits and ghosts associated with them. Rumors or true but the tales of paranormal activity near these places have been observed so many times and be in the news often.

If you are planning a trip to Goa, then go and add a different adventure on your trip to Goa by visiting the most possessed and haunted places in Goa.

Most haunted places in Goa

1. Three Kings’ Church – A tale of how unhappiness consumed the greedy power king

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The Three King’s Church is situated in Cansaulim village and is one of the most famous haunted places in Goa. There is a haunted tale of three Portuguese kings who once ruled there. One king was greedy for power, so he gave poison to the other two kings.

This activity of the king made subjects angry, and they all stand against the king. King was unable to handle this situation, so, he poisoned himself and committed suicide.

So after this incidence, many say that there is a body of the kings inside the church and their spirits still roam around the village and church.

2. Igorchem Bandh – The spirit who walks in broad daylight

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Another haunted site in Goa located near Church of Our Lady of Snows. This is a haunted stretch of road that has given spooky experiences to many in broad daylight.

It was rumored that if someone walked in that area between 2 pm and 3 pm, they may likely to be possessed by a deadly evil.

3. Jakni Bandh – Cries of little children killed in an accident

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Jani Bandh is a bridge between Draper and Navelim and is also a very popular haunted area in Goa. There is another haunted incidence behind this tale. Once a school bus toppled from that bridge because of a driver’s mistake and all the people present on the bus were killed.

So, after this incidence people complain that they have heard the voice of children crying at night.

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4. Rachel Seminary Arch – Thou shalt not pass

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According to rumors, a sentinel spirit walks under the arch on some special days.  As soon as this story got spread, people stopped coming here.

5. Ghost Hotel – The revenge of the Russian owners of the incomplete hotel

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The Russians built this abandoned hotel, and it is famously known as Ghost Hotel these days. As of some legal complications, it’s construction never got completed.

The jungle and the empty spaces in its surroundings add a spiritual touch to this incomplete hotel. Some visitors near the hotel had also complained about the paranormal activities.

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