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21 Best Experiences You Cannot Miss In Abu Dhabi

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When it comes to exploring UAE, most of the travelers end up choosing Dubai right away as their destination. Well, several important gems are overlooked and underestimated due to this rush behind popular names. Situated less than two hours away from Dubai is one such destination, Abu Dhabi.

While the glitzy charm of Dubai may have covered up the illuminated surroundings of Abu Dhabi, you can grasp a lot more pleasure with a slight change in your plans. Dubai has made it up to many international headlines and takes pride in being one of the best travel destinations around the world. However, it is worth noticing that Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE serves you with the same charisma and regal explorations.

Best Experiences In Abu Dhabi

We have brought to you a list of EVERYTHING you can do and see in Abu Dhabi. Read further to know what alternatives you have.

History And Culture

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 


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Certainly, we cannot move any further without mentioning this magnificent mosque with pure white marble walls, studded with gems. It is one of the most beautiful sights to behold and an amazing example of art and architecture. This mosque in UAE is open to visitors of all beliefs and faiths. However, make sure to be respectful and dress-up decently.


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Memorizing late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, it is probably the most beautiful place to visit in UAE. Along with being a religious site, it’s an important cultural and educational hub in Abu Dhabi. If you could, do witness a beautiful sunset here and explore the magnificent library.

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2. Abu Dhabi’s Louvre Museum  


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Established and opened to the public in 2017, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is not only the largest museum in the Arabian Peninsula but also the first universal museum here. Its layout and structure resemble an Arab medina. From the dome, an enchanting ‘rain of light’ falls through. It is similar to the shadows of overlapping palm trees in the oases.


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There are ancient and modern collections that will let you dig deep into the culture and history here. Not only local artists but here you can see the works of popular artists from all over the world.

3. Qasr al-Hosn 


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This is one of the major historical sites in Abu Dhabi being the ancient residence of the Al Nahyan family that ruled the Emirate. Also, it is known to be the first permanent structure in the city. You can explore more about the city and its people at the Qasr al Hosn Centre in its exhibitions.

It is an intriguing ancient attraction that should be visited. Apart from historical information, you will enjoy the annual Qasr al-Hosn festival which has live music and dance shows.

4. Emirates Palace 


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The Emirates Palace is an expansive, magnificent, and opulent attraction in Abu Dhabi. This palace structure has 114 domes and spans over more than half a mile. The sandy-golden color of the hotel walls makes a great view in combination with silvery fountains, lush green gardens, and the blue sky. At night, you will witness a completely different scene when the palace is illuminated with dazzling lights and the special rainbow effect over the dome.


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Inside the palace building, there are more than 1,000 chandeliers and gold, opal, and pear designs. There are two handmade wall display carpets that remain an important attraction at the palace. Each of them weighs a ton. You will come across many astonishing experiences.

5. Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi is a great place for getting to know more about Emirati life. Located on the seaside at one of the city beaches in Abu Dhabi, the Heritage village will give you a glimpse of the traditional and typical lifestyle here. One among the unique attractions in the city, this village offers you many interesting activities to do and things to see. From agriculture and cooking to trade, everything about the locals is exhibited in this village. It’s worth a visit.

6. Al-Ain – The Oasis City

Abu Dhabi
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Al-Ain is known to be the oldest inhabited settlements in the world. It is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. This ancient city is home to seven oasis and numerous picturesque forts. Qasr al-Ain, an old fort is now transformed into the Al Ain Palace Museum. It is one of the best free things to do in Abu Dhabi.

You may also visit the Al Jahili Fort which was built to conserve the palm groves in the city. There is a stunning collection of photographs featuring the British adventurer, Wilfred Thesiger, and his explorations through the Rub Al Khali desert in the 1940s. The redeveloped Al Qattara Fort which now serves as an art center and the gallery is another important visit. You will be mesmerized by the artistic collections here.

Islands And Beaches

7. Sir Bani Yas Island 


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Most of Abu Dhabi is actually an archipelago of natural islands. Sir Bani Yas Island is one of them. This island is a paradise for wildlife lovers. It is situated about 170 kilometers off the coast.

Most of its region is covered with deserts and is popular for wildlife and desert safaris. You could come across a wide range of flora and fauna including hyenas and cheetahs. Amid natural elegance, you will easily find luxurious resorts to make this time even special.

8. Saadiyat Public Beach  


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Saadiyat Island and its public beach hold on to various interesting activities and attractions for its visitors. Leisure and recreation can be experienced altogether here. There are retail therapies, enthralling water sports, and numerous delightful bristos. Enjoy sunbathing, or set off for paddle boarding or kayaking. Try some delectable snacks, and relax.

9. Al Lulu Island 


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Seeking lively beach experiences? This is your place! Offering enthralling water sports, a fabulous environment, and exotic blue waters, it is one of the important attractions in Abu Dhabi.

This island spans from Abu Dhabi Breakwater to the Zayed Sea Port. You will find various shopping centers around, the St Joseph Catholic Church, and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium. It’s perfect for an easy day out.

10. Take Up A Yellow Boat Tour 


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Yellow Boat Tours are very popular in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for showing you the enchanting views of the city from the other side. There are various yellow boat tours that take visitors to the Fisherman’s Village and Corniche, the Lulu Island, and Emirates Palace. If you enjoy high-speed boating, you must go on for this splashing experience.

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Wildlife And Desert Safaris

11. Desert Safaris By Desert Adventures 


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While exploring Abu Dhabi, there’s no way you can miss out on desert safaris. Go Dune driving or Wadi bashing for an enthralling, adventurous experience during a 30 minute 4×4 wheel drive. Take up a camel ride, enjoy dinner and belly dancing amid the desert, and capture a beautiful sunset.

12. Stay In A Desert Camp

Abu Dhabi
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Want to cherish more of the desert life? Plan an overnight stay in a desert camp. This is a unique experience and will be even more memorable if you’re here with your beloved better half.

Desert camping comes with a complete package of fun and entertainment where you can go on camel rides, sandboarding, enjoy Arabic coffee and belly dance, or get a glimpse of Shisha and henna painting.

13. Emirates Park Zoo 


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This one is a great attraction in Abu Dhabi if you want some good sightseeing. The Emirates Park Zoo is home to over 1700 animal species including Cheetah, White Tiger, Siberian Bear, and many more. There are luxury resorts and activities fun activities with parrots and giraffes.

14. Arabian Wildlife Park

Abu Dhabi
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Arabian Wildlife Park is one of the best places to get closer to wildlife in Abu Dhabi. It spans over 1,400 hectares of land with a lot of amazing experiences in-store. Apart from watching the species around, you can indulge in other interesting activities like horse riding, mountain biking, and nature and wildlife drives.


15. Yas Marina Circuit

Abu Dhabi
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In love with racing cars? Experience a thrilling drive in one of your dream cars at Yas Marina Circuit. It is one of the most advanced Formula 1 circuits in the world. No matter what your preferences are, the day tracks here will surely satiate your desire for adventure. You will also have coaches to help you drive excellently at heart-racing speeds. You can also get a racing license course here.

16. Ferrari World 


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This is yet another major attraction for car lovers and thrill-seekers. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is known among the topmost amusement parks in the world. It spans over 86,000 square meters of land with a wide range of shows, rides, and attractions for all types of visitors. Various events are held here from time to time. You also have numerous great restaurants to eat and opportunities for shopping.

17. Warner Bros World 


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One of the most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi, it is the third most unique theme park in the world. This one is a fully conditioned indoor park with amazing experiences for the visitors. You will love the rides and activities in the park.

18. The Marina Eye 


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Watch out for the amazing city views while you enjoy the ride on the Marina Eye giant wheel. Being inside a giant glass capsule on a 196-foot tall wheel is an enthralling feeling. It is popular for the panoramic views and glittering city skyline that it features outside. This could be a really romantic experience with your loved one or with your family. This would be a great experience at the waterfront.

Shopping And More

19. Yas Mall 


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If you love leisurely days and limitless shopping, head over to the Yas Mall on the man-made Yas Island. It is one of the major attractions in Abu Dhabi with spectacular beaches, Yas Waterworld for best amusement, and many more.

20. Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi
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Situated near the Emirates Palace, Marina Mall is one of the largest luxury shopping centers in Abu Dhabi. There are various interesting leisurely and entertainment activities. It features a stunning musical fountain, an observatory, an ice skating rink, and various others.

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21. Etihad Towers 


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The Etihad Towers are among the major attractions in Abu Dhabi, with numerous shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, entertainment areas, and everything that will keep you happily engaged. The tower 2 here is the tallest building in Abu Dhabi.

The towers look intriguing when they shine under the sun during the day and with artificial lights at night. It is one of the best examples of human imagination and its execution.

Abu Dhabi offers all the possibilities for a unique holiday experience in the Arab world. Make sure you plan things well in advance.

Keep Traveling!

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