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17 Reasons To Have New York On Your Travel Bucket List


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If New York City is one of your dream destinations you have really great choices. This is a place where you can happily spend a lifetime with numerous unique experiences coming your every day.

Having served as a major shoot location for various movies and mentioned in our most favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S it holds a special place. Many explorations here would remind you of some of your favorite scenes, while you create new memories.

Your Friendliest Guide To New York

Amid food, fashion, western art, and many attractions it’s daunting to decide where to go and what to do? While the pandemic has shown us the importance and value of international travel, you can certainly not waste time being confused and beating around the bushes.

Therefore, we decided to help you curate your list of the best things in New York from our favorites. This is going to be full of enthusiasm so, get ready and read further.

1. Walk Over To The Brooklyn Bridge 


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It’s one of the most photogenic places in NYC. So, if you’re looking for great pictures to be on your gram, this is it. Look around and capture the amazing views within your memories. Once you’re done with viewing places around and getting some good pictures, head over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for recreation.


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It is a three-acre site with an expansive lawn and water play area. You will find a lot of other interesting activities to engage in. You will enjoy being at this iconic NYC structure. This is a crowded attraction often. If that’s the case you may reach out to the Williamsburg Bridge which is a perfect, less-crowded alternative.

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2. Mandatory Visit To The Statue Of Liberty 


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Resting a mile away from Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty sees the largest number of visitors every year. Statue cruises and ferry rides are very popular at this New York City attraction.

This place is also home to the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration where immigration records are manifested by search ships. Take some time to view the artifacts, galleries, and historical mementos at the Museum to know in detail about Ellis Island.


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If you wish to visit the crown or pedestal of the statue, make sure you plan things in advance. There are limited tickets for each day and bookings are done months in advance. Exploring this attraction is an entire day trip, it may take at least six hours to see everything and enjoy it properly.

If you visit here via a ferry from the Battery Island, you will experience a similar sense of wonder like the immigrants who saw the Statue of Liberty as the first glimpse of America.

3. Explore The Governor’s Island 


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Situated in the heart of the New York Harbor, this 172-acre isle used to serve as a military base for centuries. However, now the monuments, exhibitions, and parks at the Governor’s Island are open for visits during summer months from May to October. While New York residents can ride free by showing a valid state license, outsiders need to have a round-trip ferry ticket.

With exhibitions, dance performances, music shows, and pop-up dinners, it is one of the best places in New York to escape. You may reach here directly from the Statue of Liberty for a small picnic. The Urban Farm and car-free bike paths here remain in the spotlight. You will surely be elated.

4. Can’t Wait To Be At Times Square! 


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The pandemic may have transformed the scenario for some time. But the actual essence of Times Square is in the enormous crowds, din, and flashing lights. This is a little, chaotic world of sensory overload and huge, flashing billboards and digital displays. You can sum it up to be a comic book scene.

Times Square, in itself, is the definition of life in New York. Here you will find locals living their regular life and enthusiastic tourists (most of them busy taking snaps). There is no count of experiences you get at the shopping centers, restaurants, and theatres.

However, the New Year is the best time to explore this place. Do not miss the most breathtaking New Year countdown with spectacular fireworks.

5. Stroll On The High Line 


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There are several examples of rehabbed old spaces in New York that were transformed into spectacular modern attractions. The High Line is one among them. It used to be a 1.45-mile abandoned freight rail on West End, Manhattan which was later transformed into an elevated public park.

It’s situated above 11th Avenue, 30 feet above, the High Line is an excellent recreation of landscape architecture with chaise lounges, walkways, trees, grasses, and harmonious surroundings.

6. Empire State Building 


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Standing at the highest point on the tallest building in New York is sheer pleasure. Your trip will be incomplete if you miss the instagrammable captures from the 86th-floor observation deck with the most breathtaking views of the city. It is one of the most brilliant architectural marvels whose elegance is cherished by architecture enthusiasts throughout the world.

You can even move up to the 102nd-floor observatory for even more spectacular experience. On the 101st floor, enjoy the amazing dining experiences. Despite being a worthwhile attraction, fewer visitors make it up to so high.

7. Visit The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

New York
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The Met continues to be a major cultural epitome in New York City. For centuries, the collections and exhibitions here have been ahead of time and attracted people from all over the world. It is located near Central Park, has Gothic-Revival-style building, and iconic tired steps. This place is worth exploring especially if you cherish art.

The overwhelming discoveries and possibilities will keep you engaged and entertained. If you have less time, make sure to research beforehand and must see the most highlighted exhibits. It is one of the biggest neo-classical museums in NYC and deserves the limelight it possesses.

8. Reminisce History At 9/11 Memorial and Museum 


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This place recalls the fateful day of 9/11 that left the Americans terrified. You will find the foundations of the former Twin Towers placed with a meditative mindset. With its contemplative construction, great execution, and grand scale it is a masterpiece. The main aim of the memorial is to pay homage to the spiritual and physical loss that occurred years back.

It features the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The names of the people killed in a terrorist attack at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in Flight 93’s crash are inscribed on the bronze panels. Take a stroll around and observe as much as you can.

9. Know Your Surroundings At The American Museum Of Natural History 


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This is your destination if you’re interested in knowing about faraway cultures, the land you live on, the species around, and the beginning of life. At the American Museum of Natural History, you will come across things you never knew.

This NYC attraction will be reopening soon and you can plan to spend one entire day observing the exhibits and taxidermied animals from all over the world, from the ocean, and evolution of the human species. You get a chance to dig into everything like a geologist and feed the curiosity of the child in you. Get to know in detail about various dinosaurs and see the rich fossil collection.

10. Some More Art At MoMA

New York
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The Museum of Modern Art in New York is home to the most spectacular pieces of modern art. Situated in Queens, the building and setting of MoMA PS1 is as intriguing as its collection. There are over 200,000 exhibits presenting the best of contemporary art by popular artists.

This museum is the inspiration hub for artists from different parts of the city and the world. You will also find worthwhile collections of sculptures and photography. Art exhibits here can be anything; provocative, shocking, confusing or any other way you depict art.

11. Spend Some Time At The Central Park 


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Central Park is a great place to find your subtle escape for the day. One of the most popular green spaces in the world, stretching out from the from 59th to 72nd Street, is generally the first impression for most of the visitors. For something more interesting, go for a gondola ride or rent a rowboat at 72nd Street. On a bright sunny day, the greenery here will prove to be soothing.

12. Catch Up With A Show At Broadway

New York
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Your experience in New York would be incomplete without a Broadway show. Plan in advance, research the timing, and sett off. Reserve your tickets in advance based on what time you will be in the city and shows that are available.

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13. Don’t Miss The Rockefeller Center 


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This distinctive, multi-block complex is one of the most popular attractions in New York and a National landmark. Being the home of NBC you can expect some interesting experiences here.


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Grab the tickets of some special shows and live recordings and enjoy! Make sure to reach The Top of the Rock for a 360-degree panoramic view from the high elevated observation deck.

14. Coney Island Beach-Front 


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Coney Island is one of the circus worthy tourist attractions in NYC. However, the old-world charm makes this place special. There are many great options for food and drinks including the Coney Island Brewery, Totonno’s Pizza, and many others.

Get enthralled by the Cyclone roller coaster and savor your favorite ice cream cone while you hang out on the beach. There’s a seasonal amusement park. The Mermaid Parade and the circus sideshow are some experiences you should catch up here.

15. Street Art In NYC 


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New York is not only one of the best places to visit in the world but also where street art was born. No matter what you say, street art is way more mesmerizing than any art featured on the fancy walls of a museum. The Bowery Graffiti Wall is a must- watch here.

It is the best place to witness world-class street art. The Coney Island Art Walls can also be considered for some good artistic scenes. Consider heading out to the 100 Gates Project after dark for unique works of street art.

16. Restaurants in NYC

New York
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There are amazing indoor and outdoor dining experiences all over New York City. You will be mesmerized by the food and drink culture at contemporary and old-school restaurants here. No matter you hit the pizzeria, sip your favorite drinks or try some other dishes in Manhattan. Make sure to savor the most of pleasure.

17. Shopping Centers In NYC

New York
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Of course, there are plenty of shopping experiences throughout New York City apart from Times Square. If you are too interested in shopping be ready to fill your shopping bags!

There could be a never-ending list of reasons to visit New York. Plan your trip amazingly well.

Keep Traveling!

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