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Best Food Vacations In India – A Must Trip For Foodies


Delicious Food is a delight which you cannot resist. If you visit a place and keep searching for the lip-smacking dishes then this blog will guide you to best food destinations in India.

Every place has a special dish but some places have world famous dishes. The vada pav of Mumbai, chaat from Delhi and Rasgulla from Kolkata are incomparable.

We all go to places to see world-famous monuments, temples, beaches, etc. But if you are someone who loves food then you should plan a food vacation soon. The blog will highlight some of the best Street foods from India. So Check out the spots and attack the relishing eatables from different parts of India.

Get Ready For Your Gastronomical Trip

1. Kolkata

This city will never disappoint food lovers for many reasons. If you are a dessert lover then the sweets will melt in your mouth and if you love spicy food the Kathi rolls will satisfy your urge. The Bengali city serves all types of cuisines which are equally mouthwatering.

Kathi Rolls-

Kathi rolls
Via: FreeKaaMaal

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Kathi Rolls were first invented in Kolkata. The shop called Zaika owns the credit for the lip-smacking Rolls. The rolls have now made a place at every city now but if you want to eat the authentic rolls Visit Kolkata. Some more places are Nizam’s and Badshah in New Market and Kusum’s Hot Kathi Roll in Park Street.

Decre Street-

Via: Pinterest

The Decre Lane has everything you might be craving for. Chinese, Bengali, Punjabi and many more cuisines can be tasted here. Luchi and Aloo Dom, Jhalmuri. Ghughni, Fish Rolls and Puchkas are some must-try dishes.


Via: 100 Years of Taste

Kalika Mukhorochok Telabhaja in College Street is a 50- year old shop. A well-established name in the city for selling deep fried snacks like Fried fish, eggs and mutton chops, brinjal fries and many more. Arrive between 4-8 PM to have these snacks.  Gariahat and Fairlie Place are other favourite destinations for telebhaja.

2. Lucknow-

Lucknow is known for its hospitality and street food. It is a great place to explore cheap and tasty street food. Tea samosa, Biryani, Kulfi and meat dishes are incomparable. Lucknow is a land of Awadhi cuisine, you can eat like a glutton here from a variety of options.

Tunday ke Kebab-

Via: The Better India

You might have had varieties of kebabs but the taste of Tunday Kebabs is on next level. The meatballs melt in your mouth and the flavours which you won’t ever forget. The Aminabad outlet serves beef and mutton kebabs.

Makhan Malai Chawk-

Via: News Track English

Winters make this dish irresistible. The fluffy soft dish is sprinkled with khoya on top. The dish is seasonal so if you want to try it, visit this place in winter.

Ratti Lal’s Khasta-

Via: YouTube

The khasta kachoris served with chickpeas and potatoes with chillies is a lavish breakfast. This nawabi breakfast is definitely fulfilling. The taste of the dish will linger in your mouth for a long time.

3. Delhi

The capital of India Delhi is a spot for foodies. Every street has some unique dishes for which you would want to visit this place again and again. The streets are filled with good food so you don’t need to visit a restaurant every time.

Chache Di Hatti-

Chole Bhature
Via: Delhipedia

The reviews of this place are so good, and it is amongst the most famous and old food joint running successfully in Delhi. Serving at the North Campus of the Delhi University, Kamla Nagar. They make delicious chole bhature and have a long queue of people waiting for their order.
Open from 9:30- 4 PM make sure you grab yours soon. Also, try Sitaram Diwanchand’s Chole bhature too in Paharganj New Delhi.

Natraj Dahi Bhalle-

Via: Justdial

Located in the very famous food street Chandni chowk, the crispy fried daal tikkis with curd and burst of other spices is a dish you must try.

Odeon/Shukla Pan shop-

Via: Carl Andrews

When you are done eating, then freshen up your mouth with the pans in Shukla pan shop at Connaught Place. Chuski pan is the speciality of the shop, also they serve diet pans for the calorie conscious foodies as well.

4. Amritsar

Amritsar is not just famous for the Beautiful Golden Temple. The place is a delight for foodies as it serves multiple mouth-watering dishes. Be ready to put on some weight because it would be very hard to say no to these delectable dishes.

Special Dishes:

Via: Nat Geo Traveller India

Langar ka Prasad- The food in the Golden Temple is unbeatable. The vegetables cooked are simple yet amazing. The halwa(dessert) cooked in desi ghee is heavenly delicious. The best time is to come in the morning after offering your prayers. You’ll have to struggle a bit in the crowd but one bite of the food will make everything worth it.

Amritsari Kulche-

Via: YouTube

The very old and famous Chole Kulche and lassi is a deadly combination you must have. The crispy stuffed kulchas with spicy chole and a glass of lassi is something you can’t resist. Kesar Da Dhaba is very old and proficient in making this dish. You can also try other varieties of kulcha at Kulcha Land and Friends Dhaba.

Chicken –

Via: YouTube

If you like tandoori chicken tossed with some spices then you can have them at many places. If you are a non-veg lover then try these tandoori and gravy chicken dishes at Beera Chicken House, Surjeet Food Plaza and Pal da Dhaba.

5. Hyderabad

The city of Nizams is more than a Hitech Hub. The place has a lot of food to offer you. Hyderabad has so many delicacies to treat your taste buds. It has options for veg and nonveg, spicy- desserts.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Via: Whisk Affair

Biryani is synonymously used for Hyderabad as this place serves authentic Biryanis. The perfect blend of every flavour with perfectly cooked rice is something you can’t deny. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad, Pista House, Shalibanda Road, Charminar and Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki are some of the famous Biryani hubs in Hyderabad.


Via: YouTube

This dessert is Ramadan special. Made with milk and flavour of saffron with some dry fruits on the top is mouthwatering. You can go and try it at Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki and The Grand Trunk Road, Madhapur.

Irani Chai

Irani Chai
Via: Justdial

Tea is no big deal as you can easily get it anywhere and everywhere. But this richly made Irani tea is what you should try once. The Persians introduced this delicacy to us, pamper your taste buds with Osmania biscuits which are a perfect combination with the Irani Tea.

You can also try Kheema samosa, Murg Do Pyaza, Mirch ka Salan, Lukhmi and Qubani ka meetha as they are also some famous delicacies of Hyderabad.

6. Sikkim

The North has a lot to offer but East is also not behind. The natural land has more than the national heritage and colourful culture. The food is equally worth trying. Relish the combination of Nepalese, Tibetian and Sikkimese flavours in the dishes.


Via: Taste of Himalayas

Momo is something everyone loves. There are many types of momo which are being served today. You can choose the stuffing you want like chicken, tofu, veg or cheese they have them all. To get the best momos in Sikkim don’t forget to visit The Roll House and The Taste of  Tibet in Gangtok.


Via: Pinterest

It’s a noodle mixed with soup which has originated from Tibet. This dish has a taste with heath as it has mixed vegetables in it which make the dish full of nutrition. Almost every restaurant serves this dish so you don’t have to struggle to find it.


Via: Food Fashion and Health – WordPress.com

Sikkimese food is full of nutrition. Gundruk is a dish made from leafy vegetables which is good for health as well as it fastens the metabolism. This is one of the main dishes in Sikkimese cuisine which is full of vegetables and goodness.

7. Jaipur

The pink city is a perfect place to witness old havelis, culture and traditions. Jaipur is also equally good when it comes to food. The authentic dishes are mouthwatering. Since the region is close to deserts so the cuisine has impacted a lot. Beans and berries are mostly preferred. The spices are also fresh and rich.

Pyaaz Ki kachori

Pyaaz kachori
Via: What’s Up Life

This dish can’t be missed if you are in Jaipur for any reason. The tempting dish is rich in flavours and so you won’t stop after one.

Rabri Ghevar

Via: RecipeBlog

This dish should be tried only in Jaipur because of the originality in the taste. The high on calorie can be tried once because it is worth it. A dessert which you won’t ever forget.

Daal Baati Churma

Via: shalini vyas

The trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without having daal baati churma. The wheat balls dipped in ghee with lentils is a great combination. Churma is the flaky sweet dish made from the baati mixing it with sugar.

Don’t miss out these authentic and special dishes. Visit these places and relish your taste buds with them.



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