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11 Top cafes in Thailand You Must Visit

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Thailand is a place to enjoy. This beautiful place has all the ingredients for a well-rounded vacation. From museums to monuments, cafes and beaches, there is so much to explore in Thailand that you will be spoilt for choice. And this article for those who are love travelling and eating with folks and family, these chose cafes are the place can absolute best of Thailand.

There are endless cafes in Thailand, yet nothing beats the appeal of these top cafes where you should make a trip and try on your next excursion in Thailand.

1. We cafe

we cafe
Via: Conde Nast Traveler

This is the best cafe in Thailand to the extent crisp natural produce is concerned. Understanding their customer base, the spot has its greenhouse where they grow different types of lettuce that is utilized for the delectable servings of mixed greens that are the claim to fame here.

Other than that, veggie lover sandwiches, wraps, and rolls are additionally very scrumptious here, and the spot is extraordinary for an evening lunch here. Mango chicken salsa is one of the best dishes here.

Location: Changwat Phuket

Cost for 1 pair: INR 800


2. Pool time cafe

Pool Side Cafe
Via: Shouts.sg

Pool time cafe is the most popular cafe in Thailand. The services are pool time cafe is very fast. The stylistic design is neo-something – brilliant hues with stripped-down decorations, making the spot resemble a poolside.

The spot is very lovable. Yet at that point so is the nourishment – attempt the Blue Bun burger and the going with a shake for an incredible picture (and it tastes great as well).

Location: Wattana, Bangkok

Cost for 1 pair: INR 1200


3. The Big Dog cafe

Big Dog Cafe
Via: The Travel Intern


The Big Dog cafe is the most popular cafe in Bangkok. This cafe is one of the most famous Thailand bistros in this strain. The décor of the cafe is very comfortable and adorable. Animals are apparently a huge part of the cafe culture in Thailand and the place is best known for the rare breeds of dogs that the owners keep.

This cafe itself is energetically enlivened with wood and botanical accents, just as rich rockers. When you head out to the terrace, you’ll locate an open-air seating region where pixie lights sparkle during the evening.

Location: Huai Khwang, Bangkok

Entrance fee: INR 320


4. Sretsis Parlor

Sretsis Cafe
Via: sretsis

Sretsis is an opulence of Thai brand cafe kept running by two sisters, and the Sretsis cafe is fundamentally a sign of a similar class that is a piece of their image. Much the same as the name, the bistro has an emphasis on a certain girliness that you will find in East Asia.

The daisy floors and sky roofs are the least of the heaven like stylistic layout that joins brilliant hues with a huge number of botanical backdrops. This cafe is absolutely adorable and very, very girly.

Location: Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Cost for 1 pair: INR 2500


5. Readers cafe

The Reader's Cafe
Via: Love Pattaya Thailand

This is a great relaxing place for people who want to sit back and work. Or read because the cafe is filled with all kinds of books. While most Thailand cafe is packed with the same ancient travel books, the Reader’s Cafe is a heartfelt exception with ancient classics and modern hits blending well with the most eclectic Thai culture and trip books.

One of the internet cafes in Thailand, the menu here is huge, so there is something for everyone here. And cafe services are very quick.

Location: Muang Pattaya Chong Buri

Cost for 1 pair: INR 1000


6. La Boulange French Bakery 

French Bakery
Via: la baguette pattaya

This cafe is the heart of Pattaya in winters. The paninis and cakes and patte and a wide range of the French bread that is prepared right in the cafe make it one of the most loved Thailand bistros for breakfast and lunch.

While the place does not close until midnight, enjoy reading French newspapers and enjoying their pastries and great morning coffee in a truly Parisian way.

Location: Pattaya-Naklua Road

Cost for 1 pair: INR 1200


7. Pirate Bay cafe 

Pirate Bay Thailand
Via: Lovely Pattaya Thailand

Piratebay Cafe is a pirate theme cafe in Thailand on the famous Jomtien Beach, full of sunken boats, Pirate costume servers talking about the pirate talk and a pirate theme menu.

The place is really good if you want to have a coffee or a cocktail, a really surprising combination, a wonderful place to take your family. It’s located in the city of Pattaya and not so much in the crowds.

Location: Thappraya Road, Pattaya Chon Buri

Cost for 1 pair: INR 1200


8. Tales khaosan 

Tales Khaosan Cafe
Via: Tales Khaosan

Choo Choo, aboard the train for coffee! – At this train-themed cafe, in the core of the well-known Khaosan Road in Bangkok, it is now feasible to drink coffee on a railway without throwing. There is also a hostel around the rail motif with dormitories and spaces similar to rail cottages.

At the end of the day, beat the heat by sitting down for a refreshing homemade soda. Just say “something Tales” and you’ll be served.

Location: Chakrabongse Road, Taladyod Phranakorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Cost of 1 pair: INR 3200 approx.

9. Pikgo Coffee and Zakka


Pikgo Cafe
Via: Wongnai

The place’s comfortable atmosphere is an inviting one, with the brightly coloured walls and animal sofas making you want to be a kid again. The animal theme is severe, they have desserts in the shape of a hedgehog, coffee froth bent to look like pieces of cake bear and cat and dog. The place is without a doubt one of the greatest locations to go with your family and friends.

Location: Mueang, Phuket

Cost for 1 pair: INR 500


10. The Rome Restaurant

Rome Restaurant
Via: Penang Foodie

The Rome Restaurant is a massive and huge place al fresco, with impressive Roman sculptures and a few posh seating fields in a large pool. The terrace with lovely dining tables of the background of what seems to be a much lower imitation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa – provides a wonderful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The barbeque skewers with chicken, beef or pork and bell peppers are some of the common options. Among the favourites are also beef steaks and lobster with black pepper.

Location: long long phlu, Bangkok

Cost for 1 pair:  INR 2000 – 2500 Approx.

11. Mocking Tales Cafe

Mocking Tales
Via: golden emperor Vietnam

The cafe is for geeks and a spot where the witches abide and trolls stow away under your tables. Your initial step into this captivating bistro will lead you to a gathering of spell books, just as other magic things like enchantment elixirs. The cafe has a populist bent, be amazed to discover dessert and decoration of lord of the Rings that sounds like a mashup between medieval and middle Earth.

Location: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok

Cost for one: INR 2200

These cafes in Thailand are incredible in their stylistic decoration and delicious services. These cafes are very popular in Thailand. So enjoy these places with family and friends.



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