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9 Best Things to Do In Las Vegas On Your First Visit

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Las Vegas is one of the worthiest places to count upon for excellent trip ideas and experiences. Giving you the most glittering and liveliest glimpse of the USA, this city will help you meet your jovial self. First-time visitors may get confused about what’s the best in store for them. Well, this is just a perfect place to know the best things to do in Las Vegas and know the place before really reaching there.

Best Things To Do In Las Vegas 

Vegas holds on to the best version of everything including natural spaces, worthwhile destinations, nightlife, and other attractions. You can look up to this place for any type of vacation. While this one’s the best place to be yourself, make sure you don’t miss any opportunity to grab the pleasure that’s coming to you.

From the endless interesting activities and best visits, we have brought to you the most worthwhile picks. Read through the page to find places and activities of your interest.

1. Caesars Palace 

Known to be the last remaining old school property, at Caesars you can keep one foot in the past and one in the present. This is more than half a century old remark of the decadence of Sin City still serving as a pleasurable casino resort. Even the newest casinos in Las Vegas fail to match their level.

Las Vegas
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The lavish pool in the Garden of the Gods, the sprawling casino floor and the Forum Shops, everything makes it a leisurely experience for the visitors. Attend a concert at the Colosseum as you wander through the hall.

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2. Park Theatre 

Catch up with the hottest performers in Las Vegas on the Strip. With the recent and continual change in entertainment trends, visitors had been able to find their perfect retreat with new excellent musicians, bands and other artists who deserve an applaud.

Las Vegas
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At the Park MGM, the Park Theatre boasts shows with some of your beloved artists and musicians including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, and Cher.

3. Las Vegas Murals, Downtown 

This outdoor art gallery in Las Vegas is plush with beautiful murals created by artists from different parts of the world. The street walls were skilfully covered with art by outstanding street artists and muralists.

Las Vegas
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These evocative, colorful paintings have been popular attractions since then. They are renewed every year to create adorable treats for eyes. While you walk through Downtown, you will feel like exploring an art gallery.

4. Hoover Dam 

Covering a considerable expanse in Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is an important attraction that shouldn’t be missed. Built over the Colorado River, this dam will take you through some amazing views. This is one of the important historical landmarks here, reciting the events of the past.

Las Vegas
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The 726-foot high curving facade offers absolutely stunning views to visitors. There are many interesting facts that relate to this dam. You can walk on to the bridge, take up a guided tour or go for a boat ride in Lake Mead.

5.  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 

One of the best trip ideas, this desert park takes you amidst crimson cliffs and amazing canyon trails. The Strip is encircled with beautiful canyons and mountains that offer wonderful opportunities for hiking.

Las Vegas
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These world-class hiking trails turn out to be an important attraction for climbers from different parts of the world. If you’re not really into hiking, go for a long drive amidst the scenic backdrops.

6. Seven Magic Mountains 


This is a public art project that turned into an Instagram catnip.  Rising from the desert, this neon mirage offers you picture-perfect backdrops.

Las Vegas

This is a site-specific public art installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone that subsequently became a popular intsgrammable landmark and a ‘must-visit’ for art lovers. The site features seven boulder towers colored in bright, highlighter shades that keep glowing brighter.

7. Neon Museum  

While exploring this place you will be walking amidst the history of Las Vegas, the Neon Museum acts as a refuge to numerous old-school neon signs. Las Vegas is well known for blowing away things that turn out of fashion, musty or old and unprofitable.

Las Vegas
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Unlike the city’s vintage architecture, its iconic neon signs had been acclaimed and set aside in the Neon Museum. Book a relevant tour to explore long-gone landmarks, stories of eccentric billionaires and the things that contribute to the identity of Vegas.

8. The Fountains Of Bellagio 

One of the most familiar sights from Hollywood Movies, these dancing waters in Las Vegas will never fail to impress you. These signature dancing fountains are the most important attractions here.

Las Vegas
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You will never regret keeping on top positions among the best things to do in Las Vegas. In the lake that stretches out in eight and a half-acre area, these fountains erupt every 15 minutes and dance to the musical beats. It’s an absolutely worthwhile view.

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9. Mandalay Beach 

This family-friendly pool has something to offer for everyone. Numerous tourists and locals appear here to enjoy and beat the heat during summers.

Las Vegas
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You have a lot to do along sandy shorelines, enthusiastic waves, and luxury bungalows.

There are many more trip ideas that can be added to the list while you’re in Vegas. However, choose the most important ones. Make the best of it.

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