Australia10 Best Long Weekend Getaways in Western Australia

10 Best Long Weekend Getaways in Western Australia


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Australia is more than perfect for its gourmet escapes, pristine beaches, and amazing natural wonders. Deciding where you should actually head out and planning one of the best tours is quite a mess. Australia offers plenty of interesting options for long weekend getaways. While you may be seeking a few that get you amazing experiences, read through the page to get a glimpse of what Western Australia holds for you.

Best Long Weekend Escapes in Western Australia 

Being one of the most interesting places, Australia offers fun vacation ideas for its visitors with perfect options to explore and enjoy. Take a look at places and activities that will let you make the best of your holiday in Australia.

1. White Sand Beaches in Esperance 

Start with a mindblowing morning in Esperance. While you are likely to reach here from Perth, Make sure you leave on time. Spend time wading within turquoise seawater or sink down your feet in the squeaky-clean white sand that stretches out in a wide expanse.

Western Australia
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Esperance is the most ideal weekend getaway from all perspectives with plenty of explorations, activities, and indigenous history. Go snorkeling at the Blue Haven Beach for something worthwhile. There are also several art galleries that let you explore the ancient Druid history. Lay down under the stars at the end to live the moments of your fantasy.

2. Explore the Rottnest Island 

Rottnest Island is definitely an idyllic choice. This stunning paradise opens doors to about 20 elegant bays and 63 beaches that will leave you stunned with their beauty. You will have a great time exploring corals and wrecks deep down the sea.

Western Australia
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There are excellent opportunities for surfing and swimming sports too. Another interesting attraction is the mini marsupial quokka which is only found in Western Australia.

3. Amazing Activities In Geraldton 

Geraldton could prove to be one of the most considerable fun vacation ideas in Western Australia. Consider a road trip to reach here. Further, the Abrolhos Island will amaze you with its coral fringes, colorful spring wildflowers, and sand dunes.

Western Australia
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There are also some interesting glimpses of maritime and indigenous history. The perfectly settled beaches here allow you to indulge in your favorite water sports. Find a worthy stay at the best hotel and set out to explore the foreshore as evening hits.

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4. Cape Track in Augusta 

Situated at the tip of Cape Leeuwin, to the South of Perth, Augusta gives you the most pleasing sights of the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet. The long stretched sandy beaches offer you a perfect open door towards mindblowing diversities.

Western Australia
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Aligned with tall karri trees, you will be taken to a land of the extreme richness of explicit views and surroundings. This 135 kilometers long way along the coast would be one of the finest natural explorations.

5. Collie In The Darling Ranges 

Settled within one of the most scenic forest valleys, Collie in Darling Ranges will give you the finest adventure treats of all time. Once you reach Collie, you will be taken through amazing water sports and activities including canoeing, water skiing, water rafting, mountain walking, and bushwalking.

Western Australia

This place is the best visit for adventure seekers situated near Perth. There are several walking trails and scenic drives that will leave you extremely pleasured at this amazing place. You may also explore the Blackbutt, Jarrah and Marri forests.

6. Whale Watching in Albany 

Taking up this South Coast adventure will be a perfect idea if you are often interested in exploring colonial history. The charming city Albany marks the first foot of European settlers in Western Australia. There are museums, houses, and colonial buildings, restaurants and art galleries that can be explored here and will let you know more about the colonial era here.

Western Australia
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Take up the Amity Trail. This is a 30-minute self-guided that moves all through historical events. There are popular whale watching spots that surely will let you grab the most amazing experiences ever.

7. Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay 

There are two Horizontal Falls in Western Australia and both of them are in Talbot Bay. Since a massive volume of water is forced through two narrow cliffs, these natural wonders have been named as Horizontal Falls.

Western Australia
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These falls create an amazing view for the visitors making it an experience of a lifetime. This place can surely be considered as one of the best long weekend getaways in Western Australia. The variation in water is visible up to about four meters. You can, however, find a stay in Derby or Broome to further seek some adventure activities and thrill.

8. South Busselton

Set out for a perfect weekend in Busselton if you are seeking to spend some quality time along the shores. This place has been voted as the Top Tourism Town within Western Australia. It offers fun vacation ideas to visitors and probably this is the reason why people arrive here over and over again.

Western Australia
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Explore the Underwater Observatory, wade through the calmly sitting turquoise bay. This place also holds on to one of the first settlements in Western Australia. This travel destination will be surely be loved by beachgoers. Spend time sitting on the 1.8 kilometers long wooden jetty that dates back to 148 years. The tranquil waters, resort-like enclaves and the pleasurable environment around.

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9. Ningaloo Reef 

The Ningaloo Reef offers exquisite ocean visits to holiday-makers. Rich with coral reefs, this place will leave you stunned you can access them very easily since they are very near to the shore.

Western Australia
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You will find the clearest turquoise waters here. There are appropriate suites available for stays whether you’re traveling alone or with family.

10. Seaside Holiday in Mandurah

Mandurah is one of the most recognized dream destinations for travelers, situated about fifty minutes’ drive away from Perth. This place is known to be abundant with wildlife, holding on to a buzzing foreshore and pristine beaches that make it perfect for a holiday.

Western Australia
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Explore the beautiful waterways, or go prawning at the river and grab a luscious brunch. There are several waterparks and places offering amusement which makes it a good place to explore with the family.

Make sure you plan out well while seeking interesting holiday experiences. Catch up with the most worthwhile attractions and make your trip memorable.

Keep Traveling!

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