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Amazing Places To Celebrate Holi In India This Year

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Seeking some interesting travel plans this Holi? Well, confusion is quite common. While you may be expecting a top-notch holiday plan to make the best of this colorful festival, we’ve brought to you some perfect suggestions to celebrate Holi 2020 in India. Of course, there’s no second best place to celebrate this colorful festival. 

Best Places To Celebrate Holi in India 

While in India, you will come across numerous diverse traditions for Holi celebration. It is a perfect time to capture significant beliefs and colorful thoughts that prevail within the country. Here are the best visits you can depend upon: 

1. Mathura-Vrindavan 

Holi 2020
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While you want to dive deeper into Indian traditions, this one may prove to be a great choice. Watch locals performing rituals at temples and homes and then splashing colors at one another to spread joy. 

You may witness huge crowds at the Baanke Bihari Temple, gathered to celebrate the occasion,  throwing flowers at each other. 

2. Barsana, Uttar Pradesh 

Holi 2020
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Holi is celebrated differently here. In the Lathmar Holi here, while women beat men with large sticks, the men try to dodge with shields. This event is held about a week before Holi. Several days prior to Lathmar Holi, the Laddoo Holi is also popular at this place, where, people are known to throw sweets at one another. Once you finish celebrations at Barsana, consider moving to Nandgaon for further celebrations. 

3. Purulia, West Bengal 

Holi 2020
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Two days before Holi, you may witness a three day long colorful Basant Utsav. This event brims with interesting folk art. You would come across different dance forms here including the Chau dance, Darbari Jhumar, Natua Dance, Baul Music, etc. There are small tents at the exhibition ground where performers and other people stay while the event follows. 

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4. Manipur 

Holi 2020
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If you choose to explore the place during this time it would certainly turn out to be a cultural extravaganza. Holi arrives underway the six days long Yoashang Festival. With numerous musicians and folk dancers, this colorful event is likely to make things absolutely interesting for you. While people play around with colors, fluorescent lamps and bonfires make everything even more interesting. 

5. Punjab  

Holi 2020
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Holi Celebrations for the Sikhs in Punjab tend to be different from anywhere else in the country. So, if you’re eager to witness some entirely new traditions for Holi 2020, make sure to explore this incredible travel destination

Locals present their skills in martial arts while shouting their hearts out with enthusiasm. Along with the fun involved in playing with colors, you will be overwhelmed by the delicious desserts and dishes served at home.  

6. Jaipur 

Holi 2020
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Undeniably, Jaipur has been listed among the best places for Holi celebrations over al these years. Not to anyone’s surprise, the trend still follows. There are various interesting events organized by Rajasthan tourism that will let you get through awsome experiences of all time. Make sure you grab the greatest share of fun. Enjoy the festive lunch, lively performances, dance, and music. Hit one of your favorite luxury hotels to be a part of splendid events. 

7. Hampi 

Holi 2020
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Holi celebrations in South India are known to be rare. However, you may get quite interesting glimpses of this festival because of the large numbers of western travelers here. Along with colors, Holi is celebrated with loud music and lively dance performances at this place. Celebrating Holi here will be a unique experience in itself.  

8. Udaipur  

Holi 2020
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While exploring Udaipur, Holi will let you grab some incredible, colorful experiences. Being one of the most popular travel destinations, you are likely to come across some absolutely worthwhile experiences during this colorful festival. There is a massive event with locals who gather to witness the Maharaja doing away the rituals for Holika Dahan. There are plenty of other activities that you would enjoy. The next day, get ready to get your world colored like a rainbow.  

9. Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Holi 2020
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Mumbai is popular for celebrating Rangpanchmi, five days after Holika Dahan. Along with the lively color fight, there are interesting Maharashtrian dishes that you can savor. This festival is known to be of significance for the fisher-folk here. You will come across many interesting new rituals here. Make sure you explore to the fullest. 

10. Delhi 

Holi 2020
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If you’ve been seeking livelier places to celebrate Holi in India, this one’s a good choice. As you walk through the streets not a single person will leave you without colors. Dance your heart out. Shout out your enthusiasm and soak in all the pleasure that’s just on your way. There are many lively events organized throughout the city that let you enjoy to the fullest.  

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While you carry enthusiasm within yourself and wish to make the best of every moment on this occasion, chose a perfect place that offers you heartful experiences, taking you through different cultures and rituals. These places are the best choices for Holi 2020. Plan your trip well. 

Keep Traveling! 

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