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Most Intriguing Alternatives to Hotel Stays in India

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While you find traveling to be a part of your soul and explore continually, it may be worth to come up with ways to make traveling even more interesting. Despite having the most interesting travel destinations on your list, lack of enthusiasm and change can ruin great experiences. Well, we had been discussing interesting places quite often. Let’s know about stays this time. 

When you travel often, hotel stays become monotonous. Not only this, but they can also be financially draining if you’re a low budget traveler. Why not look for alternatives this time? 

These interesting alternatives to hotels in India will surely excite you about your next exploration. 

Off Beat Stays In India 

While you’re exploring India, there are a lot of exciting stays you will be offered. You are required to just look around and find the ones that suit you the best. Often, they will help you well with your plans for budget travel. Here are the most amazing stays you can book for a change. 

1. House Boats  

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House Boats had been the most popular while exploring Kerala’s backwaters and Kashmir. Floating on waters over well designed, luxurious boats is something you will surely cherish. Go with the flow, floating aimlessly amidst tranquil surroundings; Or stop at the beautiful shores. 

It will probably offer you the best views and experiences of the places you choose to explore. These houseboats are well-equipped and bring you all the luxury you desire. Houseboats will take you away from touristy places where you can find peace even in solitude. 

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2. Glamping 

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When you wish to give an entirely new definition of camping, Glamping could be a great option for stays. You can opt for glamping as you set out to explore explicit natural expanses within India. Glamping will let you grab some absolutely unique experiences amidst mountains, deserts, or forests. 

There are numerous luxury camps in India, that offer excellent services and impressive meals to help visitors make the best memories on their trip. While you’re out for more outdoor activities including jungle safaris, hiking, or trekking, glamping will surely let you grab the most interesting experiences ever. 

3. Beach Huts 

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Travelers who really want to get away from the usual hotel stays can also depend on these comforting beach huts for some great experiences. You will have enough of water activities nearest to you. Planning stays at these urban trappings swill surely allows you to grasp some of the most worthwhile holiday experiences ever. 

And why not? Who will not want to wake up to a beautiful beach view every morning? These luxury huts are settled on beaches and river banks and include all the modern amenities, ensuite bathrooms and tasty meals. It’s just perfect with all the best facilities for a good going life. Find the best beach huts for your next holiday! 

4. Tree Houses 

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There will be hardly anyone who will not enjoy life, perched beautifully on treetops. Tree Houses in India will let you enjoy the most splendid views of nature. While you may be seeking a peaceful stay away from general residences, these are dependable. These beautiful treetops offer you the perfect space to relax and unwind. 

Finding and embracing life amidst dense jungles and exquisite surroundings will surely get you absolutely pleasurable moments during your holiday. You can look forward to a vacation that serves you all that you expect. 

5. Houses On Stilts 

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Stilt houses are known to be built primarily on surface soil or water. They will probably let you enjoy holidays in a unique manner. For offbeat and outdoor experiences, these are absolutely great options for stays. Such stays are often found at a distance from touristy or crowded places. Therefore, travelers can look up to them for relieving experiences. 

You can, however, find engaging activities like boating, bird watching, and other cultural activities to involve in. 

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Seek The Change That Pleasures You 

It’s high time to move beyond the common hotel rooms. Find your perfect unique stays to soak in the best pleasures, various places have to offer you. While you’re passionate about exploring what new travel destinations have in store, make sure you do it in the most unique way. 

There a  lot of opportunities easily available for people seeking change. However,  ensure to go deeper into research and fetch unprecedented moments into your travel diaries. Explore the best of India. 

Keep Traveling! 

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