Trip Planning10 Future Trips That Should Be Planned Well In...

10 Future Trips That Should Be Planned Well In Advance


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You may have been in one place for a long while now since the pandemic hit the world of travel and tourism really hard. However, this isn’t the end of your dreams to explore the world. This is more about planning excellent trips to your favorite travel destinations. Maybe not the average vacations, consider planning trips that require more of advanced planning.

We are here to help you get ready with your ultimate exploration in 2021. Hopefully, that’s when you can embrace your wanderlust. Read further to know when and how to plan your next dream trip.

Future Trips To Plan In Advance

1. The Golden Triangle, India

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The Golden Triangle remains the major focus of people arriving in India for the first time. This triplet includes Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It features a cluster of royal Rajasthani palaces, Mughal forts, and the stunning Taj Mahal. This part of North India will keep you interested and engaged in explorations easily for weeks.

Although these cities are connected through fast track trains, it’s advisable to contact a tour operator if you want to visit other cities like Udaipur – the city of romance and lakes or enjoy tiger safari at a national park. Find a good tour operator and make out for a perfect trip avoiding monsoon.

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2. Family Trip To Italy

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Planning a family trip involves comparatively more things to plan, do, and take care of. Especially when you may be traveling with a group of people places like the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany or Puglia there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.

While in Puglia, you can plan stays in a Trullo. These are ancient houses with canonical roofs found only here. Or you may opt for the sprawling Italian villas. You can easily find itineraries that let you explore other places like the UNESCO-protected town of Alberobello. You can go for boat tours, and enjoy a burrata tasting at one of the local farms.

3. Exploring Japan

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Japan is one of the travel destinations that always amaze people. As per industry experts and travelers, if you’re planning a trip to Japan during peak seasons like for the blooming cherry blossoms during spring or the exotic autumn foilage during fall, you need to plan at least a year in advance.

While the pandemic has given a new dimension to travel, even the most interesting destinations here like Kyoto would see fewer crowds making it a meaningful and peaceful experience for the ones who dare to visit. There are spectacular hot spring areas, species you can meet and some exotic places to dine. It would never be too early to start planning since you need to know a lot.

4. Safari Holidays In Kenya And Tanzania

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This is one of the most admired travel destinations for wildlife and safari lovers. Therefore, it is obvious that you may fail to find spaces in the lodges or tents during peak seasons. While you plan to come here, you need to get your bookings done a long time in advance.

When travel begins again getting your bookings right maybe even difficult since there are already many pending bookings that have been postponed due to the pandemic. Once you decide to book your itinerary will be clear accordingly.

5. A Cruise Trip To Antarctica

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Exploring the breathtaking views of Antarctica may be a big dream. Well, planning is a major consideration while you want to set off for cruise trips. As per travelers and industry experts, most of the ones seeking freat experiences on a cruise are known to plan things a year in advance.

Many of the cruises let you engage in your favorite activities like wildlife watching and hiking along with sailing across the world. This is done under the guidance of experts and naturalists. Antarctica can be explored from November to March. So, this is probably the best time to plan.

6. Summer Holidays in Greece

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Via: telegraph

Greek islands remain a dreamland for travelers from around the world. As per travel experts planning everything for this exploration, one year prior to the trip is the best. Early bookings ensure availability since most of the people seek luxury vacations here and crowds are likely to be more during high season.

Especially while exploring popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini advanced bookings are preferable. If you have specific requirements or traveling with a big group then this is especially important for you.

7. Treasures And Pyramids In Egypt

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Via: journeytoegypt

Egypt is home to some of the most astounding ancient sites that are worth exploring at least once in a lifetime. Whether it’s the tombs of Luxor or the Pyramids of Giza there is a lot to explore and discover.

Apart from the popular places like the Valley of Kings, the Sphinx, and the pyramids, various other temples like Karnak and Philae take visitors down the lanes of ancient history. You will need enough research to properly plan to move from place to place. December-January is the peak time for traveling here. Therefore, it’s the best time to plan.

8. The Northern Lights in Scandinavia

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You can see the Northern Lights only during chilling winters when the sun sets early. Well, since the appearance of the Northern Lights is unpredictable, planning isn’t the exact science you should use. However, you will be traveling to a far off place in the Arctic circle with low light pollution. There is still a lot of things you need to decide such as reaching up to them, and where you will stay.

9. Central Asia And The Silk Route

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Central Asia brings to you some of the best offbeat paths and out of the box explorations like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. You can explore the history of the silk road and the Soviet world.

The stunning Islamic architecture at Samarkand and the ancient city, Bukhara, the World Heritage with over 100 preserved monuments; Everything here is worth witnessing Make sure you get your bookings done in advance.

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10. Island Hopping In The Caribbean

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The Caribbean is one of those exotic travel destinations that let you penetrate into nature. Private yacht tours here are a perfect option for flexible, smooth explorations. However, spending most of your time on the water means more advanced plans. Therefore, planning at least six months in advance is recommended.

Yacht tours and similar itineraries could prove to be the best for exploring the British Virgin Islands, go snorkeling, island hopping, and enjoy at the swim-up bars. Since you will not be limited to a resort, this is going to be fun.

Based on this curated list of travel destinations, while you expect your future trips here, make sure you plan well in advance and clear up all bookings.

Keep Traveling!

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