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September Events And Festivals To Witness In Italy

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Different places boast different cultures that are vibrant, colorful, and spread joy and goodness. September would be the best time to set off for cultural explorations in Italy. There are a lot of September events in Italy that are worth witnessing and we thought this is a perfect time to know about them so that you can plan some amazing trips further.

This year while it may be difficult to travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you’ve got a lot of time to plan future trips.

September is the time when the temperature in Italy begins to cool down a little. Many festivals continue to be celebrated here for long, long years. To know the Italian culture better, marking its festivals and cultural events on your travel calendar would be a great decision. There are religious processions, horse races, feasting, and much more.

September Events In Italy You Need To Witness

1. Regatta Storica | Venice

September events in Italy
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This is a historic boat race in Venice that’s held on the first Sunday in September. There are four race categories – women, children, men in six-oar boats, and champions racing in a two-oar boat.

Prior to the race, there’s a parade featuring 16th century-style boats, beautifully decorated with costumed oarsmen, moving through the canal. The Doge, the Doge’s wife, and other high-ranking Venetian officials are carried along the Grand Canal by costumed Gondoliers.

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Campioni su Gondolin is the most interesting and exciting race where racing gondolas fly to the fishing lines down the Grand Canal. There are other gondolas and motorboats carrying visitors and photographers aligned by the canal to watch the pageantry. There are special boat tours offered by various hotels in Venice to let visitors witness the parades and races.

2. MITO International Music Festival | Milan and Torino

September events in Italy

During September, Milano and Torino host various musical performances as friendly rival cities. The MITO SettembreMusica or SettembreMusica started in 2007. It acquired its current name when Milano and Torino (MITO) decided to make joint efforts for this art festival.

There is a wide range of small and large, impressive musical performances in both cities. You can enjoy them at various concert halls, theaters, village piazzas, and churches at reasonable prices.

3. Macchina di Santa Rosa | Viterbo

September events in Italy

This is a big festival held in Viterbo on 3rd September every year. It involves a historic procession as per which the reliquary that’s believed to contain their patron saint Santa Maria Rosa’s heart is carried a day before. Here, all the participants are seen wearing costumes belonging from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

The next day Macchina is paraded through the streets. It is a 30 meters tall, lighted tower with a statue of Santa Maria Rosa on the top. This statue weighs around 5 tons and over 100 porters are known to carry it on their shoulders for about a kilometer.

4. Festival of the Madonna of the Sick | Misterbianco, Sicily

September events in Italy
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The Festival of the Madonna of the Sick or La Festa Della Madonna Degli Ammalati takes place every year on the first weekend of September in Misterbianco, a town in Sicily.

This festival commemorates the day when the sanctuary was saved from destruction during the eruption of Mt. Etna in 1669. However, the rest of the town was covered with lava. The festivities start on Thursday evening and last for five days with a firework display in the end.

5. Feast of Rificolona | Florence

September events in Italy
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This Paper Lantern Festival is considered to be one of the oldest in Florence. From 6th to 8th September there are many interesting outdoor festivities. This tradition and festival relate to the celebrations on the birth of the Virgin Mary.

As per beliefs earlier when farmers from surrounding towns came to commemorate the birth of the Virgin Mary and attend this festival they started before dawn and required these lanterns. These were then carried at the end of a stick with a candle. They brought their produce from the farm with them.

Even now, there’s a huge fair of organic produce held at the square on September 6th and 7th. The lantern tradition is continued on the evening of 8th September. All the Florentines and other representatives of the farmer-pilgrims carry colorful paper lanterns at the end of sticks, moving through the streets in Florence. Further, there’s a speech and a blessing in the Piazza followed by a party.

6. Juliet’s Birthday | Verona

September events in Italy

This is one of the most interesting September events in Italy you would be interested in if you’re a fan of Shakespeare. The one from the tragic teen couple-story that Shakespeare wrote, Juliet’s birthday is celebrated on 12th September in Verona. There are the original Capulet’s home and Juliet’s balcony where Juliet’s bronze statue graces the courtyard.

All the partiers, dress up in romantic period costumes for the celebration and roam around in the street celebrating the special day of the love-struck heroine in Verona. There are various festivities including the parade of the Courts of the Montagues and Capulets with street entertainment and dances.

7. Venice International Film Festival | Lido, Venice

September events in Italy

Although films are premiered on the Lido Island, the entire Venice turns out into its liveliest self with various cinematic activities during the festival. This festival takes place in early September. It is one of the oldest film festivals in the world. Also, it is one of the “Big Three” including the Berlin International Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

Both up and coming works of famous directors around the world are showcased in the festival. There are also retrospectives and tributes to the major figures from the film industry who have played an important role in the history of cinema.

8. Palio di San Rocco | Figline Valdarno, Tuscany

September events in Italy
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Palio di San Rocco is held in Figline Valdarno that is about 30 kilometers away to the southwest of Florence. It is said to be the first-ever Palio competition or horse race in Tuscany.

This horse race is held at the end of five continuous days of other medieval competitions including archery, jousting, and costumed events. There are facilities for entertainment, pageantry, and special foods for visitors.

9. Saint Vito Day | Ciminna, Sicily

September events in Italy
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Saint Vito Day, dedicated to the patron saint of Ciminna is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. This September event in Italy includes a huge parade recollecting the moments of the life of Saint Vito. On this occasion, the townspeople dress up in colorful period costumes.

Along with the celebrations, a livestock fair is also held here. The religious processions are held at the main church in Ciminna. Built during the Middle Ages, this church has a pretty, Gothic rose window which becomes a major attraction here.

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10. Rievocazione Storica | Cordovado, Friuli-Venezia

September events in Italy
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On the first Sunday in September, a noble wedding from 1571 is recreated in Corcovado of the Friuli-Venezia region. There are an archery competition and various other tournaments included in the festivities.

The different districts of the town compete here. There’s a Renaissance pageant in the Town of Cormons of the same region along with a parade on the first Sunday in September.

While you wish to explore the culture at this place, the above-mentioned September events in Italy are worth witnessing. They offer you experiences for a lifetime. Plan accordingly.

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