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How To Pamper The Traveler In You While You’re Locked Down?


It’s quite certain for a traveler to feel caged amid situations like this when they cannot move out of their homes for the most relieving explorations. While there’s a lot more time before you could return to your favorite travel destinations, you should look around for ways that keep the passion for traveling ignited and cause you no anxiety. Read further to seek help.

7 Ways To Explore The World Without Stepping Out Of Your Home

Keeping the traveler and adventure enthusiast alive within you can be easy if you want. Here a few ways to help you out.

1. Read Travel Books

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Books carry a world within them and they are certainly the best ways to visualize a place without even being there. Until you can create your own adventure, why not read someone else’s and get inspiration.

Reading some good books will not only be a great pass time activity but will also let you know about newer cultures, give you a new list of places to visit and test your state of wanderlust.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • In a Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson
  • The Beach, by Alex Garland
  • Among the White Moon Faces, by Shirley Geok-Lin Lim
  • The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
  • Video Night in Kathmandu, by Pico Iyer

Books are more of time travel, they take you to events and experiences that are now a part of the past. You will surely love reading a few adventures.

2. Virtual Tours

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Of course, you cannot be there now, but footages could be a great way to experience being there. Virtual tours are available online for numerous places. Hop on to those and imagine the best things you would do if you’re there. Let there be a different experience and cherish it to the fullest.

There are museums and national parks that can be explored on screen right from the comfort of your home. Read our past blog: 12 Best Virtual Travel Experiences To Cherish While You’re Stuck At Home.

It’s indeed a good way to know your favorite travel destinations before you actually reach there.

3. Watch Travel Movies

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It could be an interesting idea to binge into movies for a dose of entertainment along with the pleasure of traveling. Binge-watching some of the best movies and leave back the regrets of not being able to move out. There are a lot of applaudable documentaries that can be watched at times like this. A Map For Saturday is one of those.

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4. Travel Hacking

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You may be surely eager for your next trip. In that case, it is a perfect time to apply for your new travel credit card. This will help you earn some points and save a lot of money on flights and hotel bookings.

You don’t have to spend a sumptuous amount of money every time you travel. Instead, look for ways that can save you a considerable amount. Flights and hotel stays are the most expensive parts of travel plans. Trying to save some money from there will help you lookout for something more enjoyable.

5. Plan Your Next Trip

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This time will soon pass by and you will be able to explore your favorite travel destinations soon. Until then make the best of your efforts to boost the enthusiasm of the traveler in you. While you are left with a lot of free time, start planning your next trip. You will surely not be able to resist once all this is over. The days and the weeks will fly away soon and you won’t even recognize.

Dig through the itineraries to find what suits the best for your plan. You can make it out from A to Z concerning where your trip starts and where it ends along with the budget requirements. Read travel blogs to get a clearer view of how it all needs to proceed and what can you expect as you head out. Within all this time you can turn out to be a pro in trip planning.

6. Join Online Communities

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Connecting with travelers like you will be a great way to keep up your spirit of exploring the world outside. Join an online community to find people like you. With the increasing social media connectivity, you can easily find an online community that suits your taste. This way you will also be helped to come up with better ways of planning and executing your travel plans. You can share your advice and thoughts about traveling.

7. Read Travel Blogs

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Travel blogs become good friend whether you’re actually planning a trip or just wanting to read something. They offer you the most worthy details about your favorite travel destinations, letting you create one of the most amazing memories of your life.

Their stories, experiences and insider tips can really help you look up to a perfect trip in the future. Not only this you will be helping bloggers who rely on these for an income.

Tripnstay is one of the most reliable platforms offering you informational blogs, helping you plan the most extraordinary travel tours.

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These easy ways of “traveling without traveling” will surely help you stay positive about your next exploration. Make sure you stay home considering safety until things are fine again.

Keep Traveling!

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