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10 Best Travel Bloggers On Instagram Who’ll Show You the World From Your Home During Quarantine

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Travelers cannot spend an hour not thinking about a new destination and their next getaway. While this global lockdown isn’t going to let you travel (for a few months at least), it’s better to seek a compromise than repenting over the reality. Some of the best travel bloggers on Instagram connect you with the world at the comfort of your home.

Isn’t connecting with them the best way to connect with your favorite travel destinations now? Read further to know who will provide you with the most reliable window to peep outside your room.

Best Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram 

1. Loki | @loki 


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Kelly Lund from Colorado is known to manage and co-own this account with his wolfdog. The wolfdog is as charming as his intriguing exploits. Together with a wonderful mentor Kelly, they form a desirable friendship. You will love to explore with them.

2. Jack Morris | @doyoutravel 


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This account will take you through the adorable ‘fairytale’ of Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen. Successfully having grabbed millions of followers at a considerably young age, this couple will set goals for you. They’ve been traveling together ever since they met a few years back in Fuji.

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3. Lauren Bullen | @gypsea_lust 


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With over 2 million followers, Lauren Bullen is one among the most powerful travel influencers. With her husband Jack Morris, she has turned out to be an important face of traveling.

4. Kiki The Blonde Abroad | @theblondeabroad 


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Kiersten from California has experienced every adventure on her bucket list. She is popular for setting out for offbeat and unknown places. Kiki is a great inspiration for all female solo travelers. She’s someone who never fails to address the general matters concerning female solo travelers.

5. Matt Expert Vagabond | @expertvagabond 


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A post shared by Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond) on

Adventure traveler, photographer, and blogger, Matte has been featured by various travel giants including Lonely Planet, NatGeo, and GoPro. He’s always on the go with new explorations. Both his words and pictures altogether create a mesmerizing experience for viewers.

6. Savi and Vid | @bruisedpassports 


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Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal are living testimonials of dreams coming true. They were school time friends who turned into a couple and have traveled over 80 countries within more than 12 years!

They’ve really come a long way after deciding to become full-time travelers. The stylish Indian duo is a powerhouse of information for all potential travelers who’re still dreaming about their next trip. You will surely fancy them.

7. Brooke Saward | @worldwanderlust 


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The Instagram handle of this restless solo traveler is an inspiration for young travelers. She’s spreading her light with her blog, the World of Wanderlust. Her book shares all her adventures and travel experiences in the best manner ever. Follow her for more interesting updates.

8. Murad Osmann | @muradosmann 


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This is the memory box of the best travel bloggers Murad and Nataly Osmann who form a wonderful duo. Traveler and photographer from Russia, Murad travels with his wife setting goals for travel couples.

9. Selena Jacob | @finduslost 


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Selena and Jacob started with a road trip across Europe and turned into a wandering couple, exploring the globe. They’re together since their 20s and traveling has kept them together. Undying hunger for traveling is common among them and they cherish all their experiences together. Know more about them from their travel quests.

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10. Jess | @jess.wandering 


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An outdoor enthusiast, Jess, is absolutely a tough traveler. She loves to be at a mountain top or diving and swimming deep down an alpine lake or strolling around a gusty path. Traveling for several years now she’s a well-known face on Instagram.

These are the 10 best travel bloggers you can follow on Instagram to embrace the explorer within you.

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Keep Travelling!

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