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List Of Top Festivals In Thailand That Are Worth Witnessing


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Thailand is one of the most famous traveller goals and as a country rich with culture and custom; it’s nothing unexpected that there are many enchanting celebrations in Thailand which are commended consistently. Investigate the absolute best celebrations in Thailand that you can be a piece of on your next outing to this seashore heaven.

Here are some famous festivals in Thailand you must experience with your family and friends. 

Songkran Festival (Water Festival)

water festival
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The Water Festival Thailand is maybe one of the best time celebrations in the nation, and potentially on the planet! This long and enormous celebration includes a 2-3-day water battle in which individuals take part the nation over.

With drinking, music, moving, and individuals soaked from head to toe, individuals use pails, hose channels, water weapons, and this is a celebration where people wash their houses, pour water over sculptures of Buddha and drench each other to symbolize cleaning away sins of the past year. This is the biggest, longest most fun festival in Thailand.

Celebration date: 13 April – 15 April,


Phi Ta Khon (Ghost Festival)

ghost festival
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This is one of the most interesting and traditional festivals in Thailand. It is celebrating for three days with a large number of local people wearing brilliant, awful covers with extended appearances and phallic noses, painted in splendid and pompous hues.

The Ghost Festival is hung on the few days of the sixth full moon of the lunar schedule. It, as a rule, has the primary motorcade on a Friday (taking on the appearance of a phantom discretionary), with events and music on the Saturday and Buddhist services on a Sunday.

Celebration date: The weekend of the lunar calendar’s 6th full moon. (Between June and July)


Boon Bang Fai (The Rocket Festival)

rocket festival
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This is the well-known celebration in Thailand that is noteworthy to the cultivating networks of Issan, which is situated in the north-eastern piece of the nation. Whole towns go to the celebration since they are viewed as the last huge ‘knees up’ before the beginning of the planting season.

The rockets are shot up to urge the Gods to send down a lot of precipitation. Expound rockets are constructed and strutted around on the primary day of Boon Bang Fai, and after that propelled high into the air consistently. The Rocket Festival is a merit-making ceremony traditionally practised by ethnic Lao people … Not only found Bung Fai festival found in Isan or Northeastern of Thailand.

Celebration date: between May and June


Yi Peng (Lantern Festival)

lantern Festival
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This is a festival of appreciation to the god for the rice crop and rain, as well as an excuse to apologize for the contamination that we have produced in our environment. This festival held on the full moon of the 12th lunar month (November). This festival is celebrated all over the state in Thailand.

Khom Loy is also added to the event in Chiang Mai. Khom Loy is’ floating lanterns’ published overhead on the festival’s night — it’s an amazing sight to see. Loy Krathong, like many Thai gatherings, is a means of honouring the ancestors and the Buddha. Everyone is involved in making Krathongs–the more stunning and intricate they are designed.

Celebration date: The full moon of the 12th lunar month, (November)


Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant Festival
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The celebration begins in the morning at 9 o’clock with a walking parade of around 300 elephants through Surin City. The elephants are given ‘buffet breakfast’ comprising of various foods grown from the ground. The different programs that are arranged go on till the late evening.

On this day the elephants alongside their mahouts gather at the Elephant Stadium soon after the dawn. The celebration began during the 1960s when the mahouts (elephant handlers) were searching for work openings in the travel industry after the common war in Cambodia.

This celebration happens in the third seven day stretch of November during the ends of the week.

This festival will give you a chance to observe the grand procession of elephants that are bolstered generously with vegetables and organic products. This is one of those Thailand celebrations that visitors must visit, for it mirrors the social just as verifiable noteworthiness of the nation.

Celebration date: 3rd week of November.


Lopburi monkey Banquet (food festival)

food festival
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This is the Thailand food festival for monkeys. lopburi is a city located in the centre of Thailand in 150 km north of Bangkok. A major piece of the city is loaded up with since quite a while ago followed macaque monkeys who are viewed as good karma for the city.

As these monkeys are viewed as the descendants of Hanuman, The Monkey King, nobody sets out to disapprove of them notwithstanding when they ruin cables and wires of use. They want to live freely in the city and eat from wherever they want. A massive banquet is set up for around 3500 monkeys residing in the region of Thailand, offering them a day to type of fruit, vegetables, and several other treats. This is one of the most festive events in Thailand.

Celebration date: between October and November


Wing Kwai (buffalo Racing Festival)

buffalo racing festival
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This is one of the best festivals in Thailand. Wing Kwai is a yearly festival that happens after the end of the rainy season in Chonburi in Thailand, this celebration organized according to the lunar calendar the duration of the festival is around two weeks. The Buffalo Racing Festival is around 140 years old.

And is more like a tradition for the people of Thailand. The celebration is about appreciation from the farmers. It is a sign of regard and thankfulness to the Buffaloes for their diligent work in the field. This celebration can be followed back to when ranchers from the towns would get together to sell their collections.

The Buffaloes were utilized to convey the farmer’s heap. While investing great energy with companions and businessmen, the ranchers would regularly lead well-disposed races among themselves. Those race practices have now transformed into a yearly celebration for the ranchers of Chonburi.

Celebration date: between October and November


Vegetarian festival

Vegetarian Festival
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This is one of the significant celebrations in Thailand and during a month before it, individuals avoid themselves from devouring meat, garlic, onions, and so forth. This month is then trailed by a fabulous festival in the period of October when individuals include themselves in horrifying exercises like laying on blades and puncturing face. You’ll observe wonderment striking firecrackers just as a move in this celebration!

Celebration date: between September and October,


Mekong Naga Fireballs festival

mekong Naga Fireballs Festival
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This celebration invites and draws in individuals from all around the globe. The celebration is sorted out at the bank of Mekong River and one can observer rosy light balls ascending into the sky during the night that has no solid. Arriving at the tallness of 600 feet, these fireballs rise normally with no human inclusion.

This is a magical incredible sight. It is as yet not found as to if this is a logical wonder or some enchantment.

Celebration date: between October and November


Candle festival

candle festival
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this festival Famous in the southeastern district of Thailand, this celebration is praised during the Asanha Puja and Khao Pansa days, honouring the main lesson by Buddha and commending the beginning of Buddhist Lent, separately.

In this celebration, individuals view the brilliantly and intricately made enormous figures of wax that are shown during a motorcade. The procession is joined by move and music.

Celebration date: 5th December and 12th August

These are some famous festivals celebrated in Thailand that you should visit on the off chance that you are a culture-voyager.



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