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World’s most Mysterious Temple- Shiv temple

There were many inventions in our ancient times that have disappeared but no one can deny that the science of that time was very developed.

Today, we are going to tell, seeing a similar Shiva temple, the scientist is wondering why something like this is beyond the advanced science of today. This temple is located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and it is called ” Kailash Temple “.

This temple has kept the scientists so shocked that many different scientists come here to search here and all scientists have different opinions. Some scientists consider it to be 1900 years old and some older than 6000 years old.

Shiva Temple

Massive Kailash Temple

Surprising thing is that it has not been made with bricks and stones, it is made by breaking only one big rock cut from the Charanandari Hills of Sahyadri Range of the Deccan Plateau at a village was once called Elapura and later on named as Ellora by Britishers. Therefore, when it was made, it is almost impossible to answer, because no such thing has been used in it to find out when it was made, and the carbon dating of which it was made of excavation.

Maybe old, but it is believed that it took about 18 years to build this temple, but the scientists believe that even today’s technology is impossible to build such a temple in 18 years.

The temple was entirely cut in the form of U-shape. As per the study, it’s assumed that the temple involves a huge labor work with so many hours and efforts engaged in it. The temple covers an area which is twice the area of Parthenon of Athens and is 1.5 times bigger than all the ancient temples across the world. It’s assumed to have involved 7,000 laborers and approximately 150 years to complete.

Kailash Temple
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Even more so strange is that this temple has been built above the lower and not below, but it has been made and excavated as such.

Even if it had been made from digging, even 5 lakh tons of stones would have emerged from it, if a man tried to make it work 24 hours in 18 years, then he had to remove 150 ton stone every day, which is impossible.

If this is what we have to do with today’s technology, then we can not make it in 18 years, because this temple will have to be made not only by digging but by light tools.

The scientists also believe that at that time it was impossible to make it even in 200 years, our Veda has been told about a similar weapon, which can be made using it, the name of this weapon was “Brahmastra “And by its use, the stone could also be steam and it may have been made using this temple.

This temple is another mystery hidden and it is the cave that goes down to this temple, in fact, in 1876, a German Spiritualist “Emma Hendrik” wrote a book, in which he told his experiences, in which he told that he had visited the Kailash temple.

He also compensated the left cave, and met a British succession which had gone down to the bottom of the cave and told him when he went down from this Cave, he had a b La Sa Temple met found which had seven people, these seven was visible a Dhundla-staining of the people because he never would and never disappear.

After the publication of this book, many scientists tried to investigate in these caves but after that these caves were closed at the official level, and even today these caves are closed, think what is there in these caves which will be investigated by them.

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Kailasa Temple Mystery

There is a complete ban on the Kailash temple, we get the complete proof that our ancient science was very developed from today’s science. And perhaps a Cave of this temple can also get some other rosy material, because in our Dharam it is said that “the proof of Shiva, we can smell everywhere, even to see it, there should be Shiva in our mind”.

The amazing fact regarding this magical temple is – nearly none of the things are being revealed about its origin, builders, and constructors of Kailash Temple. Neither there are dates mentioned nor any description or trace described anywhere to let the world know about this unique build; what was its overall motive and how it was built!

Some say that the construction does indicate that it’s built which dates back to hundreds of years while claims it to be thousand years old and others say that these changes and developments were being applied by Buddhist and Jainese monks. Therefore, there’s no involvement of different generations of Hindu Kings.

These engravings were very old, most of them vanished about hundreds of years ago. Reading and figuring out inscriptions is something that is impossible. Only a religious and dedicated Hindu Sage can re-evaluate the whole past of creation if he has that powers to intellectually interact with Sages of that time period. In recent times, Rashtrakuta king who ruled in between 756-773, engaged in some renovation work regarding cleaning and the conservation and maintenance of the divine built.

How The Construction Took The Place

It gives the impression that a Mahayagya was accomplished for the rock. In this, a Vedic tradition is performed to ask permission from the ground, rock, water whenever a path is to be built through the earth, hill, or river respectively. After taking permission through valid Vedic traditions and rituals, the construction procedure begins; the build starts with the enchanting of Vedic mantras and then sanctified or blessed after taking God’s permission and recalling Vishwakarma, this huge task was taken to engrave the rock.

There are sacred symbols of Hinduism and the realization of those holy symbols defines divine Kailash Temple which can be only be completed under the blessings and presence of Hindu Gurus and Sages. The construction is so religious and strong that once Aurangzeb, with the help of some Islamic followers, made endless efforts to destroy the temple, but they couldn’t.

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