AsiaMost Beautiful Places in Japan- You Didn’t Know Existed

Most Beautiful Places in Japan- You Didn’t Know Existed


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With its mix of engaging, ultramodern cities;  and small towns where minimal about the lifestyle has changed throughout the hundreds of years; and striking characteristic view, Japan is loaded with innumerable spots that motivate and charm guests.

From memorable châteaux and eye-getting flower presentations to bizarre scenes that look pulled from a totally extraordinary nation, here are some Japanese spots you need to see to accept.

A look at most beautiful places in Japan

1. Mount Koya

Mount Koya Japan

Mount Koya is the profound home of Shingon Buddhism, a group established over 1,200 years back by one of Japan’s most essential religious figures, Kobo Daishi. The order’s central station, Kongobu-ji Head Temple, is determined to the woods secured peak of Mount Koya.

More than 100 different sanctuaries have been built up around Mount Koya, a considerable lot of which offer guests the opportunity to encounter a run of the mill priest’s way of life amid an overnight remain.

2. Noto Peninsula

Noto Peninsula Japan

Containing the northern segment of Ishikawa Prefecture, the Noto Peninsula is home to some of Japan’s most staggering seaside view and untouched wide open scenes. Besides appreciating the characteristic landscape, the landmass offers various spots for angling, swimming, and outdoors.

Its two principle vacationer focuses, Wajima City and Wakura Onsen, are home to less than 30,000 individuals each and fill in as magnificent spots to encounter Japanese residential area life.

3. Shikoku Island

Shikoku Island Japan

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Shikoku is Japan’s fourth biggest island, found southwest of the primary island of Honshu to which it is associated by means of two extension frameworks.

This island is likewise attached to persuasive priest Kobo Daishi as the home of the 88 Temple highway, one of the nation’s most essential journeys. Besides drawing in those looking for profound satisfaction, the island offers some dynamite coastlines, mountain ranges, and tumbling streams.

4. Kiso Valley

Kiso Valley Japan

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The Kiso Valley is home to the Nakasendo trail, one of just five Edo-period parkways associating Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Explorers amid this time made this long-travel by walking and, accordingly, the Kiso Valley is specked with noteworthy post towns where voyagers once refreshed, ate, and rested en route. It’s conceivable to walk an area of this old interstate, amongst mountains and through thick woodlands, and also visit a portion of the very much saved post towns.

5. Shodoshima

Shodoshima Japan

Shodoshima has a mellow atmosphere and a Mediterranean climate, home to shorelines, emotional coastlines, resorts, and even olive ranches.

The second biggest island in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima is one of the hosts of the Setouchi Triennale contemporary craftsmanship celebration, and open-air establishments from past celebrations can be seen specked around the island.

6. Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle Japan

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Matsumoto Castle is Japan’s most seasoned wooden mansion, one of just a modest bunch of unique strongholds staying in the nation. At first implicit 1504, it was extended to its present frame in the late sixteenth and mid-seventeenth hundreds of years. Nicknamed Karasu-jō (Crow Castle), it’s known for its delightful high contrast three-turreted primary keep.

7. Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden Japan

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This garden is a mixture of tree houses, flowers, trees, and charming bridges. Once the external garden of Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen was opened to general society in the late nineteenth century.

Each season uncovers an alternate side of the garden’s magnificence, from plum and cherry blooms in the spring to bright maple tree leaves in the harvest time. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

8. Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle is one of the original palaces left in Japan. Originally built in 1504, its present form was extended to its modern form in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The nickname Karasu-Jo (Crow Castle), is known for its amazing black and white three-turreted main keep.

9. Nachi Falls

Nachi waterfall is the highest waterfall in the country, which drops below 133 meters (436 feet), gushing down the river. This waterfall is overlooked by the grand Nachi Taisha Shinto Temple, which is more than 1,400 years old. Built in the memory of waterfall’s Kami (soul god), this temple is one of the many Buddhist and Shinto religious places, which are found around the fall.

10. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route connects Toyama City with Toyama Prefecture, with the Omachi Town in Nagano Prefecture. The route can be accomplished by different types of transport modes, including ropeway, trolley bus, and a cable car, all of which offer spectacular views of the neighboring Tateyama Mountain Range. The most striking part of the route is the road between Bijodaira and Murdo, which is fenced by 20-meter high snow walls from April to May every year.

11. The Blue Pond

In the Hokkaido Prefecture, the Blue Pond, also known as Aoiike, is known for its heavenly blue color. The tree stumps spreading through the surface of the water, which adds the charm of some unique and bizarre experience. This artificial pond was made as part of an erosion control system, which was designed to protect the area from mudflows, which can be formed from nearby Mt. Tokachi volcano. The awesome and spooky blue color of the pond is due to natural minerals dissolved in water.

12. Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is well-known for its area of ​​baby-blue flowers, which is called nemophilas, which blossom in the entire park in spring. This park is spread over 190 hectares (470 acres), and every year more than 4.5 million flowers blanketing in every April. In the autumn, the park’s round shrubs, which is called kochia (Bassia in English), transforms a bright crimson color, which creates almost equally heart-stopping scenes.

13. Gokayama

Gokayama is part of the World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, which also includes the neighboring village of Shirakawa-go. Both areas are famous for their traditional Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses. These centuries-old houses have different thatched roofs, which are designed to withstand heavy snowfall.
Gokayama is less approachable than the popular Shirakawa-go, resulting in more serene and secluded villages.

14. Tottori Sand Dunes

Tottori Sand Dunes is part of Sanin Kaigan National Park found in Tottori Prefecture. Spread 16 kilometers along the Seacoast of Japan, the largest are the dunes in the country. Due to the tide movement and wind shapes the dunes to change regularly, but they can be up to two kilometres wide and 50 metres high. Camel ride is widely available, making the area an enchanting, desert-like environment.

15. Sagano Bamboo Forest

Sagano Bamboo Forest is positioned in Arashiyama, which is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto. With the rising sun between the green stalks, the winds pass through gigantic bamboo trees. The bamboo forest is as famous for its beauty, as for the typical sounds created by the bamboo stalks flowing in the air.

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