Asia10 Mouth-Watering Street Food In Indonesia That You Must...

10 Mouth-Watering Street Food In Indonesia That You Must Try


Street food is quiet in most Asian countries and among which the street food in Indonesia is the most popular and exceptional one. Indonesian street food is famous for being made with traditional recipes while some of them are made with some innovative techniques. 

It does not matter from you belong, the street food is always a great choice to satisfy yourself while you traveling to a country like Indonesia.

Though having so many exceptional street food in Indonesia, there are some you may like and some may not even suit your taste. In such a case, we have listed out the top 10 best food that you must try on Indonesian streets.

Top 10 Street Food In Indonesia

1. Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam is one of the most common street food in Indonesia which you may find anywhere in the country on small stalls.

Sate Ayam is basically a chicken marinated with soya sauce and filled with various herbs and spices. The famous barbeque is smoked on charcoal that gives a uniquely delicious taste. 

In addition to Sate Ayam or Chicken Sate, you can also try Sate Kambing or Goat Sate. What makes the Indonesian Sate best as compared to other Asian Sate is the method they use and how the meat is grilled on extreme hot charcoal.

Where To Eat: Jakarta 

Cost: 70,000 IDR

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2. Bakso


Yet another street food in Indonesia that is loved by both locals and travelers. Bakso is a meatball soup served in two different variants including the Indonesia Bakdo “Mie Bakso” and the Chinese Bakso “Bakso Kuah”.

Mie Bakso is served with noodles meanwhile Bakso Kuah is served as simple meatball soup without noodles. 

Where To Eat: Yogyakarta 

Cost: 25,000 IDR

3. Siomay


Siomay is inspired by famous Chinese street food and is usually made with mackerel fish. However, the fish can be a substitute for either meat or shrimp depending on your choice. Served with tofu(which looks like paneer but is made up of soybean) boiled eggs, chili sauce, or even peanut sauce. 

Siomay can be easily found in most of the street food stalls in Indonesia and it is a must-try if you are fond of dumplings. 

Where To Eat: Throughout the country 

Cost: 25,000 IDR

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4. Gado Gado

Gado Gado

One of the healthiest street food you would find in Indonesian streets and is most preferred by vegetarians. Blend with tofu and greens, sprinkled with peanut sauce, prawn crackers, fried onion, and finally with sliced eggs.

The dish may seem more like a salad to most tourists at first but it is the main meal for many locals. 

Today, the oldest place that serves Gado Gado is the Gado-Gado Bon-Bin which is serving it for 52 years and still manages to maintain the same quality since day one. 

Where To Eat: Jakarta

Cost: 34,100 IDR

5. Surabi


Surabi is a pancake having a bowl shape and looks very much like the popular south Indian dish “idly”, but differs in taste.

Not only in Indonesia but Surabi is also famous in Thailand. What makes it different from the western pancakes is the method used while making this unique pancake. 

Unlike western pancakes, Surabi is not baked in Pan instead it is baked on a clay stove. Also, Surabis are available in savory and sweet tastes.

However, locals mostly prefer sweet Surabi. You can easily find this food in the streets of major cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. 

Where To Eat: Jakarta and Surabaya 

Cost: 50,000 IDR

6. Gulai


If you are looking for the best street food while enjoying the Indonesian nightlife then head towards Jakarta and try Gulai or Gulai Tikungan. It is a curry made with creamy including meat of mutton, chicken, beef, or even prawns.

Gukai follows the same traditional method of garnishing by including species sauces, curry leaves, and coriander. 

Where To Eat: Jakarta 

Cost: 10,000 IDR

7. Ikan Bakar 

Ikan Bakar

If you are fond of eating seafood then you should not miss Ikan Bakar, the popular grilled barbecue that is served only in Indonesia.

Here you will have the option to choose from the fish you like which will later be marinated with turmeric, species, coriander, and finally grilled by adding soy sauce. 

As there is an endless variety of fishes in Indonesia, this delicious see food is prepared with different species in different regions.

It is mostly available on several Indonesian beaches and also on some top tourist sites in Indonesia. The place where you can find Ikan Bakar is the Indonesia Capital “Jakarta”

Where To Eat: Kepulauan Riau

Cost: 60,000 IDR

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8. Bebek Goreng

Bebaek Goreng

A fried duck fish served with rice and steamed vegetable is quite popular in the Bebek Bengil region, thus named after Bebek Goreng.

The duck is first stored for a few hours and later steamed before frying. With its finger-licking taste, you would feel like eating more even after your stomach is filled. 

It is best to try this food a the same place where it was invented i.e Bebek Bengil as they never compromise with the taste or with the quantity.

Where To Eat: Gianyar

Cost: 100,000 IDR

9. Cilor 


Derived from another local food of Indonesia “Cilok”, a snack named Cilor made from tapioca starch. Cilor can also be regarded as a much more delicious version of Cilok.

The only difference between Cilor and Cilok is that Cilor is coated with scrambled egg and then fried while Cilok is cooked without storing and highly depends on different sources for taste.  

Where To Eat: Throughout the country

10. Kerak


The traditional street food of Jakarta and its neighboring cities, Kerak or Kerak Telor is made with a mixture of eggs. Chicken, rice, and prawn. The food is then drizzled with peppers, salt, and sugar and served with roasted coconut. Also known as eggshell because of its crispy bottom. 

Just like other street foods, Kerak is easily available on the streets of Jakarta. The dish is believed to be created during the Dutch colonial era and it said it was made unintentionally or by accident while taking a trial.

Where To Eat: Jakarta

Cost: 15,000 IDR

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