Honeymoon TripPlan The Perfect Romantic Bali Honeymoon: The World's Most...

Plan The Perfect Romantic Bali Honeymoon: The World’s Most Romantic Destination


If you and your soulmate are planning for a magical and exotic honeymoon, then without wasting time, pick Bali as your honeymoon destination. In Indonesia, there are around 17,000 islands, but out of these, Bali is the standout amongst them. With its tropical rainbow, lush green rice paddy fields, towering volcanoes, and dense jungles it is the best travel destination for honeymoon couples.

So if you are dreaming to visit here for your honeymoon, here is everything you should know to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Essential Bali Travel Tips:

1. Spectacular Accommodation options

Bali Accomodation option
Via: BaliWeddingBlog

The choice of resorts and hotels is endless in Bali Island. From the simple beach to the exotic hotels and resorts, you will also find some of the amazing villas as well as designer hotels in Bali. You will surely find your dream escape in Bali.

Still, if you actually dreaming like a filmy romance then must visit and stay in these Bali private villas. On special holidays, their villas offer around 700 square meters living space along with tropical gardens at very affordable prices.

2. Limitless Places to visit and  Limitless options for leisure activities

Bali Activity
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One major thing that sets Bali island separate from other island is the sheer abundance of activities to do. There are literally so many activities you can perform with your partner to make your honeymoon not only romantic but also fun.

3. For the culturally-inclined

Gamelan Bal
credit: Youtube
  • Temple visits & witnessing religious activities
  • Visiting traditional textile-making
  • Witness woodcarvers, stone-carvers, musical instrument makers and many other artisans
  • A great variety of cultural/traditional performances in music and dance.
  • And a plethora of traditional Balinese painting galleries and museums.

4. For the Sports buffs

sports activities in bali
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  • Swimming, diving, snorkeling
  • Surfing, including kite surfing
  • Mountain hiking
  • Wild water rafting
  • And much more

You may also take up cooking classes, traditional Balinese dance lessons, Yoga & meditations courses and much more.

Even after weeks in Bali, you will not run out of options on what to do. Not only this, but in Bali you can also learn various things like traditional Balinese Dance, Cooking, Yoga courses, etc.

5. It is Romantic

Bali Romantic
Via: Baliweddingblog

Of Course, everyone knows that honeymoon is a complete time of Romance which not comes again in life. That’s why Bali is an ideal place for young couples to make their honeymoon even more memorable.

You can have sunset walks, explore the islands, indulge in romantic meals, spectacular rock formations that allow two souls to feel like one.

6. Bali Perfect Climate

Bali Climate
Via: TripSavvy

There are numbers of honeymoon destinations in the world and they are ideal to visit only at certain seasons of the year. But this problem is not in Bali, it is an ideal place where you can travel any time, any year, any season, you will get the perfect climate to enjoy.

7. Shot Perfect Honeymoon Photographs

bali wedding shoot
via: photography

You know that Bali is the world’s second popular wedding destination. You can get the best photograph of you and your partner at Bali. The photographers of Bali are very great as they will take the finest picture of the couples. The photographer’s rate is not so high they are affordable and are available in plenty.

You can have the best wedding shoot in Bali. The places in Bali will give an extra spark to your wedding photos that you can not forget anytime in your life.

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8. Food Lovers

Spring Rolls
via: Travel With Bender

Bali is Foodie’s paradise where you can find numerous and a mind-blowing variety of food options. No matter you are a meat lover,  a vegetarian, seafood lover, or even a vegan, Bali has innumerable restaurants for every taste.

You can get here Mexican, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese German, Mediterranean, Korean, and much more variety of dishes. You can also get ultra cheap foods at the roadside food stalls. Bali has everything for every taste.

9. Shopping At Bali

bali shopping
via: Janine Spence

For shopping lovers, Bali is heaven. There is countless cater for all budgets and taste. Whether you are looking for local handicrafts, luxury goods, or want to get the best summer clothes collection in Bali you will find everything.

After reading all these points, Now you must understand that how and why Bali is the world’s second-best wedding and honeymoon destination.

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