Weird & BizarreTop 13 Bloody Places and Mysteries of The World...

Top 13 Bloody Places and Mysteries of The World That Even Science Can’t Explain


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Some specific spots are the perfect places to get indulge and have that level of wonderfulness and weirdness as you’ll be jumping out of your skin. These places are beyond the word awesome as everything here gives you the mystery bucket with it.

1. Khoon Nadi

It is the riskiest river which flows in India, and it is known for killing people. The river is termed as Khoon Nadi and there are reports of people being absorbed into the water, but the most important thing about this killing is the dead bodies which are never found anywhere. Don’t dare to cross this river.

Credit:Daily Mail

2. Kuldhara Rajasthan

Credit:Daily Mail

Kuldhara is famous for its paranormal moments. According to old people, the last residents were Paliwal Brahmins, who cast a curse on this place. From that period, anyone who tries to reside at this place has been trailed by many evil spirits. Would you like to live in this town?

3. A Drowning Church

Credit:Daily Mail

This is something interesting, that this church in Shettihalli Drowns. This place might be not that hidden but it is very fascinating. The church is under the water for months but arises when the water level goes down. However, it appears spooky at sunset.

4. Dumas Beach

Credit:Daily Mail

People come to the beach to enjoy and to spend some good time watching the beautiful sunset. But Dumas Beach which is located in the state of Gujarat is pretty different from other beaches.

Many tourist and visitors who have toured here it says they have listened to whiskers. While some say they have seen spirits walking along the beach.

5. The village which cares for cobras

Credit:Daily Mail

Most of the people in this world fear snakes, especially the king of that species, “Cobras”. But this village in Maharashtra is quite different. Here, people provide places to the cobras for resting. And it is compulsory at the village to arrange resting places to cobras.

Surprisingly, no bites have been reported yet here.

6. Mysterious twins Town

Credit:Daily Mail

This place in South India is the oldest among all the mysterious places in India. It is so mysterious it seized the concentration of an organization of scientists, which investigated it. As per stats, this place is recorded to have a total of 500 twins siblings.

7. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

Most of you can plan an adventure for this wonderful land Ladakh. Whether you are off to a road trip or just a trip to overcome the bitter heat of summer, Ladakh is the apt location. Okay, if you are heading towards this land, then surely you should be thinking about the magnetic hills here that tend to pull the vehicles. This mounting road is as mysterious as it looks.

You’ll notice that while you’re driving through the road and if you turn off your car and let it stand in a neutral condition, your car will automatically start moving slowly on its own and in fact, at a speed of 20 Km/hr. Scary! isn’t it?

8Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

Moeraki Boulders holds a different position the list of mysterious places around the world. Most of the people have a belief that some huge stone eggs laid right on the beach while others are still in search of the mystery.

New Zealand’s Koekohe Beach is a rare sight to see where you will find a number of huge boulders sprinkled around the place.

Having green and brown views, this place gives you a glimpse of picturesque views that comes with mystery. These rocks in spherical shape grow up to 12-feet in circumference.

As per the belief of people, an overabundance of minerals and sediments which have accumulated, assembled and solidified around the fossil. A mystery indeed!

9Racetrack Playa Sailing Stones, Death Valley

Have you heard of a rock sailing on its own without the help any human? Well, this will make you witness so! Meet the Sailing Stone in Death Valley, California; this sailing stone has been a subject of mystery ever since 1915; when people saw a track which showed a stone has moved on its own in the dry land.

Some believe that the movement of rocks is due to the formation of the ice around the stones which makes them move while others still find it mysterious.

10. Crooked Forest, Poland

At the extreme eastern end of Poland, right south of Szczecin city, throw a stone at the west of the border with Germany, a small bunch of more than 400 pine trees has been attracting the attention of travelers over the years.

The entire forest seems to be tilted at about 90 degrees at the trunk before it turns straight back and increases vertically into the sky.

There was a debate on what unusual wood is this, with theories, such as the rising snowstorms and the growing technique of lumberjack.

11. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Richat Structure looks like spinning around, twirling, and twisting like a cyclone through the heart of the powerful Sahara Desert, the great Structure in the depths of Mauritania is truly mysterious. For years, it’s been a puzzle for the scientists that how the perfect circular set of concentric rings got there. According to some, it was an asteroid force in the past centuries. Other people say that it was the simple process of natural geological attrition and erosion.

Also, there are a few of the individuals who think that it was the formation of extra-terrestrials, who passed this way and highlighted a landing point for future visits to earth.

12. The Stone Forest – Shilin Stone Forest, China

When you think of a forest, all you could imagine is the greenery and the beautiful wildlife there. But what if we tell you about a Stone Forest? Well, sounds mysterious? It’s located right in the Yunnan Province of China – a kind of mysterious Shilin Stone Forest.

Rather than tall trees and shrubs, there is a vast majority of limestone in this forest. These limestones are formed in the area of ​​96,000 acres, making it look like a stone jungle. This mysterious forest is visited by thousands of tourists every year to witness its unique beauty.

13. Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Another mysterious place is the Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park. Here, a number of 300 active geysers of hot springs were seen erupting. But most of all the Old faithful is the one which has created Old Yellowstone very famous.

With its frequency in the eruptions, this jaw-dropping geyser is a soothing sight for the eyes. The eruption occurs every 55 to 120 minutes and lasts for two to five minutes. Many tourists around the world visit this national park to enjoy the white smoky eruptions.

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