Trip PlanningPlanning Your First Campervan Trip? Here's Everything You Should...

Planning Your First Campervan Trip? Here’s Everything You Should Know


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Camping is the ultimate fun. However, with Campervans make it even more amazing. Right? So, if you’re planning to set out for your first campervan trip, we have brought to you some important things you should know.

With the increasing trend for campervans has made camping more accessible than ever. While exploring the United States and Canada, you can go almost anywhere. It lets you see the world all, all via road. Campervans are easy to drive and road trip lovers will surely want one.

Moreover, before you set out for one of the most memorable road trips of your life, it is important that you know the basics. You should be aware of the rules and regulations that prevail with camping and campervans. Read further to know things you should be aware of before you set off for the trip.

What Is A Campervan?

A campervan is known throughout the world with several other names like Class B, caravan, or a camper. They are self-contained, recreational vehicles, built on the same frame as that of a van or truck. However, they are quite smaller than RV vans. That’s one of the reasons, anyone can easily drive them. Thus, it’s perfect for solo road trips and campaigns.

Campervan trip
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Campervans are absolutely beneficial since they are easy to get around. Anyone who is habitual of driving large vehicles can learn to drive campervans very easily. Also, campervans are comparatively less costly than a traditional RV.

On the other hand, a campervan offers less space than traditional RVs. Therefore, they are more suitable for solo travelers or a group of two or three. If you’re traveling in a group larger than that, better look for other options.

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How Is A Campervan Different From A Traditional RV?

While people often confuse them to be the same, a traditional RV and a campervan are different. One of the most obvious differences between them is their size. Campervans are smaller in size while traditional RVs are the size of a school bus (not always).

The maximum size of a campervan is, however, that of a truck. This difference in size means that you can start off right away with a campervan while it may take you considerable time to learn a traditional RV.

Campervan trip
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Campervans are also much different from “conversion vans”. Conversion vans are full-sized vans with enough storage spaces and proper seats and are not meant for camping. On the other hand, campervans have dedicated sleeping and cooking spaces.

Thus, campervans are a perfect option for travelers who wish to skip hotel stays while exploring their favorite destinations. You can hit road trips and camp altogether!

How Is A Campervan Beneficial?

Mobility is one of the most important benefits, a campervan offers you. If you have a roadmap and a selected campground, campervans can lead you to one of the best experiences of your life.

Campervan trip
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Campervans have most of the features of traditional RVs. They have a small kitchen area where you can prepare meals and power outlets where you can plug in and charge devices. In addition to this, there is an insulated sleeping area in campervans that let you have a good sleep without being exposed off to elements.

Campgrounds easily accommodate campervans as they don’t need many hookups to be ready to be running. Campervans having “shore power” plugs are considered to be the best. They let use external power at campsites so that you don’t run down dedicated batteries and make the best use of power outlets and kitchenettes.

Do You Need A Special License For Driving A Campervan?

While you’re excited about your first campervan trip, you cannot afford to neglect rules and regulations and drive yourself into trouble. Moreover, in most parts of the world and the US, you don’t have to get a specific license for campervans.

Campervan trip
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Campervans are almost the same size as the cars used these days and taking them onto the roads will be quite similar. However, you may need to know your campervan better before you set off, Many campervans may not have the center rear-view mirror. Also, it is suggestible to take a few test drives and learn to handle it on road.

Although there is no need for a special driving license, you may have to carry some additional paperwork regarding your campervan. This is because many campervans are powered using propane or butane gas. You will have to clarify things to first responders and other drivers. Check local rules and regulations depending on where you go.

What To Pack For Your Campervan Trip?

Now that you’re ready to set into the ultimate Vanlife and road trips, it’s time to prepare a sorted packing list. The items in the packing list will change based on where you go. However, the basics include the following:

  • Enough food and beverages for your trip.
  • Water for cleaning and dishwashing.
  • Suitable clothes for your trip.
  • Pillows and bedsheets.
  • Kitchen fuel.
  • Soaps, wipes, and other necessary cleaning products.
  • Enough cash for unplanned expenses and tolls.
  • Connection cables for campsites.
Campervan trip
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Once you’re done with the packing list, ascertain a budget for your first campervan trip. Decide this based on the campground costs and where you will be going.

  • Per day campervan campground costs.
  • Fuel cost for the campervan.
  • Extra budget for food and other activities during camping.

Budget is going to be an important task otherwise you will end up paying more than needed. while most of the expenses can be paid using credit or debit cards, you should carry enough cash for unexpected expenses.

Parking Your Campervan Overnight

Since your campervan is a registered vehicle that operates on public roads, all rules and regulations will be applicable to it. A campground is the best place to park your campervan overnight. Most of the campgrounds define dedicated spaces for other recreational vehicles and campervans. Investigate well and decide on how long you want to book the place.

Campervan trips
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If you’re heading towards a national forest or reserved area, camping is mostly free at these places. Considering all the rules and regulations, pull your car off the road and park it safely. However, there are a lot of places where you cannot park your campervan. Take a note of them and then make a decision.

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Tips For A Better Campervan Trip

Tricks and tips always help you grasp the better version of the experience. Before you set off for the grand adventure with your first campervan trip, consider these tips:

Making the Best Of Space 

Although campervans offer a fairly acceptable amount of space, you’re left with even less once you pack all the items. It would be better to pack light and necessary things only to avail of better comfort and more space in the campervan without having to worry about storing everything.

Campervan trip
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Advanced Reservations

While it seems great to go with the flow, finding no empty spaces in the campground would prove to be costlier than you think. You should, therefore, make advanced reservations in the campground and avail space for your campervan parking. You can book campervan spaces online too.

Treat Your Camping Land Better Than Your Home

Irrespective of your camping style, make sure you use the place nicely and wisely. Unnecessary trash around your campervan is not only against etiquettes but also invite wildlife. You can be fined for it. Therefore maintain cleanliness around.

Undeniably, campervans are the best ways to move across the US and explore places of your choice. All this information will surely make your first campervan trip memorable.

Keep Traveling!

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